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How To Spell Out “Will You Marry Me?”



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There are many ways to ask the question “Will You Marry Me?”  You can simply say it after you tell your partner how you feel.  You could have someone sing it a la Bruno Mars.  Or you can spell it out in a creative way.  Feeling inspired by some unique proposal ideas we’ve been brainstorming with clients, we wanted to share some of our favorite ideas to help you spell out your love.

Use Nature

For the nature lover, consider using driftwood, branches, or rocks to spell out your proposal message.


We love lights! While there are so many ways and settings to use candles and light, consider a romantic path leading up to an illuminated “Marry Me” sign.

On a Billboard

Profess your love in a major way by renting out a billboard!  We have a Times Square Billboard proposal package right here.

In the Sky

Consider hiring a plane to type your proposal message in the sky or tote a banner saying, “Will You Marry Me?”

In Writing

Perfect for any word or book lover, why not pop the question by customizing a crossword or even a page in the book they are currently reading? Don’t make it too easy!

Need assistance with your own unique proposal idea or just need help bringing your vision to life?  The Heart Bandits has the experience to create the perfect proposal, no matter how or where you want to do it!  Be sure not to spoil the surprise with a huge ring box bulging out of your pocket!  Use a slim engagement ring box from Ring Stash (


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