Winter proposal ideas

If you’re imagining yourself getting down on one knee staring up at the love of your life, what do you picture in the background? Do you imagine snow-capped mountains, a turquoise lake, or palm trees fluttering in the breeze?

According to a survey from Goldsmiths, one of the UK’s biggest jewelers, six out of 10 people thought a snowy winter day was the most magical time for a proposal. And when they compared men and women, 64 percent of women nodded their heads in agreement that tis’ the season for proposals.

If you’re looking to plan a snowy proposal with adorable hats, flushed cheeks, warm hot cocoa, and even warmer hearts, The Heart Bandits can help coordinate the details. Take a look at some of our favorite winter proposal ideas!

Ski Resort

If you’re an adventurous couple that loves to climb new heights, a ski resort can be a romantic winter destination. Whether you want to hit the slopes or spend your time sipping hot cocoa in the lodge, many resorts have romantic luxuries such as gourmet restaurants, an extensive wine list, and romantic hot tubs–not to mention the stunning views and hiking opportunities.

Give her a winter proposal she’ll never forget by proposing at the top of the mountain or over the warm glow of a candlelit dinner for two.

Ice Skating

Looking for a swoon-worthy way to propose that will have her feeling like a teenager again? Winter is the best time for ice-skating! Whether you’re in New York City and want to plan an ice skating proposal at Rockefeller Center or you want to hit up your local ice rink, The Heart Bandits can make your engagement extra special with a private location, lush roses, and celebratory champagne!

Candlelit Dinner

When it comes to winter, it’s the perfect season for candles–and lots of them! An elegant, candlelit dinner not only does wonders for the soul, but it’s the perfect atmosphere for an intimate engagement she’ll remember forever.

We can help you find a local, five-star restaurant that can personalize the dining experience to your tastes. If she has a sweet tooth, you can even consider proposing with a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries and a candy cane flavored mocha.

Romantic Spa

Indoor hot tubs and pools can be extra romantic in the winter, especially if you find a cozy hideaway in the mountains. Even if you’re snowed in, you can spend your days enjoying each other’s company along with the warm water and scenic views. When the moment feels right and you pop the question, she’ll never feel more relaxed and excited to say “yes!”

Are you ready to spark some romance and plan a snowy, winter proposal? Contact The Heart Bandits today to create a personalized marriage proposal!

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Emily Barge

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