5 Best Places for Romantic Indoor Proposals

Indoor proposal ideas

If you’re stuck inside because of the winter weather, you might be struggling to find creative ways to propose indoors. Whether she loves flowers, art, food, or wine, there are endless options when it comes to creating the perfect moment for your proposal!

The Heart Bandits has experience planning romantic indoor proposals in a variety of venues. Take a look at some of our favorite indoor proposal ideas!

Colorful Indoor Garden

If she loves warm weather and colorful flowers, an indoor botanical garden can be an enchanting place to plan a romantic proposal. Most botanical gardens feature different rooms, whether she likes tropical flowers or flowing greenery and cactus. This allows you to personalize the proposal based on her personality, and with the help of The Heart Bandits, you can make the proposal even more special by decorating the indoor garden with mementos and photos that represent your love.

Private Restaurant with a View

Do you want to “wow” her with a breathtaking proposal that puts her in the limelight? The Heart Bandits can help you plan an elegant indoor proposal at a private restaurant or rooftop bar. She’ll think she’s walking into a romantic restaurant, but to her surprise, she’ll walk into a private room filled with flowers, candles, a private orchestra, and romantic photos! This sets the stage for an intimate, personalized proposal she’ll remember forever.

Artsy Museum

Whether you love art and history, or are looking for a magical setting where the two of you can reflect on what’s important, an art museum is a romantic indoor setting for a marriage proposal. You can guide her through a personalized tour of your favorite exhibits or have The Heart Bandits work to secure a private room in the museum for just the two of you. No matter how you decide to propose, she’ll be impressed by the thought and sophistication you put into it.

Romantic Winery

Wineries are one of the most romantic places to propose, especially if you enjoy pairing local food and wine. The Heart Bandits have planned intimate proposals in Napa and other wine regions where you can have the tasting room to yourself and express the feelings that matter most. We’ll help you personalize the decor and create an environment that makes her swoon!

Your First Date

Want to recreate the magic of your first date? Whether that was the university where you first met or the coffee shop where you first wrote your number on her cup, we’ll help you plan a proposal that represents the cornerstones of your relationship. With her favorite flowers and bubbly champagne to celebrate, you don’t need to propose outside to make her feel special–we can help romanticize any room or venue for the perfect indoor proposal.

If you have an idea in mind and want to plan a proposal she’ll never forget, contact The Heart Bandits to get started. Don’t forget to consider how you’ll store your engagement ring–these thin engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash are discreet and protective!

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Blooming Love: How to Pick the Perfect Proposal Flower

Romantic proposals with flowers

Are you ready to propose but can’t decide how you want to pop the question? The Heart Bandits has experience planning breathtaking proposals in a variety of venues. Whether you want something public or private, indoors or outdoors, we can take care of the details so you can focus on what matters most: your love.

Flowers are one of the most romantic parts of a marriage proposal, and picking the right bloom depends on her personality and style. As you look for romantic proposal ideas and consider the flower that will make her swoon, check out a few popular choices.


If you want to wow her with luxury, an orchid is the best of the best. For the true romantic and the girl who knows what she wants, orchids are colorful and fragrant. If you include them in your marriage proposal, you’ll bring an air of femininity and timeless sophistication she can’t resist. The Heart Bandits can help you fill your proposal venue with elegant vases with long-stemmed orchids, or line your path with adorable potted flowers.


Hydrangeas are known for being versatile and strong–they come in various colors and are known for supporting more fragile flowers within a bouquet or arrangement. If she’s laidback and caring, but has a soft, romantic side, you can’t go wrong with a room filled with beautiful hydrangeas as you get down on one knee.


Does she have an infectious energy and joyful sense of optimism? Sunflowers are the perfect choice for the individuals with radiant personalities and positive outlooks! Whether you want to propose in a woodsy, outdoor setting, or you want to find a colorful proposal spot at a local botanical garden, The Heart Bandits can arrange stunning sunflowers and decor that represent the depth and beauty of your love.


Roses are a classic proposal flower, but you can’t ignore what works. Roses come in a wide range of colors, which is perfect for the girl who’s traditional with an edge. Elegant, lush, and alluring, roses demand attention and respect–just like her! As you get down on one knee and propose in a room filled with her favorite flower, she’ll be swooning before she even sees the ring.

