Romantic Key West Proposal

Craig contacted The Heart Bandits when he was trying to find the perfect marriage proposal plan for his girlfriend Samira.  He wanted everything to be perfect for his romantic Key West proposal, but he was overseas at the time and he knew he wouldn’t have the time or the capability to plan it to perfection from afar.  As we do with all of our clients, we interviewed him so that we could get to know details about him and his girlfriend. During that interview,  we were immediately drawn to how the couple first met.

The Story

Samira grew up in Miami but decided to move to Baltimore to get her Doctorate.  Baltimore is Craig’s hometown and while looking for an apartment, he happened to consider moving into Samira’s building.  When he went to tour the building and apartment unit, she was on the same elevator as he and the leasing agent.  Ultimately, Craig ended up moving in to the apartment and coincidentally, he moved in right next door to Samira!  One day, she slipped a note under his door inviting him to a dinner party that she was having.  Unfortunately, he could not make it so he slipped a note under her door letting her know.  The note passing continued on, back and forth for a while.  In one of those notes, they finally exchanged phone numbers and eventually met out one night with friends and as friends.  And from there as they say, it was history!

The Proposal Idea

We just knew we had to create a unique marriage proposal idea that incorporated the note passing that brought them together.  We presented Craig the option of having 2 doors set up on the beach.  The doors would be labeled with their apartment numbers (365 on the left and 364 on the right). There would be a note hanging on the door to pay homage to their beginning form of communication.   Once they walked through the doors, there would be a proposal set up at the end of the pier where Craig would ask Samira to be his wife.  Craig loved the proposal idea!

The Proposal

On the day of the proposal, Samira was lead to the doors.  She wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Was it just a coincidence that these doors had their old apartment numbers on them?  It had to be, they were so far from Baltimore!  But then Craig drew her attention to the note hanging from the door.

Samira was smitten and followed Craig’s lead through the doors.  They walked down the pier hand in hand.  At the end of the pier, Craig dropped to his knee amongst roses, petals and lanterns, and proposed to the love of his life.  Samira said yes and then got on her cute little tippy toes to give him a hug!

Check out the stunning photos below and pay attention to all of the thoughtful details; blush tone heads of roses and rose petals in case it got too windy, oversized gold lanterns to look grand with the ocean as the backdrop, a table for two so they could sit down to enjoy Champagne after the proposal….it was truly magical.

After the proposal, the couple shared a Champagne toast to start their new life together.  We are so honored to have been a part of Craig and Samira’s special day.


If you are looking for looking to plan a romantic Key West Proposal, then you could benefit from hiring a Proposal Planner. Here is how hiring The Heart Bandits can help:

  1. We will work with you to create a custom and personalized proposal idea that can be implemented in a Key West setting.
  2. We can make recommendations for the best beaches that do not require a permit.
  3. We can make recommendations for more secluded beach space that would require a permit or a non-beach venue.
  4. We have relationships with top notch vendors in Key West that we have worked with on many proposals and will do an amazing job for your proposal.
  5. If you are not from Key West, we can be on-site to manage details and/or decorate.
  6. We will plan your entire proposal from A-Z and all you have to do is show up.

If you are still looking for proposal ideas in Key West, and just want to do a little more researching before getting started, read our article.  The Heart Bandits have been planning marriage proposals in Miami, Key West, and all over the world for over 9 years.  We have helped over 4,000 clients receive a great big “YES” and we would love to work with you next.

The Vendors

Marriage Proposal Planners: The Heart Bandits

Florist: Duarte Floral Design

Photography: Filda Konec Photography


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Proposal Ideas With Kids

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits, Photo: Jamie Lee Noguchi

Children are so precious, right?  So it makes sense that you may want to include them into your marriage proposal.  Here are some reasons you may wish to create proposal ideas with kids:

Why Incorporate Kids Into Your Proposal?

Your Partner Has Children

If your partner has children, including them in your proposal is a very sweet gesture. It will make your partner feel that you are accepting of them and their child or children.  It will make the child feel important and special and show them that you understand that this proposal affects them too.

You Have Kids Together

If you have children together, they are likely the center of your universe.  So you may want to have them be a part of such a life changing event.  It will help the child or children see that you value their role in the family and that you want them to be a part of this momentous occasion.

Now that you know the reasons why you may wish to create proposal ideas with kids, you are probably wondering what are some proposal ideas that can be done involving children. Below are some ideas that you can use to start your brainstorming.

Proposing with children

Proposal Ideas With Kids

Wear A Proposal Shirt

One very easy way to incorporate a child into your marriage proposal is by having them wear a proposal shirt.  The shirt can say, “Daddy, Will You Marry Mommy?”  Or if the child is not your biological child, it can say, “Mommy, Will You Marry (Insert Name)?”

Help Present the Ring

When it comes time to propose and present the ring, let them help.  They could hold the side of the box or even help open the box.  Just never let them hold the engagement ring, more on that below.

Use Them As An Excuse

Having a child gives you the perfect excuse to get your partner to go anywhere for the proposal.  Wherever the proposal is going to be, you can say you are going there for the child.  For example, it could be to drop off something for the child or take them somewhere.

Scavenger Hunt

Propose by creating a fun scavenger hunt around the city to visit locations that are memorable to you and your partner. Have your child be a part of this either by giving clues to your partner or physically being at one of the locations along the way.


Another creative way to propose by using kids is having them draw something for the engagement.  They could draw you down on one knee proposing or even a great big engagement ring.  They could also draw or write out, “Will You Marry Me?”

