As an adventurous couple, you may be brainstorming out-of-the-box ways to make your marriage proposal special. A scavenger hunt is the perfect way to create a proposal she’ll always remember with the places and people she treasures. Want to plan an exciting scavenger hunt proposal but aren’t sure where to start? Try these tips!

Lead to a Meaningful Spot

As you plan the scavenger hunt, determine how long you want it to take. Two hours? Four hours? The entire day? If you decide to hold your scavenger hunt in a public place, fill in your desired timeline with some of her favorite destinations.

These could be clues leading to her favorite restaurant, the bench along the river where you had your first date, or the coffee shop where you first met. Design clues and puzzles that recreate some of her favorite memories while forming new ones at the same time!

Do It at Home

A creative twist on the classic scavenger hunt is doing it at home. Start by waking her up with a clue on her pillow leading to the breakfast table where her next clue may be hidden on the stack of pancakes you made her. Don’t forget to include inside jokes, childhood photos, and anything else that represents you as a couple. Add as many romantic gestures and clues as you’d like until she makes it to the grand reveal: your proposal!

Incorporate Other People

What better way to make your proposal memorable than by including the people she loves? If she loves her dog, attach a clue to his collar. You could also create a clue that leads to her friend’s house who is waiting to direct her to the next place.

After she says “yes,” consider ending the engagement with a final clue that leads to a surprise party at her parents’ house to celebrate with everyone she loves!

Plan a Surprise Trip

If she loves to travel and appreciates spontaneity, try surprising her with an empty suitcase and a single clue telling her to pack for a certain temperature. Once she packs, take her somewhere special, whether it’s a romantic cabin in the woods, a house on the beach, a bed and breakfast overlooking your favorite winery, or a hotel with views of the city skyline. You can give her more clues as you travel, but don’t give the engagement away until you’re down on one knee!

Have the Clues Lead to YOU

For an extra special surprise, have her complete the scavenger hunt by herself or with a friend–with the final destination being YOU! Decorate the proposal spot with candles and rose petals for a romantic ambiance, and patiently wait for her to find you.

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Emily Barge

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