Infographic: What Women Want For Their Marriage Proposal

When it comes to the thorny issue of planning and executing the perfect wedding proposal, some ‘dos and don’ts are pretty obvious right off the bat.  Definitely do make sure you’ve got at least a few key basics (appropriate location, suitable mood, the ring) down in advance, for example.  Definitely don’t do it via an emoji-laden text message at 4am.  That sort of thing.

A few of the finer details, though, are definitely worthy of rather more detailed consideration.  Putting some real thought into the kind of setting and style your partner will actually appreciate sounds like a no-brainer – and, frankly, it should be – but even with the best intentions, it’s all too easy to drop the ball if you don’t do the groundwork to ensure you’re fully on top of your proposal game.

There’s a lot to think about: location, timing, weather conditions…heck, even the ethical pedigree of the ring you plan to whip out could be a deal-breaker for some.  Thankfully, this new Ingle & Rhode infographic, based on data drawn from a survey of 1000 UK spouses-to-be, should help navigate the pitfalls that so many before you have needlessly hurled themselves into.

Ready to get started planning your marriage proposal?  Contact The Heart Bandits today.  We have planned more than 2,000 proposals and we can certainly work with you to create the best possible proposal for your situation and your budget.  Don’t forget to think about how you will hide the engagement ring on the day of.  The boxes that come for free with the ring are HUGE and impossible to hide on your person.  Check out the easy to hide engagement ring box at

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Tips for the Best Proposal Photographs

Congratulations for being a such a gentleman and not only planning your proposal but getting a professional photographer to capture the moments!  I propose you that she or he will LOVE you for it.  So you’ve booked your proposal with our amazing proposal planning team: The Heart Bandits, so that’s one less thing on your mind & no need to worry about logistics.

So now, how do you make sure you both look good & that special cue “The Titanic” music WOW moment is beautifully captured and you have something lovely to share with your friends & family?  We interviewed one of our favorite photographers Petronella from Petronella Photography about some of the best tips for making sure you have the best proposal photos.  Check out the following tips:

  1. Make sure her hair & nails are done well.  She’ll be embarrassed if her nails look bad & won’t want to take photos.
  2. For the best lighting, find out when the sun will be setting and plan to arrive & propose 45min -1hr BEFORE the sun goes down.  You’ll get the best sunset photos and take advantage of golden hour lighting.
  3. BUT if you decide to propose outside at night when it’s dark, make sure both your outfits are in a color that’ll stand out against the night sky
  4. If you’re proposing in winter when most people wear black coats, if possible, make sure both your coats are in a color that’ll stand out against the crowd, especially in a crowded area.  You can ask her or him to wear your favorite beige or red coat.
  5. Take your time going down and staying down on one knee, so her reaction is perfectly captured and nothing is blocked.
  6. Have a good reason for why she needs to be at a certain place at a certain time (eg: restaurant reservation or meeting friends).  Lighting can dramatically affect how well the proposal photos turn out.
  7. Take a moment after she’s had a chance to listen to what you’ve said & fully absorb what’s happening to slowly & carefully place the ring on her finger.
  8. If you’ll have family & friends at the proposal, ask them to stand back a bit and be careful not to block the camera or video team, so the BIG moment is perfectly captured

There you have it!  Proposal tips from an actual photographer who takes proposal photos day in and day out.  Follow these proposal tips and your pictures will be as amazing as the moment is.  One last tip from us, don’t hide your engagement ring in your sock or even worse, your underwear (yes we have actually had someone do it).  Buy an easy to conceal engagement ring box from and you won’t have to worry about hiding that bulky ring box.

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National Park Proposal Ideas

Photo Courtesy of Visit Maine

There is something about the serenity and landscape of nature that produces a romantic setting that can’t be beat.  Some of most beautiful natural landscapes are within our National Parks, which is why we put together a list of some of our favorites places to propose:

Glacier National Park

If you think being bundled up by a fire screams perfect proposal like we do, Glacier National Park in the winter is the place for you.  With snow covered peaks it gives the feel of a true winter wonderland.  Located in Northern Montana, this national park is gorgeous in the summer as well, and with picturesque views at every turn, stunning lakes, and over 700 miles of trails, it makes an amazing proposal venue.

Bryce Canyon National Park

One of the many national parks in Utah, it is a beautiful hiking destination during the summer with countless trails both above and through the crimson rock formations.  In the winter, snow highlights the natural beauty even more and provides a gorgeous setting for winter sports such as cross country skiing.  A proposal surrounded by these fiery-red rock pillars in any season would be truly unforgettable.

