Big Sur Marriage Proposal

I get chills every time I think of this Big Sur marriage proposal.  Not just because it is so visually stunning, though it most certainly is.  But because this proposal was almost completely ruined due to the Soberanes Fire, the most expensive wildfire in US History.  Just days before Eli was scheduled to visit Big Sur and propose to Rikki, most places were still closed due to the evacuation that took place in multiple areas around Monterey County.  Luckily love prevailed and Rikki got the most gorgeous and personalized marriage proposal.

Eli met Rikki at Camp Timberlane in Ontario when they were just 12 years old.  They spent the next 9 summers there together and later went on to be camp counselor’s there.  It was clear that “Camp Timberlane” had to be the theme for their marriage proposal.  We had a sign created that was identical to the Welcome Sign at Camp Timberlane and we used that as the focal point for the proposal.  The balcony overlooks the cliffs and the Pacific Ocean which provided a dramatic backdrop for the proposal.  We surrounded the sign with ferns and other greenery and florals you would find in nature.  It turned out so beautiful and chic and Rikki couldn’t believe her eyes when she walked in.

If you want to give your partner a mind-blowing yet personalized proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today.  With over 2,000 proposals planned and counting, we can make sure your proposal is a success.  Here is what Eli said about our services, “Everything went perfectly last night! Rikki loved every detail especially the Camp Timberlane sign. I can’t thank you enough for the great job that you did organizing this. You were truly a pleasure to work with.

We make sure your proposal is prefect right down to the ring box you propose with.  Check out the flat engagement ring box at and keep your proposal concealed until you are ready to reveal it.

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Florist: Willow & Plum

Photographer: Hayley Anne Photography

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Diverse Marriage Proposals

Diversity is something to be proud of, and it is one of the great things about our beautiful nation.  With such division in the country right now and negativity in the air worldwide, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite romantic marriage proposals that highlight the love and diversity all around us.

Phil & Jeremy

In one of the sweetest and intimate proposals we’ve had the pleasure to plan, Phil proposed to Jeremy in their still-being-built home over a romantic tapas-style dinner.  Just the two of them, in the home they would soon build their life together in… it was the perfect setting to highlight this beautiful couple’s love.  Read about their proposal here.

Bryan & Marcella

A marriage proposal can be a great opportunity to highlight the respect you have for your significant other’s culture.  While some people stick to culturally traditional proposals, Bryan came to us because he wanted it to be modern yet highlight Marcella’s Columbian background.  A latino trio band and proposal written in Spanish did just that.  Read about their proposal here.

Brad & Saadiya

Another exciting multicultural proposal, Brad and The Heart Bandits arranged a Bhangra Dance Flash Mob on the beach for Saadiya following a super fun speedboat scavenger hunt.  This was an awesome proposal idea, if I do say so myself.  Read all about it here.

Grace & Hsiao-Chi

Grace hired us to create a beautiful winter wonderland to bring them back to when they first met.  This lovely couple had a great love story that was captured in even the little details of this proposal.  Read about it here.

Diversity in love and relationships is all around us and is something to be celebrated!  Whether you need assistance creating a truly traditional proposal, mixing culture with a modern proposal, or just want to tell the love story of your unique relationship, The Heart Bandits has the expertise and experience to help make the perfect moment for you and your partner.

Why have a unique marriage proposal and a boring, bulky engagement ring box?  Buy a sleek engagement ring box at to keep that present that ring in an equally awesome way.

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Most Romantic Los Angeles Beach Proposal

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this beautiful Santa Monica beach proposal we planned with Scott.  Scott contacted us because he and Megan were going to be visiting Los Angeles for an Adele concert – great taste in music I must say.  Since they were from out of town, he wanted to propose in a way that would be easy for him to get her there and seem like a natural part of the day.  We suggested a walk on the beach at sunset because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to do that when they come visit LA?

Scott told us his favorite memories with Megan are all of their little trips they have taken together.  So Scott and I worked for weeks on creating a Memory Book that would highlight those special memories together.  We brought in a beautiful table and decorated it with contemporary arrangements featuring clusters of bright flowers – her favorite.  We also added a custom “Megan” sign made up of complimentary beautiful flowers so she would know it was for her when she saw it.

