How to Propose With Your Family’s Heirloom Engagement Ring

Happy couple on romantic lake

If you want to incorporate your family history into your marriage, heirloom engagement rings can be the perfect place to start! Especially if your girlfriend loves antique jewelry, this can be a wonderful way to give her a ring that’s authentic and one-of-a-kind.

Heirloom rings can also help you save money since you won’t be shelling out money for a new diamond. Ultimately, if family is the guiding force behind your marriage and you have a ring that has sentimental value over multiple generations, why not make it a part of your marriage?

To create a magical proposal, try some of these best practices for proposing with your heirloom engagement ring.

Honoring the Sentimental Value

In many cases, heirloom engagement rings don’t come from immediate family members. They may be from an aunt or a distant cousin, and sometimes, they might not be a traditional wedding ring–they could be a promise ring, a brooch, or a coveted gem. Start by planning an honest discussion with the giver of the ring to get their blessing and make sure they’re willing to share the jewelry with your future partner.

If you think your girlfriend might want to make changes to the ring–such as adding small diamonds around the center stone or altering the ring to match her future wedding band–be sure to mention it when you’re talking to the giver of the ring. Certain family members might be opposed to alterations, while others might be completely open to it. No matter what, it’s important to respect your family’s opinions when proposing with an heirloom ring.

Choosing the Heirloom

If you have heirloom rings on both sides of your family, you’ll have to determine if one has more sentimental value than the other. If one has been passed down over five generations, but the other is from a distant cousin, the ring with the deepest history might be the most meaningful choice.

Also consider the people closest to your partner. Does one of your family’s heirloom rings belong to a deceased family member who made a major impact on your partner’s life? Proposing with this type of ring can be an emotional way to pay tribute to your loved one.

While sentimentality is one of the most important parts of your proposal, your bride’s style is important, too. Pay attention to conversations that happen among family members. You may find that your girlfriend frequently gushes over one of her grandmother’s rings or asks to try it on. At the end of the day, you want to make sure the ring has personal meaning to her.

The Next Steps

As you prepare to propose with your family’s heirloom ring, consider investing in a continued service plan so you can protect the antique for generations to come.

The Hearts Bandits can also help take care of the details of your proposal, making it sentimental and personalized for both of you. Don’t forget to think about how you’ll protect and store the ring–Ring Stash makes compact engagement ring boxes that are perfect for protecting heirloom rings!

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Charming San Francisco Marriage Proposal

Romantic San Francisco marriage proposal

I am obsessed with this adorable and charming San Francisco marriage proposal!  In college when Dongjin was homesick his girlfriend would always say to him, “Home is wherever we are together.” During the times when he needed comfort the most, she would tell him that sweet message and that is when he knew she was the one. For the proposal, we came up with the idea to have that message written on a banner draped with garland and framed by her favorite colored flowers.

Waiting to propose marriageBeautiful flower closeupUnique proposal idea with photos in jarsUnique marriage proposal idea

Dongjin nervously waited as her friends brought Simeng to where he was waiting in a suit to surprise her.  Looking mighty dapper I might add!  Simeng was completely shocked when she saw him in the suit and as he walked her down her favorite colored rose petal aisle.  They passed by shepherd hooks which held pictures of them in jars so they could reminisce on their memories.  A violinist played romantic music as Dongjin dropped to his knee to propose.  Simeng said “YES!!”

Emotional marriage proposal momentSweet marriage proposalOn bended knee

Do you want to give your partner the marriage proposal they always dreamed of?  If so, the hire a professional!  The Heart Bandits have been in business for 8 years and planned over 2,000 proposals.  We can certainly create an amazing moment for you and your partner. Contact us today!

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Happy couple after engagementEngagement idea

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photographer: Bryan Tan

Flowers: Plumweed

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Do’s and Don’ts of Proposing on Mother’s Day

Happy couple on beach with child

Are you considering proposing on Mother’s Day? While holidays are a big no-no for many couples, others have a significant connection to Mother’s Day. To determine it’s the ideal date for your marriage proposal, follow some of our do’s and don’ts.

