Every time I tell the story of this surprise ballerina proposal, I get all choked up. Jorge contacted us and told us that when his girlfriend Sarah was young she was a ballet dancer. She was on track to go professional but unfortunately due to an injury she had to give up that dream. Sarah always loved ballet and to this day in her room there are ballet pictures all over. Another thing that was very important to Sarah was her childhood french poodle. Jorge knew he wanted to incorporate those things into his emotional surprise marriage proposal but he came to The Heart Bandits to help propose.

Sarah and Jorge were visiting Disneyland for her birthday and Jorge rented a town car that evening to have them taken to dinner. On the way to dinner, the town car made a pit stop at this beautiful gazebo. As Sarah and Jorge approached the gazebo, Sarah was in complete shock to see a string duo performing her favorite Josh Grobin song and a beautiful ballerina dancing by herself. Sarah and Jorge took a seat and Sarah just watched in awe. Sarah noticed all the details, especially the sign hanging from the gazebo that said “Our Corner”. When Sarah and Jorge have deep, meaningful conversations, they call that meeting in”Our Corner”.

In the middle of the song, Sarah was surprised to see 4 tiny ballerinas to come down a pathway holding pink ribbons in their hands. They danced their way over to Sarah and one by one, each handed her a ribbon that said memorable things on them. The last ribbon said, “There is only one question left to ask you in our corner.” The final surprise came to Sarah when the main ballerina handed her a stuffed french white poodle that was wearing a pink collar. When Sarah took off the collar, it revealed Jorge’s proposal. She said yes and it was such an amazing proposal! Dancers were provided from Tracey Dee Academy of Dance.

Hire The Heart Bandits if you need a unique and custom proposal idea or if you need us to bring your proposal to life because you are too busy or visiting from out of town.


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