Propose like a celebrity

Maybe you and your sweetheart are not stars of the stage and screen, but she is the leading lady of your life, so why not infuse your marriage proposal with some of the glitz and glam of a Hollywood star? Here are a few tips for creating a dazzling celebrity proposal.

Costumes Count

To start with, perhaps you can suggest a shopping trip for a new designer dress. Make sure to take her to an exclusive shop, and let her spend some time trying on the fabulous designs and picking one that she really loves. Don’t skimp on the accessories either- you’ll never see a celebrity walk down the red carpet without the perfect handbag or a little bit of bling to complete her outfit.

Fabulous clothes aren’t just for her! Make sure you rise to the occasion, as well: wear a stylish suit, or put together a hot new outfit that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood club. After all, no A-list starlet would be seen without her handsome beau at her side!

Set the Stage

Once you’re both properly outfitted, it’s time to go for a ride- and not in your station wagon! A limo is the only way to go when you’re making her a celebrity for the day. Spring for a nice limousine, and make sure there’s a bottle of champagne in the back. As for the destination- think posh and public. See if you can get a spot in a well-known restaurant downtown, or reserve a penthouse in a classy hotel.

Turn on the Spotlight

Wherever you go, see if you can get the venue to roll out the red carpet- literally. Help your lady out of the limo and into the limelight with a red carpet, a couple of well-placed photographers, and even a crowd of adoring fans (you might want a few friends to help you out with that one.) This is the perfect opportunity to go down on one knee. After you pop the question, be sure to pose for a few red carpet photos, then dodge the ‘paparazzi’ for a quiet moment inside.

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Danny Penner

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