New York rooftop proposal in the rain

How Kumail proposed to Fatima with a rooftop marriage proposal planned by The Heart Bandits Photo credit: © Petronella Photography

Have you planned an outdoor marriage proposal only to find the forecast is pointing toward rain? Don’t stress! The childlike wonder and cleansing spirit of rain could very well be the secret component that’s missing in your proposal (Hint: Pretend you’re re-creating the rain scene in The Notebook.)

As you prepare to get down on one knee, don’t let the rain scare you away from making one of the biggest, and best, decisions of your life. If you feel a few droplets, follow our advice to make your rainy proposal as romantic as possible.

Rain looks gorgeous in your photos.

Nobody can deny the romantic quality of rain, especially photographers. If you hire a professional photographer and it starts to rain during your proposal, he or she should be experienced at thinking on the fly and capturing the most spontaneous shots. Whether you’re wrapping your arm around her under a colorful umbrella or gazing at each other through the reflection of a puddle, rain can add dimension to your photos and make them pure, cozy, and romantic.

Rain can be romantic.

Think about the surge of emotion you’ll feel as you kiss her in the rain, or the adrenaline you’ll feel as you lose control and let the rain fall down your shoulders. A stroll through the park can even be more intimate when you’re sharing an umbrella. The bottom line is, when you’re asking her to marry you, rain can add some passion and spontaneity to the moment!

It teaches you to roll with the punches.

Think about it — you propose, she says “yes,” and you begin creating a life together. If one of your first moments doesn’t go as planned, you’ll learn early on that marriage is about compromise and rolling with the punches. Learning how to embrace the unexpected is a great trait for you and your partner to share!

Your proposal will be more of a surprise.

Most people won’t expect to get engaged in the rain, so if the forecast looks dreary and you’re planning a surprise proposal, rain will be the perfect cover-up! It will be the last thing she expects if she sees the clouds rolling in, so capitalize on the rain and use it to your advantage.

Are you ready to continue planning your marriage proposal without fear of rain? The Heart Bandits has you covered. We’ll help you manage the details, arrange a photographer, and even check the radar for you. Contact us to get started!

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Happy couple after rainy day marriage proposal

How Kumail proposed to Fatima with a rooftop marriage proposal planned by The Heart Bandits Photo credit: © Petronella Photography


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