Flower proposal ideas


If you’re looking for a sweet, luxurious flower, try peonies! These blooms are bright and vivid, and they’ll fill any venue with love and light. Whether you want to surprise her with a display of flowers, candles, and photos of you, or a colorful bouquet of peonies once she says “yes,” The Heart Bandits will take care of the details so you can focus on planning a romantic proposal.


If she loves the iris flower, she’s most likely a free-spirited, creative soul. She loves art and wants to feel treasured during her proposal. Irises can help you create a magical moment, but the true power is in your hands as you get down on one knee and profess your emotions.

As you begin to plan your proposal, The Heart Bandits can help you create the perfect moment that encompasses your unwavering love and her unique personality. Flowers are one of the best ways to capture your inspiring love story and make her feel special. Get started today!

Don’t forget to shop for a thin engagement ring box that will protect your ring and keep it hidden until you’re ready to get down on one knee. Ring Stash has a great selection!

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8 Most Romantic Destinations for 2018 Proposals

Most romantic cities for 2018 proposals

Are you ready to make the decision of a lifetime this year by planning a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal? 2018 is a year full of optimism and endless possibilities. Check out some of this year’s most romantic cities for creative proposal ideas!

Bright Lights and Cable Cars: San Francisco, California

Want to propose with one of the best views in the United States as your backdrop? The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most romantic proposal spots for tourists and locals alike. While you’re visiting San Francisco, enjoy the city’s laidback pace and rolling hills and take a ride on one of the iconic cable cars. San Francisco will leave you with memories and romance that will last a lifetime!

Heart and Soul: New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re looking for a city full of romance, hospitality, culture and cuisine, look no further than New Orleans! Known for its loud celebrations combined with more intimate, historic spots like the Garden District, you’ll be able to find the perfect place to pop the question–whether you want something more public or private!

Colorful Culture: San Antonio, Texas

Do you imagine yourself proposing with water rippling in the background? San Antonio’s River Walk will not only make her swoon, but you’re likely to find an exciting festival happening nearby in the city after she says “yes!” Full of culture and vibrancy, you won’t run out of ways to celebrate your engagement in San Antonio.

Mountain Air: Aspen, Colorado

For the adventure-lovers who crave the mountain air, escape from the bustle of some of the more crowded cities and plan your marriage proposal in Aspen, Colorado! With endless hiking opportunities, beautiful ski resorts, and breathtaking views of nature, Aspen is an ideal city for a peaceful proposal she’ll never forget.

Tropical Paradise: Oahu, Hawaii

If you want to enjoy a piece of paradise, why not propose on one of Hawaii’s largest islands? Oahu has some of the most colorful, sprawling beaches in North America and plenty of romantic resorts to plan the ultimate proposal getaway. There’s nothing more romantic than popping the question at sunset as the Hawaii waves crash softly behind you!

Quaint Cobblestone Streets: Boston, MA

For the go-getters and history buffs alike, Boston offers something for every couple. Whether you want to explore the quaint, cobblestone streets or enjoy some of the city’s freshly shucked oysters and lobster rolls, Boston is a lively city that also has a wonderful sense of intimacy. Propose on the dock overlooking the water, or visit one of the city’s many five-star restaurants!

Southern Charm: Savannah, Georgia

As one of the oldest cities in the nation, Savannah is alive with history, urban luxury, and picturesque streets. You’ll feel like you’re visiting a small town even when you’re in the heart of the city. When you propose in Savannah, the hopeless romantic in her won’t be able to stop herself from saying “yes!”

Breathtaking Waterfalls: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Do you love sightseeing and wine tasting? Niagara Falls is the perfect combination of high-class cuisine and low-key romance. Spend the day exploring the waterfalls and lake before visiting some of the wineries to make a toast to your newfound engagement!

If you’re planning a 2018 marriage proposal, The Heart Bandits has experience planning personalized proposals in cities across the nation. Pick the city that matches your vision, and we’ll help you plan the rest! Contact us today.