Utilize Their Skills

Expanding on the idea above, you can utilize any skills that the child has and incorporate them into the proposal. If your child is a singer, have them sing for the proposal.  Do they love to dance?  Maybe play a romantic song and have them dance right before you propose.  The ideas are limitless here.

Propose To Child

Maybe you don’t want them to be in the proposal but you still want them involved.  So a great way to do this is by actually proposing to the child first.  That lets the child know that you understand that proposing to their mother automatically makes you three a family.  It also helps them feel important and is a great bonding opportunity.

Propose At Kid Activity

If it is a good fit for you and your partner, you could propose at a kiddie function.  For example, if you are taking the child to the fair, you could consider proposing there.  It will be a built in excuse to go somewhere and you can plan a fun proposal while you are out and about.

Help Plan

You can have the child or children help you plan your proposal at an age appropriate level.  If the child is a teenager, they can probably be pretty involved in the planning.  They can do things like offer their opinion on venues and flowers. For a smaller child, you may let them help you pick out which photos you should frame for the proposal decor.

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits, Photo: Jamie Lee Noguchi

Proposal DONT’s With Kids

If you do want to create proposal ideas with kids, there are some things you are going to want to avoid.

Don’t Let Them Hold The Ring

No child should bear the responsibility of holding on to the engagement ring.  Maybe it might be ok, but what if they lose it?  They are going to feel so guilty and like they ruined your day.  They should not be put in the position to be responsible for something that big.

Not Responsible For Anything Super Critical

To that point, children shouldn’t be given any responsibility for anything critical to the proposal.  Not only is there a good chance that the task may be too big, you don’t want to put them in a position to fail.  The proposal is supposed to be a positive memory and you don’t want to look back and blame the child if something goes wrong.  And you don’t want them to feel guilty for doing something wrong.

Set Them Up For Success

When incorporating children into the proposal, you need to make sure they are given tasks that would only set them up for success.  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure this is a special moment for them too.


If you are looking for Proposal Ideas With Kids, we can help.  Hiring Wedding Proposal Planners can help you plan the perfect proposal.  Here is how hiring The Heart Bandits can help:

  1. We will work with you to create a custom and personalized proposal idea that can involve your child or children.
  2. We will make sure the child or children are given roles that can make both you and them shine.
  3. We will plan your entire proposal from A-Z and all you have to do is show up.
  4. We can be on-site the day of your event to guide your child or children for their role in the proposal.</li

If you are still looking for ideas on how to plan a proposal incorporating children, see our article here.


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Proposal Ideas At Home

So you have found the love of your life and you are ready to pop the question.  That is amazing!! Now it is time to come up with the perfect marriage proposal idea.  There are endless ideas on how to propose on the internet; rooftops, flash mobs, helicopter rides, and more.  But there isn’t a lot of advice on planning wedding proposal ideas at home or even why it might be a good idea.  So today, we want to talk about romantic proposal ideas at home.

at home marriage proposal

Why Propose At Home

There are so many reasons why you might want to propose at home.  Here are some top reasons for planning a proposal at home:


A private proposal at home guarantees that the environment will be intimate.  You don’t have to worry about a lot of people being around and it not feeling special enough.


Most people will be expecting a marriage proposal outside of the house.  So when you come back to the house, they likely won’t see it coming.


If you have your marriage proposal at home, you don’t have to worry about things like rain, wind, or any other factors that could effectively ruin your engagement.


You more than likely have shared a lot of special memories in your home.  So you will be proposing in a location that is already very meaningful to the two of you.


Unlike at a venue that you rent out, you won’t have restrictions about what you can do at home.  Venues that you rent out will only rent you a certain amount of hours, not allow candles, restrict the petal color you can put on the floor, etc.  But if you plan a marriage proposal idea at home, you can do whatever you would like.

Pets or Family

Yet another advantage of planning a romantic proposal idea at home is that can easily incorporate family.  You could also incorporate your pets or dog into your proposal which is great because at a rented venue, you may not be able to bring pets.

Save Money

You are going to save a lot of money by proposing at home because you don’t have to rent a venue.  You also don’t need a permit or event insurance.

Easy After Party

You can invite family and friends to your house after the proposal for an engagement party. That will save you a ton of money as you don’t have to rent an event space for the party and it will already be decorated for the proposal.

How To Propose At Home

Now that we have covered reasons you may want to propose at home, you are going to need to find the best proposal ideas at home! Here are some of our ideas from simple and private to unique and creative.

Private Chef

Hire a private chef to have them come over and create a romantic proposal dinner right in your own home.  EXPERT TIP: Ask them to cook the meal you had on your first date to add an extra bit of romance to the moment.

Create A Memory Lane

Utilize your whole house by creating a memory lane of sorts.  You can have photos, signs, and mementos from the beginning of your relationship leading all the way to present day.  Propose at the end of memory lane with some grand finale.


Completely transform your home into a proposal paradise by decorating the entire place. Hire The Heart Bandits to help you come up with a personalized and unique proposal design for the house.  Check out this Houston marriage proposal we did in Ani’s home.  If you decide to DIY it, fill the place with candles and rose petals for an instant fancy look.

Hire A Trio

Another way to turn your house into an ultimate proposal haven is by hiring a trio of musicians. Have them play a popular proposal song when she walks in. Or make it even more romantic by having them play your special song that is the most meaningful to your relationship.

Utilize The Yard

If you have a super cute backyard, you should definitely utilize it for the marriage proposal. You could hang fairy lights from the trees, bring out rustic lanterns, and just create a really serene and special place to pop the question.

