Sunset marriage proposal

Sunset proposal may be the best of both worlds

When you are getting ready to propose marriage, there are so many things you must decide.  What kind of engagement ring do you buy, how much money do you spend, where do you propose, how do you propose, etc.  But you can’t forget another decision which is when do you propose?  I am not just talking about the date (another important decision), I am talking about the time of day you will propose.    Because The Heart Bandits are the Proposal Experts, we have put together a list of pro’s and con’s for a daytime or nighttime proposal.

Daytime Proposal

Pro: Daytime is the best time of the day for proposal photos.  If capturing your proposal with pictures is important to you, you definitely want to propose during the day.

Con:  Daytime will bring more crowds to any public venue like the beach or museum.  If it’s privacy you are after, daytime may not be the best option for you.

Pro: Your visibility in the daytime is better than at night. If you are displaying a lot of photos or need your girlfriend to be able to see well, choose the day.

Nighttime Proposal

Con: Nighttime is generally colder than the day so if you are trying to keep your sweetie from shivering, keep this in mind when choosing the time of day for your proposal.

Pro: Nighttime is usually associated with being more romantic than the day time.  Although sunset surely gives it a run for its money, nighttime is still woo-worthy.

Con: Nighttime can feel less safe so if you are proposing in a park or somewhere public, keep that in mind.

If you are overwhelmed with how many decisions there are to make when planning a marriage proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We will work with you create the perfect proposal and take the stress off or your shoulders.


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