Do incorporate your children (if you have them). For many families, Mother’s Day is already filled with homemade gifts, breakfast in bed, flowers and brunch. If your kids are planning a surprise for your partner, why not incorporate your marriage proposal to make the day extra special? If your kids are older and you can trust them to keep a secret, consider letting them in on your plans and make it a family affair.

Don’t take the limelight away from someone else. If you plan to celebrate your engagement with friends and family on Mother’s Day, you may risk stealing the show from other mothers in your family. Many women won’t feel slighted, but ultimately, think about your family and their emotions. If you decide it will cause a problem, consider planning your proposal in a more intimate setting so you can focus on what matters most: your love!

Do get creative. Whether you have kids or not, there are creative ways to incorporate Mother’s Day into your proposal. For example, if you have a pet, you could include them in the proposal with a bandana that says “Happy Mother’s Day–Will you marry my dad?” If your partner is pregnant, why not give her a small gift from your future child followed by a ring? With creativity, you can make it a sentimental day she’ll never forget.  

Don’t overshadow another surprise. If you have kids who are planning a long list of Mother’s Day activities, or your partner is busy planning a surprise brunch for her mother, it might be overwhelming to add a proposal to the day, too. Wait until you have her undivided attention so the moment isn’t overshadowed by any other celebration.

Do make it personal to you. If you live on the opposite side of the country from your family and plan to spend the day with your significant other, your proposal can easily be front and center. If you want to propose at a restaurant, just make sure you make reservations early and request a secluded table. And when the time comes for her to FaceTime her family with the good news, her mother will have the most exciting Mother’s Day gift!

Proposing on a holiday like Mother’s Day isn’t ideal for some couples, but for others, it might lead to a sentimental moment that’s rooted in family and everlasting love. No matter what you decide, let The Heart Bandits help you plan your romantic wedding proposal. We’ll take care of the details and make sure your engagement is personalized and stress-free.

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Elegant New York City Marriage Proposal

Surprise marriage proposal

Brunno contacted The Heart Bandits because he and his girlfriend were going to visit New York City from Brazil for their very first time.  He wanted to give her a VIP marriage proposal that she never saw coming.  The night she checked in to her hotel, we called Diana pretending to be part of the Marketing team at her hotel.  We notified her that she had been entered in to a raffle and she won! We let her know that on Monday, a limo would pick her and Brunno up and take them to one of the most prestigious restaurants in Manhattan where they would enjoy a private dinner!  She was so beyond excited.

We rented out an exquisite private room at a well-known restaurant and decorated it with her favorite flowers, candles, and photos of the two of them.

Romantic table for proposalNew York elegant table for engagement proposalBeautiful and elegant table

When Diana walked in the room, she immediately knew this was a ruse and all created just for her.

Getting ready for marriage proposalMarriage proposal surpriseProposal celebration

Brunno didn’t drop to his knee, but he definitely proposed and she certainly said YES!!! After the proposal, a private chef came in to introduce himself and explain the custom meal he created just for them.  We are so honored to have been a part of this couple’s magical day.  If you want to plan the perfect marriage proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We are known around the world for our high-end proposal planning style and we would love to work with you next.

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Happy moment during wedding proposalHappy couple after engagementCouple kissing after unique proposal idea

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photography: Petronella Photography


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The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

Ways to clean your engagement ring

Diamonds are forever but only when well-kept. Otherwise, it’s just another stone. Your fiancé put a lot of thought, effort and hard-earned money into that symbol of love. Knowing what and what not to do when cleaning will allow you to love in return.

Do: Use a simple cleaning solution of warm water and soap.

Good thing for us this treasure made of precious metal and stone doesn’t need frequent high-end maintenance. It’s easily done in the comfort of home and can be done often to preserve its luster, which is required if you have an active lifestyle. Use a new, very soft toothbrush to brush it gently.  Avoid doing it in public areas, even simply taking it off. You could easily forget it or misplace it then lose it. Even if it’s covered by insurance, we know the ring is worth than what you paid for because it symbolizes love and hope for a shared future.