Decorate the Walls

A great advantage to you proposing at home is being able to do whatever you want to do!  You could paint your proposal right on the walls.  Want something less messy?  Get wall decals that spell out the proposal and leave them up for a while to reminisce on the experience.


Tips On Proposing At Home

Now that you are ready to plan your proposal idea at home, here are some expert tips you should consider.

Clean Up

This is a very special occasion so you want to make sure your house is extremely clean.  No laundry laying around, take out the trash, and do the dishes.

Let Visitors Know

If you often have people show up at your house to say hi, let them know in advance that this night won’t be a good time.  The last thing you want is to have your proposal interrupted by a door bell.  And believe me, I know what a millennial I sound like right now, but don’t schedule any Amazon Prime deliveries that day. They are notorious for ringing the doorbell and making a lot of noise when they drop off packages.

Hire A Photographer

Just because you are proposing at home, doesn’t mean you are off the hook for capturing the proposal on camera.  You are still going to want to hire a proposal photographer to capture the big and special moment.

How Can A Proposal Planner Help?

If you are looking for Proposal Ideas At Home, we can help.  Hiring Wedding Proposal Planners can help you take your marriage proposal to the next level.  Here is how hiring The Heart Bandits can help:

  1. We will work with you to create custom and personalized proposal ideas that can be implemented in your home.
  2. We have all of the vendors, venues, and connections you need to pull off the perfect proposal.
  3. You will have one single point of contact for your whole proposal instead of having to communicate with several vendors while trying to keep things a surprise.
  4. We can set up everything in your house while you are out so that it is all ready when you come back.
  5. Check out to buy your flat engagement ring box so your proposal is a true surprise

Looking for more ideas on how to make your proposal at home special?  Read here.



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Proposal Ideas To Your Boyfriend

If you are considering proposing to your boyfriend, you are not alone.  More and more women are taking their future into their own hands and popping the question to their beloved. But while there is a ton of advice on how a man should propose to his girlfriend, how are you supposed to propose to a man? If you are looking for proposal ideas to your boyfriend, we have you covered.  But first, let’s discuss why you may want to propose to him.

Reasons To Propose To Your Boyfriend

There may be several reasons for you to consider proposing to your boyfriend.  Here are a few:

Tired of Waiting

One obvious reason would be that you are simply ready to get engaged and tired of waiting for him to make the move.  As long as you don’t think you will look back and regret that you did the proposing and not him, then go for it.  You will want to be sure that he is the kind of guy that wouldn’t get turned off by a female proposing to him, but will likely already know that at this point.

Non-Traditional Couple

If traditions bore you then try spicing things up and be the one to propose!  Again, this is something you will already know about him by the time you get to the point that you may propose.

Already Have Children

If you already have children together and you know he wants to be a family, you may want to propose to him.  It may be because you just want everyone to have the same name.  It could even be that you know he is already overwhelmed with dad life (not that you wouldn’t be too).  But if you are ready to get engaged and already have kids, then take the leap!

Not In To Gender Roles

If the idea of waiting around until your prince gives you a fairytale proposal makes your eyes role, you may be one that wants to propose yourself.  Why wait?

It Is Empowering

Women can do anything.  I mean, NASA just had the first ever all women spacewalk! So there is no reason we can’t do this and feel like a badass because of it!

Proposal Ideas For Him

Now that you have decided that you do want to be the one to propose, you are going to need proposal ideas for him.  Just like if you were to plan a traditional proposal, you want to first know what kind of proposal he would like.

Where To Propose To Him

The first thing you will need to decide is if you are going to propose in public or in private.  This decision should be based on what you both would be comfortable with.  If he is an extrovert and is totally keen on you proposing to him, then an outdoor, public proposal could be a hit.  But if he is shy or he is on the fence about a woman proposing, you may want to opt or something private so he is not embarrassed.

How To Propose To Him

There are so many different ways to propose. You could go the romantic route and set up candles and other sweet decor. You could also do something we call a “statement proposal” where you display the proposal in a grand way.  Here some other proposal ideas to your boyfriend:

Something For Him

Try something he has always wanted to do.  Skydiving is a great example.  Then, find a way to incorporate your proposal into that new adventure.

Rock Climbing

A lot of guys like doing athletic activities.  So consider having the proposal message displayed at the top of the rock. Propose once you get up to the top.


Speaking of athletic, many guys also love sports!  You could go the obvious route and propose on a jumbotron if he would like that kind of attention.  However, if you could get his favorite athlete or team to somehow be a part of the proposal, that may really impress him. Another idea to consider if you are looking for a proposal idea is to put the proposal message on the back of his teams jersey.

Hire Private Chef

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach right?  True.  It’s true.  So a great proposal idea is to hire a private chef and surprise him with candles and a special dinner to set the proposal scene.

Flash Mob

A Flash Mob is a great way to propose to a guy that does love to be the center of attention.  Just please, please, please be sure he is going to say yes because all eyes will be on you during this proposal.


Skywriting is a great proposal idea because it is as grand as a billboard but no one will be watching you propose.


Again, for someone that DOES love to have all eyes on him, a billboard in Times Square could be the perfect proposal idea.

Scavenger hunt

For the adventurous guy, send him on a scavenger hunt.  Have him go to places that are special to the two of you.  Examples are; where you had your first date, shared your first kiss, and where you said I love you.  You are at the end, waiting to propose.


Plan a vacation somewhere gorgeous and exotic.  Ask him to marry you during a quiet moment when it is just the two of you.