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Creating Magic with an Elegant Paris Marriage Proposal

Ricky and Joyce’s love story began at a friend’s wedding. After the night was over, a few months went by before they reunited again and began exploring New York City together and bonding over their mutual appreciation for music.

On their first date, Ricky made Joyce homemade macaroons and visited a cozy restaurant where they tied chopstick paper wrappers with their initials. Since then, they have traveled the world together, challenged each other, and enjoyed the calmness and excitement they feel when they’re together!


The Proposal

For their proposal, Ricky began brainstorming personalized marriage proposals that would allow him to create a moment Joyce would treasure forever–something intimate and private yet bold enough for her to know how much she meant to him. A family trip to Paris was the perfect opportunity for Ricky to express how he felt! He worked with The Heart Bandits to come up with the perfect Paris proposal idea that matched his vision.

Ricky and Joyce’s parents helped Joyce arrive at the colorful Paris garden where her soon-to-be fiance was waiting on the third floor. As Joyce walked through the garden, she felt a rush of intimacy and romance as she read a sign that said “Ricky and Joyce’s Love Story.”

As she walked through a breathtaking path of glittering lanterns and lush rose petals, she found a framed letter from Ricky filled with heartfelt words and beautiful photos from their relationship. Joyce continued along the path of rose petals and walked through a dreamy replica of Pixel Forest–an exhibit they viewed together at a museum and a great reminder of the memories they shared together.

With a violin playing in the background, Joyce made her way to Ricky who was waiting for her on the third floor surrounded by hundreds of soft, pink rose petals and luxurious candles. As Ricky got down on one knee and read a love letter he wrote for Joyce, she said “yes!” with tears in her eyes and the elegant Paris skyline in the background.


The Celebration

To celebrate their engagement, Ricky and Joyce joined their family and enjoyed bubbly champagne, a delectable macaroon tower, and once-in-a-lifetime views of the Eiffel Tower!

If you’re ready to plan an elegant marriage proposal in Paris, or another city across the globe, The Heart Bandits has experience working with skilled vendors and romantic venues. Get started today!

Ring Stash also offers flat engagement ring boxes that aren’t obtrusive and will keep your engagement secret until the moment you pop the question. Order yours today!

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits
Videographer: Zen Film Works
Decor: Rendez-vous in Paris

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How to Know if You’re Ready to Propose in 2018

How to know if you're ready to propose

As you say hello to 2018, are you wondering if this will be the year you get down on one knee and ask her to marry you? How do you know if you’re truly ready?

Self-reflection is key, and the most romantic marriage proposals are successful when they come straight from the heart. If you’re wondering whether it’s your time to propose, here are a few ways to tell if you’re ready to pop the question. And when you’re ready to start looking at proposal ideas, The Heart Bandits can help you create some magic!

You’ve talked about the future

The two of you might be planning exciting vacations and concerts for 2018, but how often have you talked about the next five or ten years? As your relationship grows, conversations about the future will start to feel more natural.

If you find that you’re both on the same page and want to be in each other’s lives for the short-term and the long-term, you’ll have a sense of confidence that can bloom into a romantic proposal.

The reasons to get engaged feel right

If you’ve been fighting non-stop and you’re wondering if a marriage proposal will help save your relationship, it might be helpful to take a step back and consider your reasons for proposing. If the ups and downs of your relationship feel overwhelming and you’re looking for a way to salvage what you once had, try starting a conversation to help you get on the same page. If you don’t take the time have an honest discussion, you might blindside her with a proposal–and even worse, she might not feel comfortable saying “yes.”

She gets along with your friends and family

In many cases, your friends and family might know you better than you know yourself. It’s important for your life partner to get along with the people who are most important to you. Not only will you be able to plan parties and gatherings without worrying about drama, but you won’t ever have to feel like you’re choosing between your wife and your friends. This is important if you want a life filled with happiness and love.

You understand each other’s goals–and you genuinely support them

You and your partner might have lofty goals for your lives, and that’s exciting! Just make sure you discuss your goals with one another and lay everything on the table. If you’d like to move across the country or take a job overseas, it’s important to make her aware of your ambitions before you propose. This can help lay the foundation for a trustworthy marriage and genuine support and appreciation for one another.