Don’t: Use harsh chemicals and commercial metal cleaners.

It might be tempting just to make sure it’s clean, particularly if you wear it everyday and go everywhere with it, but avoid these items. They’re harmful and they hasten the wear-and-tear of the ring, causing it to lose its shine. A few drops of soap mixed in water are enough to sanitize it while preserving the ring’s beauty.

Do: Dry your ring with soft, cotton, lint-free cloth.

Just like when brushing it with the toothbrush, rub it with care, especially the shank. The shank is the bottom portion where the finger sits and is usually the first area to break. Also be gentle around the setting or where the diamond sits to avoid accidentally removing it from its place. When cleaning, be sure to cover the drain.

Don’t: Use paper towels.

Paper towels can be abrasive and scratch the metal. The older your ring is, the gentler you should be with it. Take note if you’re using an antique or heirloom. After wiping your ring, don’t worry if it’s still not completely dry. Simply leave it for 15 to 30 minutes to get rid of any moisture left.

Do: Have it professionally cleaned once a year.

It should be deep-cleaned annually to keep it looking new like how regular maintenance keeps a car in satisfactory working condition longer. There are home ultrasonic machines sold in the market but if a ring’s metal has been weakened, likely the shank, or was crafted poorly, the vibrations of the machine could cause the stone to loosen. Bring to it to the professionals to have it properly assessed and treated. It’s usually a free service included in the lifetime guarantee. Even affordable diamond rings deserve the right care.

Don’t: Put it through unnecessary damage.

A diamond is the toughest stone in the world and only a diamond can scratch another. However, this precious jewel would quickly lose its clarity when exposed to damaging chemicals and other similar items. Its sparkle is what gives the stone its value. Also, the shine of the ring’s band and its setting adds to the beauty of the ring. Avoid scratching the metal on surfaces to maintain the engagement jewelry its appeal. Bottomline, take good care of your engagement ring.

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How to Take the Best Engagement Ring Selfie

Engagement ring on and at table

You may be thinking about planning a romantic marriage proposal, but she may be dreaming about the moment she can post her engagement ring selfie on social media. If you’d like to do some pre-planning to make sure you capture the perfect selfie, try some of these tips!


To take the perfect engagement ring selfie, the number one trick is natural lighting. For a warm, bright hue, it’s best to take the picture near a window or outside. The brighter, the better! Standing under artificial light or in a dimly lit room won’t bring out the natural sparkle in your ring—and we know you want to show off every detail!

The background of your photo will also make a difference. If you’re outdoorsy, make sure there are some trees or flowers in the background to add some color. For the artists, try taking a picture in front of a patterned throw pillow or abstract painting for an energetic vibe. With the perfect lighting and background, your followers won’t be able to stop themselves from zooming in.


Depending on the style of your engagement ring, you’ll want to highlight different characteristics in your selfie. You can highlight the setting of your ring by taking the picture at a slight angle. If you’re in love with the shape of your diamond, take an overhead shot.

And don’t forget about your nails! If you don’t have time to get a manicure, swipe on a neutral color for a simple, sophisticated look. You can also avoid capturing any awkward hairs or spots on your hand by tilting your camera slightly instead of taking the photo straight on.


Instead of taking a picture of only your hand, boost your selfie game by adding some timeless romance to the picture. Gently place your hand on your partner’s arm or lace your fingers loosely together, and let the diamond do its magic!

You can also get creative and add a message to your picture. If he proposed at the beach, try writing “we’re getting married!” in the sand and include it as the backdrop. If you got engaged in the woods, carve your initials in a tree and hold your hand in front of it. These are great ways to make your selfie original and authentic!

If you’re still planning your dream proposal, but you know she’s already daydreaming about her engagement ring selfie, get started with The Heart Bandits. We can take care of the details and make your proposal truly special.

To keep the ring hidden and protected, Ring Stash offers thin engagement ring boxes. Check them out!