When Megan saw the setup, she was so happy and filled with emotions.  She looked over the book Scott made her and then looked over to find him on his knee.  He proposed and she happily said yes!

We are so honored that Scott chose us to help him plan his unique proposal idea.   If you are wondering if hiring a Proposal Planner is right for you, the top 3 reasons someone hires a planner is because 1) They are visiting from out of town and don’t have the resources to plan something in that city, 2) They are busy and don’t have the time it takes to plan a proposal perfectly, and 3) They need a little help with creative ideas and execution.  If you fall into one of these categories, The Heart Bandits are here to help.  Contact us today.

Don’t forget to purchase a flat engagement ring box like Scott did at  You don’t want your girlfriend spotting a bulky ring box in your jeans and wondering if you are proposing before you are ready!

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photography: Joanne Leung Photography

Flowers: Rise to the Occassions

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Proposal Ideas as Big as the Super Bowl

Trust me, your girlfriend is thinking about a different kind of ring this Super Bowl Season!  So in honor of all of the women (or men) hoping to get engaged this year, we put together a list of a few of our all time favorite sports proposals to help inspire you to get moving and start proposing!


The Mascot and the Cheerleader

No one can forget the proposal above.  The Chicago Bulls mascot was actually an impostor at a game in 2013.  The cheerleader’s boyfriend dressed up in the costume to surprise her during a dance routine.  The cutest couple on the court put on quite the show, with the mascot proposing in front of the entire crowd, all pre-planned with the Bulls and cheerleading team.  Super thoughtful and so very creative!

Two Big Wins

The Fiesta Bowl of 2007 turned out to be an extremely close game, with it going into overtime.   Shortly after winning that game, Bronco’s player Ian Johnson proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend on the field while celebrating with the team and reporters.  After such a high-adrenaline game, he took the best night of their lives to whole new level.  Read all about it here.

The Coney Island Competition

A slightly different type of sport, but a sport nonetheless, Joey Chestnut, the long-time champion of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, proposed to his girlfriend right before 2014’s competition. While she was on stage, he walked up behind her, grabbed the microphone, and proposed.  The sheer surprise and happiness on her face mixed with the loud cheers from the crowd make this a true success.  Read about it here.


You don’t have to have a Chicago Bull’s budget to plan the proposal of a lifetime.  The Heart Bandits is here to help create your unique marriage proposal.  We have experience in proposals as big as the Super Bowl (well, we have helped NFL players propose anyway) and as small as a one-on-one game, so let us help you create the perfect moment.  And don’t forget to pick up the modern and slim engagement ring box from Ring Stash ( to ensure your proposal remains a surprise all throughout the evening.


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How To Spell Out “Will You Marry Me?”


Photo Courtesy of

There are many ways to ask the question “Will You Marry Me?”  You can simply say it after you tell your partner how you feel.  You could have someone sing it a la Bruno Mars.  Or you can spell it out in a creative way.  Feeling inspired by some unique proposal ideas we’ve been brainstorming with clients, we wanted to share some of our favorite ideas to help you spell out your love.

Use Nature

For the nature lover, consider using driftwood, branches, or rocks to spell out your proposal message.


We love lights! While there are so many ways and settings to use candles and light, consider a romantic path leading up to an illuminated “Marry Me” sign.

On a Billboard

Profess your love in a major way by renting out a billboard!  We have a Times Square Billboard proposal package right here.

In the Sky

Consider hiring a plane to type your proposal message in the sky or tote a banner saying, “Will You Marry Me?”

In Writing

Perfect for any word or book lover, why not pop the question by customizing a crossword or even a page in the book they are currently reading? Don’t make it too easy!