You’ve discussed finances

It’s okay if you want to leave some of your salary a mystery, but for the most part, the two of you should communicate about finances. You don’t want to leave her in the dark about credit card debt if you’re asking her to spend her life with you. After all, finances will come with you into your marriage–it’s helpful to be transparent about where you stand.

If you’re ready to plan a personalized proposal that brings your love story to life, The Heart Bandits can help you find a venue, decor, musicians, and more! Get started today.

Make sure you have a plan for hiding and protecting your engagement ring before you pop the question. These slim engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash are a great option!

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Top 4 Proposals for Musicians and Music Lovers

Proposal ideas for musicians

Whether you play an instrument, rock out as the lead singer of a band, or love to travel to different concerts, incorporating romantic music into your marriage proposal is one of the best ways to express your love.

The Heart Bandits has experience working with local musicians, bands and orchestras to help you plan the proposal of her dreams. Check out some of our favorite proposal ideas for musicians and music lovers!

Live Orchestra

If you want to plan a breathtaking proposal that makes her weak at the knees, you can’t go wrong with a live orchestra playing your favorite romantic song. For the true music lovers, this can be a swoon-worthy way to set the scene for your proposal.

The Heart Bandits can arrange colorful flowers, a montage of personal photos, and flickering candles throughout your venue–and when you arrive, the orchestra will start playing the song of your choice. All you have to do is pop the question!

Your Favorite Concert

Do you have a favorite music artist that you both enjoy? Or maybe it’s the singer who sings the song that played during your first date. No matter what concert you choose, make sure it has a romantic connection to your relationship. If you feel like splurging, try getting meet and greet passes or deluxe seats so you can propose in a way she’ll never forget.

Private Music Lessons

If she loves to sing, why not book private music lessons where she can learn more about the craft? The two of you can work with a local musician to take voice lessons together. This is the perfect time to ask her to marry you, especially if you feel confident enough to ask her through a romantic song like “Marry Me” or “All of Me.”

If you prefer to listen to music, try taking a songwriting class together. This can lead to a creative proposal where you’ll write a song and profess your feelings before getting down on one knee!

Intimate Concert with a Local Musician

For a simplistic, but romantic, proposal, The Heart Bandits can help you find the perfect venue that matches your personality–whether you want a rooftop with glittering views of the city skyline, a cozy coffee shop or a five-star restaurant. Once you’re at the venue, we can arrange for a local musician to appear and play an intimate concert for just the two of you. When the moment feels right, ask her to spend her life with you!

Are you ready to incorporate music into your marriage proposal? Contact The Heart Bandits, and start planning a proposal that symbolizes your love and expresses the music you feel in your soul.

If you want to protect your ring and keep it hidden until the moment you pop the question, take a look at these thin engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash.

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A magical setting — 5 perfect spots in Europe to propose this Christmas


A 2016 survey with 10,000 respondents revealed that Christmas Eve was the best day of the year to propose. Some of the reasons for this included ‘magical’, ‘memorable’ and because it’s when the family are all together. Other popular dates to pop the question included the weekends in the run up to Christmas Day.

Many couples decide to take a holiday in the festive period too — whether it’s to see family, explore the Christmas markets or simple enjoy a getaway together. So, if you find yourselves in one of the following places over the Christmas period, where would be the perfect backdrop for a proposal? Angelic Diamonds, retailer of solitaire engagement rings, has told us its favourite spots…

Mont Chèry, Val d’Isère, France

Skiing is an exciting winter holiday for couples, and with an extra-long season from the end of November to the first week of May, Val D’Isère is a popular choice of location. In fact, more Britons choose to take their annual skiing holiday here than anywhere else in the world. Part of its popularity lies in its differing slopes — there are pistes for all abilities and if your other half discovers that skiing is not for them, you can head to La Folie Douce (the famous après-ski bar).