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Las Vegas Proposal for High School Sweethearts

unique proposal idea in Las Vegas

This is one of my favorite Las Vegas marriage proposals of all time.  Andrew contacted The Heart Bandits because he was coming to visit Las Vegas from Canada and he wanted to plan the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Courtney.  Andrew and Courtney are high school sweethearts and so much of their journey took place in the halls of school near her locker… hence the theme for this marriage proposal.

They met in the 9th grade during Math class and he instantly knew she was special.  They shared their very first kiss in front of her school locker.  And one of Courtney’s most treasured memories of Andrew was when he left roses and a handwritten note inside her locker while he was away in Europe.  We knew that we had to incorporate a locker, a handwritten note, and roses into the proposal.  We just needed a gorgeous location to do it so we chose a stunning gazebo which boasted views of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris casino.

Andrew and Courtney “stumbled upon the gazebo” while walking along the strip and Courtney couldn’t believe what she saw!

Rose petal path for romantic marriage proposalcreative las vegas marriage proposalLas Vegas marriage proposal

A locker surrounded by rose petals with their name on it?  How did he arrange this from Canada?  She was just beside herself.  She opened the locker and got so emotional when she saw the roses and a handwritten letter from Andrew asking her that special question.

Romantic not on marriage proposal ideaEngagement storyUnique marriage proposal in Las VegasBest marriage proposal idea!Happy proposal

Courtney said yes!! We are so honored to have been a part of such a special moment.  If you want to get started planning your perfect marriage proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We can take your proposal to a whole other level.

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Rose petal shower

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photography: M Place Productions

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Should You Surprise Her With a Wedding?

Surprise wedding after a marriage proposal

I know–sounds crazy, right?

But there are plenty of men who have pulled off a surprise wedding (The Heart Bandits has actually helped plan a few of them!) A lot of times, men will consider proposing one day and surprising her with a wedding the next day. Although, if you’re feeling especially spontaneous, you can even consider planning a surprise wedding the same day as the proposal.

Ultimately, the decision to plan a surprise wedding isn’t an easy one. It’s important to fully understand your partner and her dreams for a wedding. So how do you know for sure if this is something you should pursue? Start with this checklist — and if you come to the conclusion that a surprise wedding is the best option, our friends at Pop the Knot specialize in quick, pop-up weddings that are truly stress-free!

Does she hate planning? If she frequently complains about planning and would rather be alone than coordinate plans with her friends, a surprise wedding could be an exciting and relieving experience for her! By taking care of the details and logistics for her, she’ll be able to enjoy the day without being overwhelmed.

Does she have a laid-back sense of style? While many women say they hate planning, deep down many of them still enjoy having control over their plans. Think about how your girlfriend reacts to various situations, including her style. Does she refuse to let anyone else make decisions about what she wears? Is she picky about how things look?

If you’re nodding your head to any of these statements, it sounds like she still pays attention to the details — in her own way. Deep down, she may dream of a wedding with certain colors and decorations even if she despises planning. Don’t take that away from her if you realize it’s important to her.  

Do you usually plan date nights? If you’re used to creating romantic moments and planning creative dates, planning a wedding might be a great option for you. Think back to every date night or getaway you’ve planned. Has she raved about your taste and how you knew exactly what would make her happy? If she’s confident in your charm, and you’re confident in how well you know her, a surprise wedding might be fun for both of you.

Is she the life of the party? Some women, especially introverts, need some mental preparation before their wedding. Since it typically involves talking to a large group of friends and family, the attention is on both of you. If your girlfriend is the life of the party and thrives in this kind of setting, she may be thrilled to find out you surprised her with a wedding. However, if large groups exhaust her and she tends to stand in the back of a crowd, a surprise wedding may be too much for her to process.

Has she joked about eloping? If she’s joked about eloping because she gets stressed at the thought of planning a wedding, a surprise wedding could be a breath of fresh air. Before you make your decision, though, think back to her reactions if you’ve ever planned a surprise party or hosted a gathering at your house. If she prefers for you to be in the driver’s seat for all of these events, coordinating a wedding might not be a big deal for her.