Something Techy

A lot of men love technology so consider a proposal that involves it.  If he loves video games, propose in one!  Really step it up and have Christmas lights choreographed to a proposal.  There are so many ideas here.

Keep It Masculine

Whatever proposal idea you choose, keep it masculine.  While there are always exceptions, most men don’t love flowers, rose petals, and a lot of ornamental decor.  There are plenty of ways to keep things romantic and personalized while not being girly.

How Can A Proposal Planner Help?

Hiring  Wedding Proposal Planners can help you take your marriage proposal to the next level.  Here is how hiring The Heart Bandits can help:

  1. We have a male Proposal Planner on our team so he can help keep a guy’s perspective in mind as we create ideas.
  2. We help create a proposal concept for him that is romantic but still made for a man.
  3. We have all of the vendors, venues, and connections you need to pull off the perfect proposal.
  4. You will have one single point of contact for your whole proposal instead of having to communicate with several vendors while trying to keep things a surprise.
  5. You will have a professional team at your fingertips to help you get through the entire proposal process and think through everything.  (what if it rains, what if he suspects something, should I invite friends, etc.)

Need more proposal inspiration, read this article about a woman’s proposal to her boyfriend.



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How to Propose in a Public Park

park proposal ideas

Almost every city in the country has a beautiful public park.  They are green spaces that are usually full of trees, grass, and possibly a lake or other water feature. When you think about it, these public parks are a great place to propose!  Why not? They are beautiful, clean, and your partner probably wouldn’t think anything of you taking them there for an afternoon or evening stroll.  Yet if you stop to think about how to propose in a public park, there can be many pitfalls you’re not thinking about.  You should think about these things especially if you’re planning something exceptionally romantic.  Below are some pointers to keep in mind when you’ve decided on proposing in a public park:

Park Jurisdiction

As a proposal planner, it’s important to always remember that every piece of land in the country is owned by someone.  That someone can be a private resident, the city, state, or the federal government.  When you have found a park that you want to propose at, the first step is to figure out who has jurisdiction there.  A simple Google search will usually do the trick.  Try also looking at that city’s Parks and Recreation Department as well.  You need to make sure that what you’re planning is allowed at that location.

Permit for Your Proposal?

Once you know who has jurisdiction, you should find out whether you need to file a permit for your proposal plans.  If so then you’ll probably need to pay a fee or retainer. Try to speak with someone that works in the Parks department and let them know your exact idea.  For example, if you were planning a Central Park proposal idea, you’ll know that you can do picnics there without a problem but if you decided to add a chair or table, then you’ll definitely need a permit.

Remember that if you need a permit, you should always start this process early.  To obtain the permit, most permit offices require several days to weeks lead time to approve and send.  These days are usually business days so keep that in mind!

Think of the Children!

Yes you must think of the children!  But in the sense that you don’t want them ruining your proposal.  Yes children are lovely and beautiful but not exactly conducive to creating a romantic environment.  Once you have chosen a park, you need to decide on a date and time that it will happen.  Make sure the location you choose is not full of dogs or screaming children.  The last thing that you want is to have your proposal setup interrupted screaming children or a runaway dog.  It might be a good idea to scout the exact spot exactly one week before your proposal date at the same time so that you can see what the crowd will be like 1 week later and adjust accordingly.

Stay Out of the Kitchen

In addition to the children playing or playgrounds near by, it’s always best to steer clear of another area.  Unless you’re planning on cooking yourself, its best to avoid areas with picnic benches and public grills.  You want to bypass the ants and other critters that are naturally attracted to these spots.  Also the smells might be too distracting too.  You  don’t want to be getting on bended knee while a few yards away someone is cooking up onions for some hot dogs.

park proposal with bridge

Pick the Perfect Location

Now that you know what places to avoid, then what should you actually look for?  Most people looking to pop the question seem to always want the same thing.  That is a beautiful location with a view that is secluded.  But guess what? If it’s a beautiful location with a view, that means that EVERYONE else will want to be there too!  Unfortunately, views and seclusion don’t go hand-in-hand.

You have to determine if the view or the seclusion is more important to you. If the view  is the most important part then consider proposing at an off-hour.  If seclusion is more important, then look around at the park for a small clearing that may not have the clearest view but still may have a slight view.

Check the Calendar

This one is easy to forget about but it’s very very important! You need to look at the park’s calendar and ensure that other events are not taking place on the same day as your proposal.  If there is then they may detract from your proposal plans.  That would be “No Bueno!”. Check the local city calendar and the newspaper for events on the day that you’re thinking of. Also, it’s generally a bad idea to propose in a park on a public holiday as public parks tend to get crowded.

Proposal Ideas for a Park

Now that you have finally chosen the perfect park and location while avoiding kids and barbecue pits, what will your actual proposal idea be? Below are proposal ideas for a public park to consider.

personalized picnic proposal

1. Personalized Picnic

A picnic is something that you can pull off rather easily and probably without a permit.  The biggest thing that you would have to do is to make it personalized to your relationship to make it special.  How about instead of just a blanket and pillows, you add picture frames and a memento from your relationship?  If you two took a special trip together maybe the flight tickets and a sweet note could work.

musical serenade proposal

2. Musical Serenade

A musician awaiting your arrival is a great way to surprise your partner! This is especially true if it’s at a location with a nice view (with no crowds though).  Have the musician waiting to play your special song and after the song she is handed her favorite flowers.  You get extra points if you slow dance with your partner during the song.