There are jaw-dropping views aplenty as you head to the top of the slopes where you’re surrounded by outstanding views of the mountains. But, for a proposal, you might want to head somewhere warmer where you can enjoy a meal and drinks with your other half. One place to do this is at La Grande Ourse, a restaurant situated on Mont Chèry. It offers an authentic fine-dining experience where you can get your own personal chauffeur to take you up the mountain in a Kassböhrer (a specialised snow trailer). Here, you will be met with views from an altitude of 1725m and enjoy a five-course meal in the restaurant — a memorable place to get on one knee.

Grotta Lighthouse, Reykjavik

In recent years, Reykjavik has become a popular winter holiday destination for all visitors. It’s an ideal place to visit with your other half and offers the perfect balance between beautiful landscapes and quirky bars and restaurants.

One unforgettable backdrop to a proposal would be the northern lights, visible from Iceland. The best time to see the lights is from October to March when the sky is clearer so they should be visible on your Christmas trip. You don’t have to book an excursion to see the lights and the phenomenon can often be seen at Grotta lighthouse which is situated outside of downtown Reykjavic where light pollution is low. You can walk here but if you have hired a car, due to the cold temperatures, it could be best to drive to the spot. For a romantic proposal, pop the question outdoors with the lights dancing behind you or for a more private setting, ask the question in the warmth of your car.

There are other festive activities to enjoy here, too. You could head to Hafnarfjörður which is around a 20-minute bus ride from downtown Reykjavik to see the Christmas village — complete with handicrafts and live music.

Los Bunkers del Carmel, Barcelona

A hidden gem with a beautiful view is Los Bunkers del Carmel in Barcelona. It is now considered a viewing platform by many but it was once part of the anti-aircraft battery that was used during the Spanish Civil War.

There is no transport that takes you to the very top. Instead, you can get the metro to Alfons X and walk 30 minutes from here or you could get the bus from the city centre which takes you closer to the top where you will have to walk around 10 minutes. The outstanding view of the city is best at sunrise. However, if you and your partner can’t face getting up that early, you can head there for sunset instead. With a panoramic view of the city behind you, pop the question to your other half to make it a moment to remember. 

There are also many Christmas markets that are around the city for you to enjoy. For example, the Fira de Santa Llúcia is the market around the Gothic cathedral close to the city centre and there is the Fira de Nadal a la Sagrada Familia from where you can see the unfinished Catholic church, designed by Antoni Gaudí.

Pet?ín Hill, Prague

Often Prague is ignored as a city of romance due to its renowned nightlife and attraction to stag and hen parties. However, there are many sights to see in Prague that don’t involve the local pubs and one of these is Pet?ín Hill.

The hill is surrounded by gardens and you can take a funicular to the top that departs from Ujezd Street in the Malá Strana. On top of the hill, there is an observation tower designed to be a mini version of the Parisian Eiffel Tower where you must climb 299 steps to reach the top to be rewarded with 360-degree views. You could pop the question in any of the beautiful landscaped gardens or head to a restaurant in Pet?ín park, such as Nebozizek which overlooks the Old Town, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and Vltava River.

The Dome, Victoria Square, Belfast

Belfast is well-known for its vast Christmas markets that sit in the grounds of Belfast City Hall. For an impressive proposal spot, you should head to the top of Victoria Square in the city centre. Here you will find the Dome. Pop the question here for 360-degree views of Belfast as a backdrop, featuring the Prince Albert Clock and Scrabo Tower.

You are not far from more breath-taking views, either. Take a trip to the northern coast of Ireland where you can cross the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge with your loved one or retrace the steps of a giant at the causeway. You can visit The Dark Hedges nearby too — a romantic passageway of intertwined trees that were planted in the 18th century and featured on popular TV show, Game of Thrones. Make sure to wrap up though, as it’s likely to be chilly here in December!

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The Best Ways to Propose to Each Zodiac Sign

Best proposal ideas for each zodiac sign

Planning your marriage proposal happens once in a lifetime, and it’s important to make sure your proposal matches each of your personalities. Depending on her zodiac sign, some women love public, over-the-top proposals while others crave intimacy and privacy.

If you want to plan her dream proposal, The Heart Bandits can help make sure it’s unique and personalized. Check out our creative proposal ideas for every zodiac sign!

