Have you been daydreaming about the day you get engaged? He might be dreaming about it too, but he may be unsure about what you’re envisioning. Telling him what you want in a marriage proposal is different for every couple, but it doesn’t have to suck the fun out of your future engagement! Giving him an idea of what you envision can actually eliminate the guesswork while giving him a spark of inspiration so he can be extra creative.

How to Bring It Up

Not sure how to tell him what you want? There are ways to share your ideas while still giving him the freedom to surprise you! Start with your communication style as a couple. If you’re frank and honest and always tell each other how you feel, come out and tell him what you envision in a marriage proposal. If he’s as blunt as you, he’ll probably be grateful you didn’t make him guess.

If you and your partner are more subtle with your communication style, use other couples as examples. The next time a friend or distant relative gets engaged, subtly mention what you did and didn’t like about their proposal. He may start making mental notes as he picks up your cues, so he can give you the perfect proposal when the time comes!

Public or Private

After you’ve had the initial conversation, the next step is expressing your opinion on whether you get engaged in a public or private setting. Many people envision a group of people clapping, while others get embarrassed just thinking about a crowd gathering around them.

If you genuinely don’t have a preference, make sure he knows that you’re comfortable with a surprise!

Friends and Family

Do you want to celebrate your proposal with friends and family, or keep the celebration between the two of you on the day of your engagement? You might be looking for any excuse to party and celebrate your love, or you might prefer a quiet night celebrating your romance before you announce it to your inner circle. Let him know the type of celebration you envision!


Engagement and wedding photos are already popular, but what about photographing your proposal? Many couples want to look back on the magical day and keep the memory alive with romantic photos. If he works with The Heart Bandits to plan your proposal, capturing your engagement through professional photography is one of our top priorities.

As you talk about what you want in a proposal, let him know how important photography is to you, or if it’s something you don’t want in your proposal.

Getting engaged is one of the biggest days of your life as a couple! Don’t be afraid to tell him your hopes and dreams for the proposal. After all, he may be looking for some guidance or an idea of what you like. As he gets started planning, The Heart Bandits is here to help plan a creative marriage proposal that’s personalized to both of you. Get started today!

And if you want to keep the ring safe and hidden throughout the entire proposal, try this slim engagement ring box from Ring Stash.

Emily Barge

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