3. Photo Shoot

If your partner loves taking photos and wants those perfect Instagram pics, this is the perfect proposal idea!  Tell her that you have scheduled a photo shoot at a beautiful park.  This way, she’ll get totally “glammed” up and will have the perfect look for the photos.  You propose right in the middle of the shoot with beautiful background scenery!

elaborate floral proposal

4. Elaborate Floral Display

This would be the hardest to pull off but it would  be the most memorable.  This one would most definitely require a permit and a florist to do the setup.  You take a stroll with your partner and then “stumble” a beautiful display.  It includes her favorite flowers that can be in an aisle, pedestals, arrangements, or even a gorgeous altar.  This display will blow her mind and will make for amazing photos!

How Can The Heart Bandits Help?

If you want to make sure you give your partner the best proposal at a park then it’s best to get some help! There are lots of ways you can blow it so make sure you hire a Proposal Planner to help you plan your public park proposal.  Here’s how The Heart Bandits can help.

  • Finding the perfect park and working with permits department
  • Getting any kind of insurance or permits paperwork in order for you.
  • Helping create the perfect proposal idea that ties in your relationship and is something that your partner will love.
  • Finding all the perfect vendors that will make this idea come to life.  That can be a florist, musician, actors, or photographer.   We have a network of trusted vendors that will allow you to be at ease knowing that it’s being handled by professionals.

If you are ready to get started planning your proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today! We will work with you to create an amazing wedding proposal.  We can help you create something original and romantic.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Christina Clawson

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New York Christmas Proposal Idea You Will Want to Re-Create

christmas tree nyc rooftop

If you are planning on proposing this Christmas, you are going to love this.  I have been waiting all year to share this New York Christmas proposal idea you will want to re-create.

The Story

Though Stephen and Jessica met in grade school, they didn’t reconnect until later in life at a block party.  They spent a lot of time going on fun dates around the city, traveling together, and eventually they fell in love.  Upon reflection, Stephen said he knew Jessica was “the one” at that block party, it was an immediate feeling.

marry me sign on christmas tree

photos on christmas tree

The Proposal Planning

So many details stood out to us when we interviewed Stephan.  Jessica loves the seasons and corresponding holidays so he wanted to incorporate a Christmas theme into the proposal.  Our vision was a Christmas in Manhattan theme.  We set out to find a rooftop with a view of the iconic Empire State Building which would be the romantic winter setting for the proposal.  Of course, we made sure our rooftop also had an indoor space in case the weather was uncooperative.  We then went Christmas tree shopping to find the perfect tree for our Christmas theme proposal.  Jessica loves yellow, white lights, and a rustic look so we took care to get ornaments and lanterns that played to this theme.

surprise proposal

christmas proposal nyc

The Proposal

On the day of the proposal, Stephen took Jessica to the private New York rooftop that we rented out for his proposal.  She was completely blown away when she walked out on to the roof and saw an aisle of rustic lanterns and pine branches.  As the guitarist sang, “Say You Won’t Let Go,” by James Arthur, he walked her down the aisle.  They reminisced on all of the photos of their time together which were displayed romantically on the tree.  Stephen then guided her to the proposal ornament and then dropped to his knee to propose.  Jessica said “Yes!!”

Since Stephen described Jessica as family-oriented, we knew that their families needed to be included.  We had them waiting inside of the proposal venue with Champagne and brought them out to surprise her post-proposal.

Christmas Proposal In NYC

Are you planning a Christmas proposal in NYC?  If so, you are going to need an amazing New York Christmas proposal idea.  Here are some tips on how to plan the perfect NYC proposal during the holidays.

snow themed proposal

Bring In Christmas Decor

Take a lesson from Stephen and rent a breathtaking proposal location in Manhattan for your marriage proposal.  Transform the proposal space with Christmas decor.  Some ideas of how to create a Christmas theme proposal are:

  • Bring in a Christmas tree and decorate it with photos and romantic love message ornaments.
  • Adorn the space with faux snow to create a winter wonderland.  Read all about our Winter Proposal Idea here.
  • Make over the space by bringing in oversized Christmas decor.  Think giant bulb ornaments like they have at department stores.

Utilize Christmas Decor

One of the best things about New York City during the holidays is how festive it is!  You can find an amazing Christmas backdrop for your proposal without spending any money.  Here are some spots in Manhattan you might want to consider.

  • Rockefeller Center – During the holidays, the iconic Christmas tree is set up in the center and could be the perfect proposal location.  They also have the ice skating rink and we offer an ice skating marriage proposal package.
  • The Lotte Palace – They have a Christmas tree there that not so many tourists don’t know about.  If you are looking for a beautiful tree without the crowds, consider proposing here.
  • Tavern on the Green- If you are looking for Christmas decor in Central Park, consider the tree at this iconic restaurant!  It is perfect because you can take her on a stroll around the park, propose by the tree, and go inside for dinner.
  • Bryant Park and Washington Square Park- These are 2 other parks with Christmas trees that you could use as your proposal backdrop.
  • Lincoln Center Park- This is a great proposal spot because it is in a quiet location but still near a lot of great locations for engagement photos after.
  •  Southstreet Seaport- Another location with a great Christmas tree!

Ditch The Christmas Decor

There are other ways to have a Christmas theme proposal idea in NYC that don’t involve decorations.  Consider hiring an a cappella group to serenade her with Christmas carolers.  After the festive songs, have them sing one special proposal song and then propose.

Christmas Gifts

You can always disguise your proposal as a Christmas gift.  You could wrap a few gifts and have your partner open the ring or the proposal gift last.  If you want your proposal to stand out, make the proposal gift something really unique and personalized.  The Heart Bandits can help you come up with a unique finale.

How Can The Heart Bandits Help?