Grand Canyon National Park

This is one of the most celebrated monuments in the country, and would make a stunning location for a proposal.  From hiking around the rim, getting an aerial view via helicopter, or whitewater rafting down the Colorado river, there are so many amazing proposal ideas in this Arizona National Park that you’ll have a hard time deciding on the perfect one.

Acadia National Park

This park, located in Maine, has a completely different look and feel than the previous we’ve shared.  With a strong coastal feel, the landscape highlights rocky beaches, lots of wildflowers, and beautiful east coast greenery, making it an impressive location for any proposal.

Yosemite National Park

With 1,200 miles of countless cascading waterfalls, giant sequoia trees, and gorgeous granite peaks, Yosemite gives the perfect dreamy surroundings to set the mood for a memorable proposal.

If you’re looking for a venue that can’t be topped, you just can’t beat mother nature.  Let the Heart Bandits help you plan the perfect proposal idea that involves nature.  No matter the park you choose, we have the experience and expertise to ensure it goes just as you imagined.

Don’t risk spoiling the surprise or losing the ring while you’re out experiencing mother nature!  Check out the super-slim engagement ring box at to keep the ring safe and a surprise until it’s time for the big reveal! 

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New York Winter Themed Proposal

Josh and Cara were planning their trip to New York from Australia for their Christmas break.  Josh contacted The Heart Bandits because he felt that the upcoming trip was the perfect time for him to propose.  He mentioned that Cara LOVES New York and kept telling him that she really hoped it would be snowing when they visited.  It was then that Josh and I decided, if Cara wanted snow, we were going to give her snow!

Fast forward to Christmas Break, Josh and Cara arrived in New York.  On the proposal night, he told Cara get ready for a nice dinner.  Instead, he took her to a Penthouse and when she walked in, she was blown away!  Snow was everywhere in this beautiful winter themed marriage proposal.  A snow-filled aisle lined with warm winter lanterns lead to a table for two where their pictures were displayed.  A gorgeous white orchid centerpiece (her favorite flower) decorated the table.  The table was flanked with winter white trees and hanging candles.

A violinist played “Thousand Years,” as Josh walked her down the aisle to propose.  She said yes, and I have to say, her smile is just infectious!

After the proposal, the couple enjoyed a mini-photo shoot and a private dinner for two.  What did Josh have to say about working with The Heart Bandits?  “I would like to thank you for everything.  You did a great job organizing everything and it went off without a hitch…the setup was amazing! Both the photographer and violinist were awesome. We had a great night!”

If you want to get started planning your amazing marriage proposal, contact New York Proposal Planner The Heart Bandits today.  Don’t forget to think about what you will wear that day and how you will hide the ENORMOUS ring box that comes standard with engagement rings.  Consider a flat engagement ring box from

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photography: By Petronella Photography

Decor: Martin Jobes Design



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We could all use a good laugh these days right?  Thanks to the trending hashtag #BadProposalLocations, we have gathered a list of terrible (and rather hilarious) proposal locations you should avoid:

We agree.  You should avoid presenting an engagement ring alongside a combo meal of any kind.

Showing the grandkids the Jerry Springer clip of your forced proposal will probably not be your proudest memory to share.

Aside from being completely unsafe and illegal, I bet the excessive honking and cars whipping by really set the mood.  Don’t be THAT GUY.

As was my advice about Combo Meals, same goes with buffets.  We know Vegas is known for eloping AND buffets, but unlike you and your partner, they are not meant for each other.

If you’re looking to spend your “honeymoon” with a stranger in a concrete cell, this is actually a great idea.

Well, this is a good way to find out if someone is a quick decision maker, if nothing else.

This poor guy should have hired The Heart Bandits!  We have experience in not only coming up with the perfect setting for you to pop the question, the best proposal idea, and we take care of all the specifics as well to ensure you’re not swept out to sea.  Contact us today.

Even if you end up at a buffet or in the middle of the freeway (please don’t), don’t let that ring box bulge in your pocket ruin the surprise!  Buy the only easy-to-hide ring box at before the big day.

