One of the most important decisions when it comes to marriage proposal planning is deciding on the actual proposal location. The proposal location is one major important factor because it could potentially make your proposal meaningful or confusing. There are several things that you need to think about while deciding because the best location depends on many factors.


Griffith Observatory was a meaningful location for a marriage proposal for one couple.

What Has Meaning to You

This should be the first question that comes to mind. If you have a location that is meaningful to you and your partner, then seriously consider that. In the above picture, we helped a couple that had their first date at Griffith Observatory by setting up a very cute and meaningful picnic at the park. The location was perfect for them because of the significance of that location.

Is it a Scenic Location?

If for some reason, there is no such place that would work for your meaningful location, try to choose a place that is scenic. It would be even better if it has some meaning too of course ;). The reason you want it to be a nice location is that this is a happy time and you want a beautiful setting associated with that. People don’t choose to have weddings in alleys, they choose them in gorgeous locations. The same should go for your proposal.

Is there a Crowd Around?

Another thing to consider is how crowded your location is. You may think that you have the perfect location in mind but if it’s a nice well-known location, the crowds that are around may not make it as romantic as you initially thought. Consider this when deciding. If you still want to do it there, try to go on a date/time when it won’t be as crowded.

Can You Build a Story or Proposal Plan Around It?

Sometimes a location with history won’t work for you because maybe you’re traveling, new to an area, or the places with meaning just don’t fit well for a proposal. In that case, the best thing to do is to have a location that you can build your story around. For example, if she likes to dance, consider choosing a location such as a dance studio where you are “taking her on a dance date” but secretly plan your propsoal setup there in a private room. You don’t want to take your partner somewhere out of the blue when she’s expecting something else because she will suspect something is up.

If you are still not sure where to propose, then we can definitely help you. We have helped hundreds of guys select the perfect proposal location. The locations have been perfectly in-line with their proposal idea and backstory so the entire event went off seamlessly. To make sure that this is the case for you, contact the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits. We can help you create the marriage proposal of your dreams.


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