If you want to make sure you give your partner the holiday proposal of their dreams, you will need the best New York Christmas proposal idea. There are so many unoriginal holiday proposal ideas out there, your partner deserves better.  Here are some reasons you might want to hire Wedding Proposal Planners to help you plan your Christmas proposal:

  • You don’t want one of the cheesy Christmas proposal ideas you see online, you want something unique
  • You don’t know how to find the perfect proposal venue
  • You don’t know how to source the Christmas decor like a Christmas tree, faux snow, etc.
  • You don’t live in NYC and you need someone on-site to make sure everything goes smoothly and to decorate

If you are ready to get started planning your proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today. We will work with you to create an amazing Christmas or holiday proposal.  We can help you with creating the proposal ideas only and we can bring that idea to life.  We can’t wait to hear from you!


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Secret Garden Proposal in London


When Mohit contacted The Heart Bandits to plan his Secret Garden proposal in London, we were elated.   There is just nothing more romantic than a secret garden for a marriage proposal and the couple is so in love and gorgeous, how could we not be swooning?!  Mohit and Kresha had been dating for 3 years and now lived in different cities.  It was very important to him to have a perfect proposal that truly showed Kresha how much he loved her.  It had to be private and magical.  I think when you see the Secret Garden Proposal in London photos below, you will agree that we definitely acheived that.



Mohit and Kresha arrived to the garden and followed an aisle of candles which lead them to some trees.  Hanging from the trees were special messages Mohit had written for her, and he read them aloud to her.  The last tree had a gorgeous eternity ring tied to the card which Mohit presented to Kresha.



After the trees, they encountered a sign that said, “This way for life long butterflies.”  They continued on to a wooden gazebo, adorned with butterflies and fairy lights where Mohit went down on one knee and asked for Kresha’s hand in marriage.  She said yes as a guitarist played their special songs.




After the proposal, they enjoyed champagne, some private time tougher, and then the photographer took them to the South Bank for a few photographs overlooking Westminster before they took off to celebrate with their families.  This is probably one of our favorite proposals we have planned in 4 years.  Thank you Mohit, for choosing The Heart Bandits wedding proposal planners to be a part of your special day.

If you are ready to get started planning your perfect proposal idea, contact us today.  Want to recreate this Secret Garden Proposal in London?  We have you covered.


Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photographer: Downie Wedding Photography

Florist: The Urban Flower Firm (TUFF)

Guitarist: Charlie Hole


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How To Propose Using Dogs

We get a lot of unusual proposal requests here at The Heart Bandits.  A lot of those requests involve hiring animals to help with our clients marriage proposals. We have worked with dolphins, tigers, and even as recent as today we were asked to bring in “white kittens” for a proposal.  But the most popular proposal request we get involving animals is for dogs!  So far we have planned a pug proposal, a french bulldog proposal, and a proposal involving Dachshunds.  If you are planning on proposing using dogs, here are some tips that we have learned a long the way.  How To Propose Using Dogs tips are below:

Consider Weather

Jay hired us to plan his pug proposal in NYC during the winter. We were all set to go on Bow Bridge until a HUGE storm hit and the weather became too dangerous for our 4-legged friends.  When planning your puppy proposal, consider a back up plan in case of bad weather.

Get Permission

Never assume that your proposal venue will allow a dog as part of your proposal.  You are always going to want to check with your potential proposal venue if you plan on having a puppy proposal.



Karson hired us to plan his French Bulldog marriage proposal in Austin and wanted it captured on video. The little bulldog’s were strapped with Go-Pro’s to capture the world’s sweetest proposal idea.  When possible, try to hire a proposal photographer or videographer that has experience with animals.  They can be a little unpredictable at times so it is best to work with a team that can pivot when the dog does.

Be Creative


When Oscar hired us to plan his proposal to Paulina, he knew Dachshunds had to be involved.  We added the idea of matching outfits and love notes attached to each dog, resulting in a heartfelt marriage proposal.  Hopefully this article helped you figure out How To Propose Using Dogs and you are ready to get started.

How Can The Heart Bandits Help?

If you are thinking about including dogs in your proposal but still not sure how to do it, contact The Heart Bandits today.  Here are some reasons you might need Wedding Proposal Planners to help you propose with dogs:

  • You know you want to propose with a group of puppies but you don’t know where to find them.
  • You are worried that your pet won’t cooperate and you need help managing them on the day of.
  • You aren’t sure how to incorporate your dog into your specific proposal scenario.
  • You need help figuring out a unique idea for how your dog will participate.

We know how to turn your proposal vision into reality and we are the best at what we do.  Consider purchasing a super slim engagement ring box at to conceal your surprise proposal on the proposal day.  If you have decided to use dogs in your marriage proposal, also check our article about how to incorporate pets in your marriage proposal here.


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Central Park Proposal Ideas

couple gets engaged central park

Do you love the Big Apple? Are you looking for an intimate place to pop the question that makes you feel like you’re in the heart of the city while giving you a breath of fresh air at the same time? Central Park is the perfect spot for swoon-worthy proposals in a peaceful landscape.  There are many Central Park proposal ideas out there.  But with so many locations to choose from and so many options, how exactly should you propose?  We have put together the Ultimate Guide to Proposing in Central Park for the best NYC proposal ideas.  Follow this guide and you will learn exactly where to propose in Central Park and how.

Should I Propose in Central Park?

If you are planning on proposing in New York City, the thought of proposing in Central Park has certainly crossed your mind.  Below are some reasons that you may want to consider proposing in Central Park.