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4 Pro-Tips to Announcing Your Engagement on Social Media

Photo by I Am NYC

Social media has revolutionized how we communicate with people around us, so it’s no surprise that a lot of couples are using it to announce their engagement or marriage.  But while it’s a great way to let people in on your new status as part of an engaged couple, it’s also very easy to use incorrectly.  Avoid offending your followers or IRL (in real life) friends with these simple pro-tips:

Tell your parents or closest family first

These are the people who are closest to you so, of course, they should be told about the new status in your relationship first.  And while social media does make communication easy, it’s better that the people who are important to the both of you gets to hear about your engagement the old-fashioned way, before everyone else does.  That means actually going to your parents’ houses in person to deliver the good news, or if the distance is too wide, a phone call would suffice.  Don’t let them hear about it from another person lest you’re prepared to handle issues with your parents!

Don’t invite your entire social network to the wedding

Unless you really do intend to invite everyone in your social network to your wedding, be very careful on how you phrase your announcement.  Avoid saying things like, “Wedding invites to be sent out very soon, everyone!” on a public post that can be seen by your friends and your friends’ friends, and, well you get the picture.  Your bank account would be very happy if you avoid inviting absolutely everyone to your wedding.

Get creative with how you phrase it

Now this is the fun part.  Snap a fun photo, and use your captions to show just how ecstatic you are.  You have a free rein on creativity when you are posting on your social media account, so don’t limit yourselves to boring announcements that merely state how you’re now an engaged person.  Be creative with how you phrase your words. Wordplay will always be a good idea, and makes the whole post feel more personal and happy both for you and the people who come across it.  Include hashtags if you’ve already thought of one, it would make tracking all your posts easier!

Acknowledge and appreciate well wishes

Your engagement post would most likely get more responses and likes than what you usually post.  It can be overwhelming, but don’t forget to take the time to acknowledge well-wishes.  Whether or not the well-wisher is being genuine in his or her congratulations, they still took the time to wish you well on this new chapter of your life.  Gratitude looks good on anyone, and can make any newly-engaged couple look even more radiant.

Posting about your engagement on social media is not without risks, but with these simple tips, you can enjoy the whole process more.   Unleash your creativity while staying true to your personality and you’ll be sure to have fun and garner great feedback from your social network!

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30 Piece Orchestra and Dancing Flash Mob!!

This is one of the most fun proposals we planned all last summer!  Bill contacted us with a VERY specific vision in mind.  He just needed our help executing it because he lives in China.  His girlfriend was going to be visiting Las Vegas and she had no idea that Bill planned to fly out and surprise her with an epic flash mob proposal!  Tina had made the comment to Bill that she knew he was going to propose in a traditional way, perhaps over a dinner in China.  So Bill wanted to shock her and do something big.  His vision was for a 30 piece orchestra and 8 dancers to storm Fremont Street in Las Vegas to the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.”

After months of planning, going back and forth with Bill’s translator, hundreds of whatsapp messages, meetings with vendors and rehearsals, we pulled off the most exciting Flash Mob ever seen.  Tina’s friend brought her to Fremont Street where there was a lone saxophonist in the middle of the plaza. Her friend nudged her to put a tip in the saxophonist’s case which triggered the saxophonist to play the intro to that song.  Suddenly one by one, more and more musicians joined the saxophonist and by the time the famous “I Love You Baby” chorus came on, 30 musicians had joined together to play for her.  Next, 8 dancers came in Flash Mob style and did flips and tricks.

Last, but certainly not least, Bill joined the dancers and performed (like a rockstar I might add) the routine he had been practicing for weeks via a Youtube video.  He totally nailed it and at the end of the routine, with crowds of over a hundred people watching, Bill yelled out, “Tina, Would You Marry Me?”  She said yes and the crowd cheered.

We wish Bill and Tina a lifetime of happiness.  If you want to plan an epic marriage proposal, The Heart Bandits are right for you.  If you have an out of this world idea, let us bring it to life for you.  If you don’t have that creative proposal idea yet, we will work with you to create it.  The possibilities are endless, contact us today.

If you are going to pull off a surprise proposal, make sure to consider how you will keep the ring hidden on the day you propose.  Check out the flat engagement ring box at

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Video: M Place Productions

Venue: Fremont Street

Orchestra:Las Vegas Young Artists Orchestra

Choreographer: Sam Allen

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How To Enhance Your Marriage Proposal

You probably read this title and thought, “Geez, I need to get a ring, come up with a proposal idea, and now enhance my proposal?”  Well no, you don’t have to enhance your proposal, but here are just a few ideas in case you want to:

A Journal

I got so excited when this Bride To Be Book showed up on my Instagram feed.  There are a million journals your partner can get to document her journey planning her wedding.  But I never saw one that included the proposal itself!  Here she gets to write about her proposal, the ring, and all the way up to the wedding.   Imagine surprising your new fiancé with this book right after she says yes!  Get your’s here.