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Aquarius signs are fun-loving and impulsive, so don’t be surprised if she tries to figure out your proposal before you pop the question! Keep her on her toes and think of a creative way to propose that she won’t expect. Whether you ask her to marry you at your favorite restaurant, music venue, or coffee shop, we can help you plan extra special details such as flower petals, a live orchestra, and personalized messages that will take her breath away.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

For Pisces women, she wants your proposal to be full of heart and emotion. The last thing she wants is a cookie cutter proposal that’s full of cliches. Think about her favorite hobbies or one of your dates that swept her off her feet. If you can make your proposal personalized and full of intimacy, she’ll be eager to say “yes!”

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries love adventure, whether you’re proposing at the top of a mountain range or planning an exhilarating skydiving excursion. If you can think outside the box and create a proposal that truly surprises her–and makes her swoon–she won’t be able to stop herself from saying “yes!”

The Heart Bandits has experience planning personalized proposals that are full of the romance and excitement Aries crave!

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus are known for being relatively straightforward and (occasionally) stubborn. Why not plan a romantic dinner with the two of you and surprise her with a small celebration with friends and family afterwards? Most Taurus ladies won’t mind a public proposal, and she’ll love being able to show off her ring to her loved ones!

Zodiac sign proposals

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Are you planning a proposal for the person who’s always changing her mind? Geminis hate routine, so your proposal should be full of thought and spontaneity. Personal details are important to her, so try planning a romantic proposal in the park where you first kissed or the beach where you had your first date. If you can surprise her, even better!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

If you’re proposing to a Cancer woman, you already know that she’s full of emotion and wears her heart on her sleeve. While she’s most likely going to love anything you come up with, show her how much she means to you with a rooftop full of flowers or an elegant limousine ride around the city!

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Leos love grand gestures, and when it comes to your proposal, she’ll be looking for something she can gush about to everyone she knows. For the confident, loyal Leo, we’ll help you plan a proposal that’s unique and over-the-top. Consider a billboard proposal in the middle of Times Square or surprise her with a private helicopter ride.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgos love the little things, and they thrive on simplicity. She typically doesn’t like being the center of attention, so try planning a private, intimate proposal with just the two of you–maybe a candlelit dinner in an exclusive restaurant or propose by the fire in a cozy cabin at a ski resort. Even though she’ll appreciate a low-key proposal, don’t forget to get down on one knee–Virgos appreciate tradition!

How to propose to each zodiac sign

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

Are you in love with an outgoing Libra who’s passionate about harmony and partnership? She loves celebrating your love, so make sure you pull out all the stops with your marriage proposal. The Heart Bandits can help you find a dream venue and fill it with candles, balloons, flowers, romantic music, a string orchestra–anything that will woo her and give her the romance she deserves!

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Scorpios are known for being passionate, intense individuals. This means when she says “yes,” she’ll say “yes” with her whole heart and want to celebrate with passion and excitement. Think outside the box, whether you want to propose in a steamy gazebo along the beach or at the top of a waterfall. Scorpios typically avoid tradition, so make sure your proposal is as authentic as she is!

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 19)

If you’re planning a proposal for a Sagittarius, she might not always express her emotions directly but she’s full of romance and wants to be swept off her feet. She’ll appreciate a personalized proposal that’s full of photos of the two of you or vases of her favorite flower–anything to make her feel treasured and unique.

Capricorn (Dec 20-Jan 19)

Capricorns are known for being sophisticated perfectionists. As one of the most traditional zodiac signs, it’s important to figure out what’s meaningful to her–whether it’s a family heirloom ring or including her family in the proposal. She’s dreamt of this moment forever and will appreciate every little detail!

Zodiac sign proposal ideas

Have you decided on the best way to propose? The Heart Bandits can bring your vision to life! Contact us today to plan your marriage proposal.

Check out these flat engagement ring boxes that can safeguard your ring and keep the surprise in tact!


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Stunning Seattle Proposal with Roses and a View

Stunning Seattle proposal idea

Zihao and Zishu have a long history and the most romantic love story! After meeting at a small high school, they had their first date on a snow day when Zihao asked if she would go out with him by writing her name in the snow.