Need assistance with your own unique proposal idea or just need help bringing your vision to life?  The Heart Bandits has the experience to create the perfect proposal, no matter how or where you want to do it!  Be sure not to spoil the surprise with a huge ring box bulging out of your pocket!  Use a slim engagement ring box from Ring Stash (

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Best Hawaii Proposal Ever

WOW!  I know that is what you are thinking.  That is what I thought when Ken first told me where he wanted to propose.  While most people want to propose on the beach in Hawaii, Ken wanted something a bit more luxurious.  He opted for an overlook with views of the city and the ocean which is now my favorite proposal location in all of Hawaii.  Ken hired us because he wanted to give his girlfriend both a romantic and luxury marriage proposal.  You can see from the photos that we definitely achieved this.

Ken brought her up to the lookout where she was completely blown away by a gorgeous gazebo draped in fabric waiting for her.  We placed gorgeous white rose pomanders on candelabras to add luxury to the gazebo.   A calligraphy sign created from Ken’s words was displayed which described just how he feels about her.  And to really enhance the ambiance, we added violinist to play romantic music.

He walked his girlfriend over to the setup and showed her a video he made.  Then he did what she had been waiting for for so long.  He proposed.  She eagerly said yes and then Ken handed her an elegant bouquet of white roses.

If you want to start planning your luxurious proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today.  While we work on all proposals large or small, we specialize in creating over-the-top proposal events. Something you may not have considered yet is how you will hide the bulky engagement ring box on the day you propose.  We have the solution – check out America’s first patented flat engagement ring box at

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photography: Sweet Dahlia Photography

Rentals and Flowers: Chavah Grant

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Why You Should NOT Propose on Valentine’s Day

This is part two to the article I wrote on Friday which was the top 3 reasons TO propose on Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day, a day that’s supposed to be full of love, tends to be overdone, stressful and downright unpleasant, yet many still claim it is the most romantic day of the year.  While there are some perks, here are my top 3 reasons NOT to propose on Valentine’s Day.

Break the Bank

Since it’s a romantic day for not just you and your partner but everyone else as well, Valentine’s Day has obviously become a big day for consumerism.  Why pay 3 times the price for roses and a limo when you don’t have to?

Be Original

If your loved one likes to stray from the ordinary or isn’t big on Hallmark holidays, keep your proposal for a day less cliche.  While many do find Valentine’s Day to be fairytale-esque, a large number of women also find it cheesy and overdone.  Avoid the risk of being seen as corny and stick to a proposal any other day of the year.

You’re Not Alone

Many people do not think a pre-set menu and an overcrowded restaurant is romantic, but it is the unfortunate reality of Valentine’s Day.  It also takes some fun out of the proposal planning when you can’t get a reservation at any of her favorite restaurants or tickets to her favorite event because everyone else has the same idea.  Or did you want to wait in line for an hour just to pick up her flowers?  How about getting to the local bakery to find out they’ve just run out of her favorite dessert?  You get the point.

A marriage proposal is supposed to be about you and significant other.  Why choose a day that is everyone else’s special day too?  Let the Heart Bandits help you achieve the Valentine’s Day level romance any other day of the year!  Contact us today to get started planning your unique proposal idea and then start on the planning after!  If you are choosing not to propose on Valentine’s Day, we already know you are not a conformist.  So why would you use the horrible free bulky engagement ring box that bulges out of your pocket?  Get a slim engagement ring box from and really stand out from the crowd.

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Flat Engagement Ring Box

In 2011, we embarked on the biggest adventure of our lives.  We began inventing the world’s first patented flat engagement ring box!  After years of hearing our proposal planning clients complain about the size of the free engagement ring box that came with their purchase, we decided to do something about it.  In 2015 we brought the first version of Ring Stash ( to market and sold out of over 1,500 of them in less than a year.  Today we are proud to announce the new and improved Ring Stash 2.0!

What are the benefits to using Ring Stash?  Glad you asked!


First and foremost, Ring Stash is flat and cannot be detected in even the skinniest of skinny jeans.  When going through your list of things you have to do for your proposal (choose a ring, come up with a proposal idea, create your proposal plans), concealing your ring box is probably the furthest thing from your mind.  But trust me, as the day gets nearer you will realize it is a problem you have to solve and a flat engagement ring box does just that.


