The 4 Types of People Proposal Planners Can Help The Most

Being passionate about this marriage proposal planning business, I can tell you that we can help virtually anybody that comes to us in need of marriage proposal help. There are 4 types of people [...]


Marriage Proposal Idea Package – The A Cappella Proposal by The Heart Bandits

Today we are featuring one of our favorite All Inclusive Proposal Packages. This proposal idea package is perfect for the couple that like impromptu romance and a nice surprise. The package that [...]


Romantic Wedding Proposal in Malibu You Will Love

Last month, we had the opportunity to meet Sameer. Sameer was at the point in his relationship where he was ready to pop the question to his girlfriend. He had an idea for a proposal in mind and [...]


Romantic Marriage Proposal in Europe

Several months back, we were approached by a young man named Peter. Peter was from New Zealand and was going to be vacationing with his girlfriend Beth all around Europe. He knew that he wanted [...]


Detroit Marriage Proposal with Dance Routine

A few months back, we were approached by Karan, who lives in South Carolina while his girlfriend lives near Detroit, Michigan. He had a unique marriage proposal idea that he wanted to implement [...]

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