On their first Valentine’s Day, Zihao surprised her with roses and chocolate. In the bouquet of roses, he included a beautiful glass rose and told Zishu he would love her until the last rose withered. Since then, the two of them have always appreciated romance and planning thoughtful gestures for one another.

Outdoor Seattle proposal

Proposal ideas with flowers

Seattle proposal ideas

When it came time for their engagement, Zihao wanted to put the same amount of emotion, romance, and thoughtfulness into his proposal. After contacting The Heart Bandits for some creative proposal ideas, Zihao chose a historic Seattle landmark and beautiful outdoor venue that’s full of greenery, architecture, and breathtaking views of Elliott Bay and the city skyline.

As he stood on the lawn, he held a lush bouquet of roses (her favorite flower) and waited for Zishu to arrive. When she turned the corner, her eyes widened with excitement as she saw a path of red and pink rose petals guiding her to Zihao. The roses formed together in a beautiful ombre, heart-shaped pattern, starting off light and getting darker at the end of the path.

Romantic Seattle proposal ideas

Seattle proposal ideas

Romantic proposal ideas

With stunning views of the water as their backdrop and Zishu’s favorite flowers surrounding them, Zihao expressed his heartfelt feelings before getting down on one knee. With tears in her eyes and their friends waiting to surprise them, Zishu said “YES!”

Proposal idea with flowers

Romantic proposals

Seattle proposal

If you want to plan a romantic Seattle proposal, The Heart Bandits can help you create a personalized plan and find a swoon-worthy venue that represents your everlasting love.

To keep your ring protected and hidden, don’t forget to order your slim engagement ring box from Ring Stash!

Outdoor Seattle proposal ideas

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits
Photography: Amelia Soper Photography
Florist: Floressence

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Why Winter Is the Best Time to Propose

Winter proposal ideas

If you’re imagining yourself getting down on one knee staring up at the love of your life, what do you picture in the background? Do you imagine snow-capped mountains, a turquoise lake, or palm trees fluttering in the breeze?

According to a survey from Goldsmiths, one of the UK’s biggest jewelers, six out of 10 people thought a snowy winter day was the most magical time for a proposal. And when they compared men and women, 64 percent of women nodded their heads in agreement that tis’ the season for proposals.

If you’re looking to plan a snowy proposal with adorable hats, flushed cheeks, warm hot cocoa, and even warmer hearts, The Heart Bandits can help coordinate the details. Take a look at some of our favorite winter proposal ideas!

Ski Resort

If you’re an adventurous couple that loves to climb new heights, a ski resort can be a romantic winter destination. Whether you want to hit the slopes or spend your time sipping hot cocoa in the lodge, many resorts have romantic luxuries such as gourmet restaurants, an extensive wine list, and romantic hot tubs–not to mention the stunning views and hiking opportunities.

Give her a winter proposal she’ll never forget by proposing at the top of the mountain or over the warm glow of a candlelit dinner for two.

Ice Skating

Looking for a swoon-worthy way to propose that will have her feeling like a teenager again? Winter is the best time for ice-skating! Whether you’re in New York City and want to plan an ice skating proposal at Rockefeller Center or you want to hit up your local ice rink, The Heart Bandits can make your engagement extra special with a private location, lush roses, and celebratory champagne!

Candlelit Dinner

When it comes to winter, it’s the perfect season for candles–and lots of them! An elegant, candlelit dinner not only does wonders for the soul, but it’s the perfect atmosphere for an intimate engagement she’ll remember forever.

We can help you find a local, five-star restaurant that can personalize the dining experience to your tastes. If she has a sweet tooth, you can even consider proposing with a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries and a candy cane flavored mocha.

Romantic Spa

Indoor hot tubs and pools can be extra romantic in the winter, especially if you find a cozy hideaway in the mountains. Even if you’re snowed in, you can spend your days enjoying each other’s company along with the warm water and scenic views. When the moment feels right and you pop the question, she’ll never feel more relaxed and excited to say “yes!”

Are you ready to spark some romance and plan a snowy, winter proposal? Contact The Heart Bandits today to create a personalized marriage proposal!

Don’t forget to keep your ring safe as you trek through the snow. These compact engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash are a great option.

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