Ring Stash has magnets that keep the ring box tightly secured.  Jumping out of a plane, no problem!  Hiking, we got you covered.  You won’t need to worry about losing your huge investment due to a poorly made engagement ring box.


Big free faux-leather boxes are so 1990!  Ring Stash is designed by an MIT Engineer who is a lover of all the hippest technology trends.  The sleek design was created with a man in mind and features dark vegan leather outside for a masculine grip, black suede inside to highlight the ring, and a ring holder that makes the ring appear to be floating!  You won’t just get a yes, you will get a HECK YES!!

Don’t wait to get your small engagement ring box, check out today!

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Stunning Winery Proposal

A beautiful winery in the fall is the perfect setting for a marriage proposal.  That is exactly what Bharat wanted and he hired us to bring his vision to life.  He and Sunena are from New York City and he wanted to rent a limo and go to a beautiful vineyard outside of Manhattan and propose.  He wasn’t exactly sure how to pull it all off and he didn’t have a lot of free time to plan all of the details so he hired us to help him.

First, we found a stunning vineyard just a couple of hours outside of the city.  The vineyard was very excited to work with us and be a special part of Bharat and Sunena’s day.  We worked together to create a custom wine tasting experience.  When the couple arrived, they were escorted to a private area to taste wine.  They were then lead on a “tour” of the facility which ended in a beautiful area we had staged for them.  Our photographer was waiting to capture the whole thing.

Sunena loves red roses and bright colors so we put a gorgeous floral centerpiece on a table for 2 right under the beautiful arbor to frame their proposal.  We added special details to the table that only Sunena would understand. There was a framed photo of the couple with the caption, “Little Princess” since that is her favorite movie.  We created a customized Scattegories game sheet because it was during that game years ago he knew she was the one.  We framed a puzzle piece with their photos to symbolize they are each other’s missing puzzle piece.  And lastly, a map that is an inside joke about distance since they live on opposite sides of Manhattan.

Sunena was in complete shock when the tour guide lead her up to this spot and Bharat popped the question!  She said yes and the couple celebrated with sparkling wine from the vineyard.

We are so very honored to have been a part of their special day. If you want to get started planning a dream proposal for your partner but don’t know where to start, contact The Heart Bandits today.  Or maybe you are just busy and need a professional to handle all of the phone calls and planning for you.  We have you covered.  Don’t forget to buy your flat engagement ring box so that your proposal isn’t detected before you are ready. Get one at

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photography: Krista Patton Photography

Flowers: Yardley Florist

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Why You SHOULD Propose on Valentine’s Day

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Every year I get interviewed by a media outlet asking my opinion on if people should propose on Valentine’s Day.  Today I am going to talk about some of the reasons I think you SHOULD propose on this holiday.  Tomorrow I will go over the reasons I don’t think you should propose on this holiday.  After reading both articles, you can decide what the best answer is for you.  Here are the top 3 reasons you should propose on Valentine’s Day:

Perfect Cover

One of the hardest parts of proposal planning and execution is keeping it all a surprise.  Often times keeping to a strict schedule, planning an elaborate evening, or even nervous behavior can give away that something big is about to happen, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect cover!  All of those clues that may give away the proposal plans can easily be chalked up to a well thought out Valentine’s Day while the actual surprise stays a secret.

Love is in the Air

Setting the mood for your proposal can be half the challenge, and while dim lights, decorations, and music help, nothing beats the romantic feelings Valentine’s Day already creates.  Call it cheesy, but there is no denying that a well planned Valentine’s Day will make anybody feel special.

Never Forget Your Proposal Anniversary

Is a proposal anniversary such a thing?  YES!  Mine is April 24th.  And if you have trouble remembering dates, then proposing on Valentine’s Day will be a great help to you. 


The Heart Bandits can assist with all of your Valentine’s Day proposal planning, ensuring your proposal is special and remains a memory for a lifetime.  Contact us to get started creating the perfect proposal idea and then let us bring that vision to life with our network and expertise.  You may not need to keep Valentine’s Day plans a secret, but that doesn’t mean  you want to spoil the proposal surprise with a bulky ring box in your pocket!  Buy a super-slim engagement ring box at

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