Whether you decide to plan a marriage proposal or a surprise wedding, The Heart Bandits has the experience and know-how to make your day romantic and personalized. Contact us today!

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How to Plan a Geocaching Proposal

Creatie geocaching marriage proposal idea

Do you love the outdoors and want to come up with a creative marriage proposal? Consider geocaching! The ultimate treasure hunt, geocaching is a fun way to explore the outdoors and work together to find hidden caches using GPS coordinates. Some are hidden in trees, underground, or in clever objects that blend in with your surroundings.

If the two of you enjoy geocaching, you can transform your favorite hobby into her dream proposal! Start with these few steps.

Get Creative With the Name

Every geocache has a name, and most of the time, they’re witty and creative. When you download a geocaching app and search for nearby caches, you can get an idea of names that are already in use.

When you create a cache as part of your proposal, consider connecting it to your engagement. You could do something as simple as “Marry Me?” or something more subtle such as your favorite song, the day of your first date, or your nicknames for each other.  

Find a Scenic Spot

One of the most important parts of creating your geocache is finding a spot to hide it. For your proposal, try to find a scenic, intimate location–a cliff overlooking the beach, a bench in a garden full of colorful flowers, or a tree-lined trail beside the lake. You can even add extra romantic touches by carving your initials in a tree, or dropping rose petals along the path.

You or the Ring?

Once you find the spot to hide your cache, determine whether the GPS coordinates will lead to you or the ring. If you have other friends who enjoy geocaching, you could ask them to walk with your girlfriend while you wait at the coordinates for her to find you.

You can also consider hiding the ring in your cache a couple hours before you propose, so the two of you can look for it together. Make sure you hide it somewhere with little to no foot traffic, and don’t make the cache public for other geocachers until after she finds it.

Create Memories

Once the proposal is over, why not make the cache public? Add a log to the cache–a piece of paper for people to sign when they find it–and include your love story. You’ll be able to see who finds your cache over time, which is a sentimental way to celebrate your marriage with the world. It could also turn into a romantic anniversary tradition!

Ready to get started? The Heart Bandits can help you plan the details so your marriage proposal goes off without a hitch! We also recommend this skinny engagement ring box from Ring Stash for your geocaching proposal–it’ll help keep it hidden and safe no matter where you hide it!

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Proposal 101: Should You Get Down on One Knee?


Getting down on one knee for proposal

Photo by Petronella Photography

Years ago, the act of getting down on one knee was one of the most recognizable gestures during a marriage proposal. But millennials are becoming less traditional when it comes to engagements–there are no longer so many hard-and-fast rules for proposing.

From a religious standpoint, kneeling is often a sign of spirituality and respect. Traditionally, knights also recognize keeling as a symbol of royalty and honor. While marriage proposals aren’t always based on religion or royalty, the idea of respecting and honoring the person before you sends a romantic message during your proposal. On the other hand, there are ways to show your commitment and respect for your partner without getting down on one knee.

Ultimately, the decision is rooted in your personality and how you want to express your love.

Traditional and Charming

When a man gets down on one knee, many women feel like he is offering himself to her wholeheartedly. By kneeling in front of her, you can show her how much you value tradition and how serious you are about spending your life with her.

As a couple, if you’re both classic romantics who believe in sticking to the traditions that work, getting down on one knee is a sentimental way to express your heartfelt emotions.

Modern and Out-of-the-Box

Are you a modern couple who escapes the norm and enjoys starting your own traditions? If you’re a creative thinker and like coming up with out-of-the-box ways to display your affection, you may find your proposal is complete without the traditional act of kneeling.

Whether you want to propose on a hot air balloon or plan a scavenger hunt across the entire city, your engagement should be just as lively and spontaneous as you are. No matter how traditional or contemporary you want to make your marriage proposal, The Heart Bandits can help you plan every detail.  

Don’t forget about how you’re going to safeguard the ring. A slim engagement ring box from Ring Stash will help you keep the surprise!

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