The most obvious reason to propose in Central Park is because of how iconic it is.  It s the most visited park in the United States and one of the most filmed locations in the world.  Imagine being able to say you proposed somewhere like that!


Central Park has a lot of very pretty shelters that you can rent out for your proposal.  They are very inexpensive to rent out as well.  Renting a gazebo in Central Park is much cheaper than renting out a rooftop in NYC for your marriage proposal.

Beautiful and Open Year-Round

If you are looking for a stunning backdrop for your marriage proposal, Central Park is it.  It is always a beautiful location and is open during ALL seasons.   In the summer, it is green and vibrant. In the fall it is an autumn colored paradise.  In the winter it can be covered in snow and romantic.  They even have an ice skating rink!  In the spring, there are lovely cherry blossoms that bloom and make for timeless photos. There are so many gorgeous proposal locations in Central Park which we will discuss below.

Best Locations in Central Park for a Marriage Proposal

There are so many gorgeous locations for your marriage proposal throughout Central Park. If you need Central Park proposal ideas, we have created a list of the top proposal locations for you to consider:

Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge is the most requested proposal location in the park.  The architecture is stunning and the views of the water and the city are simply beautiful.  You really can’t get more “New York” than proposing on Bow Bridge.

man proposes on bow bridge

Ladies Pavilion

We love Ladies Pavilion because it is a covered gazebo right on the lake.  Read all about how we transformed the gazebo to create this perfect Central Park proposal idea.

ladies pavilion central park

Cop Cot

Cop Cot is a wooden structure that is a historical landmark in Central Park. In the summer, it is covered in green, lush foliage and in the fall, it looks rustic and warm. It is the perfect charming area to pop the question.

Gapstow Bridge

This bridge is another very popular proposal location in the park.  The bridge itself looks like it’s from a medieval European era with the added allure of the city buildings in the background.

The Mall

This is the famous tree-lined walkway inside the park where many movies have been filmed.  It is the perfect place to propose for someone that is a literary lover.

Gothic Bridge

A bridge that not too many people know about is Gothic Bridge on 94th Street.  It has such unique architecture, is rarely busy, and boasts lush foliage and a view of the city.

Bethesda Terrace

This is a very popular location for a marriage proposal especially in the colder months.  The inside of the terrace is very beautiful and then of course, it is covered in the event it rains.

bethesda terrace marriage proposal

Central Park Boulder

This is a gorgeous boulder that is flat enough that you can stand on it with your sweetie and ask them to marry you. It gives you a boost so that you can stand tall in the park and have the beautiful skyline behind you.

Cats Rock

This is another area in Central Park that is not really known by tourists.  It gives you an amazing view of the skyline so if you want a view of the Manhattan skyline in the background when you propose, this is a great option.

Wagner Cove

Wagner Cove is a small gazebo that is perfect for 2 right on the edge of the park.  It is secluded and down a quiet little path.  It is perfect for a proposal with just you and your sweetie.

proposal picnic central park

Belvedere Castle

We get a lot of requests to set up proposals at the castle.  It can be a bit busy and is smaller than you might expect.  However, they do have an adorable gazebo there that you can propose in.

belvedere castle proposal

Photography by Rebecca Yale Portraits

Views of the Bridge

If proposing on the Bow Bridge seems too cliche, consider proposing with the view of one of the iconic bridges in the background.


Cherry Hill

This is a great proposal location if you are looking to do a picnic.  It is a sprawling grassy area with a view of Bow Bridge, the lake, and the Manhattan skyline.

Central park Picnic Proposal

The Ramble

If you want to be immersed in nature, consider proposing in The Rambles.  Not a lot of people know about this area since it is off the beaten path, so you are more likely to have some privacy there.

Shakespeare Garden

Shakespeare Garden is lovely and has several proposal spots.  There are a couple benches where you can propose by and even a large platform area.  Your proposal pictures will have a true garden feel.  Hire The Heart Bandits to make it even more romantic and we can bring in some elements to personalize the area.

Bethesda Fountain

Another icon in the park is the Bethesda Fountain. You can propose with the terrace and skyline behind you or you can propose with the lake in the background.

Do I Need A Permit?

At this point, you have decided you do want to propose in Central Park and you know where you will do it.  The Ultimate Guide to Proposing In Central Park would not be complete without answering one very important question.  Do I need a permit to propose in Central Park?  If you want to reserve a proposal location like some of those mentioned above then you will want to apply for one.  Having a permit does not mean that part of the park is closed off for you, it simply means that you have permission to have your event there.  And if you reserve a gazebo, then you can ask other people to leave since you have a permit.

How To Propose in Central Park

If you have decided that you want to propose in Central Park, you might be wondering what are the best central park proposal ideas.  Below is a list of ideas to get you started.  Check out our Central Park Proposal Packages here.

Horse and Carriage Ride

If you want to make her feel like she’s living a real-life fairytale, there’s nothing more romantic than planning a horse and carriage ride. Whether you want to cuddle up under blankets as the snow kisses your cheeks, or you want to feel the summer breeze on your face as the carriage takes you through the winding paths of Central Park, every season is perfect for this dreamy proposal idea.

When your horse stops at one of the gazebos in Central Park, The Heart Bandits can have a breathtaking arrangement waiting for you, including flowers, candles, photos, and live music to set the stage for a memorable proposal.

Picture Perfect

Want to capture the moment and look back on it for years to come? As wedding proposal planners we can help make your marriage proposal picture perfect. Plan to do a photo tour with our Central Park photographer as part of your proposal–the two of you can take your time during a casual walk through the park’s gorgeous scenery. She won’t know that a photographer is discreetly capturing your day until the moment you get down on one knee!

