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This is the time of the year that everyone waits for!  Christmas lights twinkling while festive songs play in the stores, and more pumpkin spice products than you ever knew you wanted.  There is so much to love about winter, it only makes sense that it’s a prime time for marriage proposals, but no one wants to freeze while saying “yes” to that special someone.

Take advantage of the natural romance of winter but find a warm setting to propose to that special someone this season, such as:

A Gallery or Museum

What better place to propose than surrounded by the beauty of art?  Most museums and galleries have a picturesque interior and tranquil energy, which is the perfect setting to pop the question.  Whether your taste is classic or contemporary, there is a museum or gallery to create just the feel you’re looking for.  It’s not uncommon to find one willing to close their doors to the public for you to enjoy that special moment!

Get Cozy by a Fire

Does anything scream winter quite like cuddling by the fireplace?  I think not!  Consider renting a cabin in the snowy mountains to elevate the romance of your winter proposal.  Even if just for the night, nothing beats a romantic winter getaway like sipping hot cocoa by the fire with your other half.

A Romantic Bar or Lounge

If you are looking for a place to propose that’s a little less intimate but still offers the perfect vibe, consider a piano bar or lounge.  The dim lighting, romantic decor and music is the perfect setting to pop the question.  You may even be lucky enough to have the pianist play a special song for you and yours to celebrate the occasion!

Go for a Spin

While you may want to bundle up for this proposal, take advantage of your local indoor hockey rink or even an outdoor rink if you want to feel that crisp romance in the air.  Whether you two are pros, zipping around on your ice skates, or newbies struggling to stay upright, it will create a fun, chilly atmosphere for a wintertime proposal.

The Heart Bandits are here to help you come up with the perfect way this season to pop the question!  With experience planning proposals in even the coldest places of the world, we will help ensure you and your special someone feel all the magic that winter has to offer…and stay warm in the process! Contact us to start coming up with the best proposal idea today.  Don’t forget to figure out how to hide your bulky engagement ring box.  Consider getting a thin engagement ring box at 


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