Show it Off

Aside from the sparkly addition to her left ring finger, why not let her show off her new status with a cute shirt or snuggly sweatshirt?  These Fiancé sweatshirts (a play on Beyonce in case you didn’t know) seen here are all the trend and quite frankly, I want one!

Cool Ring Box

Disclaimer: I do own Ring Stash, the only patented thin engagement ring box in the US.  But hey, it is freaking awesome and would definitely add some pizzaz to your proposal.  My last client emailed me that his girlfriend loved Ring Stash as much as she loved the ring.  Consider giving her a cool ring box that not only will make her proposal stand out but she can keep to tote her ring around for a lifetime.  Get your’s here.

Engagement Props

Surprising her with some fun props for the engagement photos is another great little idea to take your proposal to the next level.  Grab this banner at Etsy here.

If you’re struggling with creativity on how to pop the question or can’t find quite the right way to make your proposal pop, The Heart Bandits are here to help!  We’re here to ensure your entire proposal will be unforgettable.  Contact us today.

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Big Sur Marriage Proposal

I get chills every time I think of this Big Sur marriage proposal.  Not just because it is so visually stunning, though it most certainly is.  But because this proposal was almost completely ruined due to the Soberanes Fire, the most expensive wildfire in US History.  Just days before Eli was scheduled to visit Big Sur and propose to Rikki, most places were still closed due to the evacuation that took place in multiple areas around Monterey County.  Luckily love prevailed and Rikki got the most gorgeous and personalized marriage proposal.

Eli met Rikki at Camp Timberlane in Ontario when they were just 12 years old.  They spent the next 9 summers there together and later went on to be camp counselor’s there.  It was clear that “Camp Timberlane” had to be the theme for their marriage proposal.  We had a sign created that was identical to the Welcome Sign at Camp Timberlane and we used that as the focal point for the proposal.  The balcony overlooks the cliffs and the Pacific Ocean which provided a dramatic backdrop for the proposal.  We surrounded the sign with ferns and other greenery and florals you would find in nature.  It turned out so beautiful and chic and Rikki couldn’t believe her eyes when she walked in.

If you want to give your partner a mind-blowing yet personalized proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today.  With over 2,000 proposals planned and counting, we can make sure your proposal is a success.  Here is what Eli said about our services, “Everything went perfectly last night! Rikki loved every detail especially the Camp Timberlane sign. I can’t thank you enough for the great job that you did organizing this. You were truly a pleasure to work with.

We make sure your proposal is prefect right down to the ring box you propose with.  Check out the flat engagement ring box at and keep your proposal concealed until you are ready to reveal it.

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Florist: Willow & Plum

Photographer: Hayley Anne Photography

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Diverse Marriage Proposals

Diversity is something to be proud of, and it is one of the great things about our beautiful nation.  With such division in the country right now and negativity in the air worldwide, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite romantic marriage proposals that highlight the love and diversity all around us.

Phil & Jeremy

In one of the sweetest and intimate proposals we’ve had the pleasure to plan, Phil proposed to Jeremy in their still-being-built home over a romantic tapas-style dinner.  Just the two of them, in the home they would soon build their life together in… it was the perfect setting to highlight this beautiful couple’s love.  Read about their proposal here.

Bryan & Marcella

A marriage proposal can be a great opportunity to highlight the respect you have for your significant other’s culture.  While some people stick to culturally traditional proposals, Bryan came to us because he wanted it to be modern yet highlight Marcella’s Columbian background.  A latino trio band and proposal written in Spanish did just that.  Read about their proposal here.

Brad & Saadiya

Another exciting multicultural proposal, Brad and The Heart Bandits arranged a Bhangra Dance Flash Mob on the beach for Saadiya following a super fun speedboat scavenger hunt.  This was an awesome proposal idea, if I do say so myself.  Read all about it here.

Grace & Hsiao-Chi

Grace hired us to create a beautiful winter wonderland to bring them back to when they first met.  This lovely couple had a great love story that was captured in even the little details of this proposal.  Read about it here.

Diversity in love and relationships is all around us and is something to be celebrated!  Whether you need assistance creating a truly traditional proposal, mixing culture with a modern proposal, or just want to tell the love story of your unique relationship, The Heart Bandits has the expertise and experience to help make the perfect moment for you and your partner.

Why have a unique marriage proposal and a boring, bulky engagement ring box?  Buy a sleek engagement ring box at to keep that present that ring in an equally awesome way.

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