If you love the classic polaroid feel, we can also help you find the most magical places in the park to place life-size polaroid photos that represent some of your favorite memories. Once she sees the photos, this is the perfect backdrop for you to express your emotions and pop the question.

Romantic Picnic

Dreaming of a picnic in the park? The Heart Bandits have experience planning New York proposals in public parks, including Central Park. We can set up a cozy blanket with lush rose petals, champagne, and photos of the two of you. If you want an intimate proposal in a place that feels serene and natural, she’ll love the thought you put into a romantic picnic in the park!

Serenading Music

If you’re dreaming of a proposal, but can’t imagine getting down on one knee without live music, there are plenty of options for serenading tunes in Central Park. Whether you’re looking for a string orchestra, an a cappella group, or a solo guitar player, The Heart Bandits can work with local musicians to find the best option that matches your relationship. As you stroll through Central Park and make your way to the location of your choice, a musician will begin playing a romantic song that strings together the heart of your proposal.

Gondola Ride on the Lake

The lake is one of the most beautiful places in Central Park and there are many ways to incorporate it into your proposal.  We offer a gondola ride on the lake so that you can have the romantic boat proposal you have always dreamed of.  Invite your friends and family to hold signs up on Bow Bridge that spell out, “Marry Me.”  We can also provide the sign and helpers if you are visiting NYC and don’t have family and friends nearby.

Central Park Flash Mob

If you want to propose in a very grand fashion, then a Central Park Flash Mob may be just what you are looking for.  We can supply any number of dancers and perform for your partner as they walk through the park.  Combine the beauty of the park with the arts for the ultimate proposal.

Hours & Information

Here is some more helpful information when planning to propose in Central Park.  The park is open from 6am to 1am. It can be a bit dark at night so you will want to keep that in mind.  Alcohol is prohibited in the park.

There you have it, everything you need to know to bring your Central Park proposal ideas to life.  If you’re planning a romantic Central Park proposal, contact The Heart Bandits! We have experience planning personalized New York proposals, and we can make sure your experience is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Get started today!

Don’t forget to consider how you’ll store your engagement ring until the moment you pop the question. These thin engagement ring boxes are discreet and protective, so you can safeguard your diamond and keep the surprise in tact.

Emily Barge

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How To Propose Without A Ring

When proposing to your partner, you may want to propose with an engagement ring.  However, there are some circumstances when you may find yourself needing or wanting to propose without a ring.  If this happens to you, don’t despair. There are ways to pull of a beautiful romantic proposals even without having the ring on hand.

beach proposal

Photo courtesy of Chloe Moore Photography

Display The Proposal

The ring is often the focal point of a proposal, so if you are missing the ring, think up a proposal idea that will draw her attention elsewhere. One musician wrote out his proposal in the cover booklet of his new CD for his girlfriend to find. Ideas like this give her something unique to cherish in the moment when there isn’t a ring to go on her finger.  Once she says yes, explain that the ring is soon to follow. You just couldn’t wait to commit to her forever.  Another option is to propose using a billboard in Times Square or renting out trendy marquee lights to spell “Marry Me?”.

Offer An Alternative

Another alternative is to present her with something instead of the ring. Get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.  Instead of presenting her with a ring though have another token of your affection. This can actually be a great way to bring a cute and original spin to your proposal that is truly unique to your relationship. Does she have a favorite flower, or another type of jewelry that she adores? The item you present can be anything, as long as it has a special meaning to the two of you.  But unless you know for sure that she doesn’t want an engagement ring, assure her one is on the way!

Present Something That Lasts

Proposing with something you can love and nurture together can also signify your commitment.  You could propose with a tree that you could plant together and watch it grow over the years.  Or maybe an adorable little puppy that you would raise together and enjoy for years to come. Another idea is to buy a bench or wall in a park or other area and write the proposal on that.

Focus On Each Other

You can also forgo giving her something entirely and make the moment just about the two of you, no distractions. This idea would probably work best if you are already planning on having a secluded, private proposal. Let yourselves just celebrate and enjoy your love and exciting future together without things or people breaking your attention from each other.  We can’t stress enough that once the emotion dies down, let her know that a ring will be on her finger shortly.

Use A Placeholder

If you do plan on buying an engagement ring in the future, you may want to propose with a placeholder.  You could buy an inexpensive heart or love ring.  You could even make your partner a ring out of something special.  We also had a client propose using a blueprint of the ring because he did not have it in time.

With Words

A musical proposal is a great way to propose without a ring.  Hire a songwriter to write a proposal song and then have it performed for her when you propose.  If you have musical abilities, you could write or sing the song yourself.  Maybe you are good with expressing yourself?  If so, you could propose with a poem or a heartfelt later.  You could frame those words for a keepsake.

Make A Donation

If your partner has a cause close to her heart, consider donating to that cause.  Imagine how she will feel when you tell her that instead of spending thousands of dollars on a ring, you donated it to her passion project.

Do Something Crazy

For the truly adventurous couple, consider this marriage proposal idea without a ring!  Choose something epic and propose by getting matching tattoo rings!  A tattoo ring can never be lost and it will last forever!

Have you suddenly found yourself ring-less for your proposal and are scrambling for what to do? Don’t panic! Contact the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits today and let us help you figure out the best proposal possible for you and your beau, no matter what setbacks you may have come across. Our wedding proposal planners take care of the details so that you can focus on your big moment.

Wondering why you would want to propose without a ring?  Read more here.

Maggie Tietz

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