We are so excited to share with you our very first sand castle marriage proposal.  Now I know you have seen a sand castle proposal before you but you haven’t seen one like this!  The proposal we designed included an elaborate sand castle, over 100 sunflowers, a helicopter, and a beautiful message raked in the sand.  Check out the amazing photos by Maya Myers Photography and read about how it all went down below.

Chris contacted us because he wanted an over-the-top marriage proposal to his girlfriend Amy.  He wanted to include a sand castle in the proposal but he wanted more, he wanted it to be special.  Since anticipation was important to Chris, we arranged a private helicopter ride for them.  When they flew over the gorgeous beach, Amy was shocked to see “Amy, I love you” written in the sand and surrounded by her favorite flowers



After the helicopter ride, Chris explained that he wanted to go back to the beach and look at that message a little closer.  Amy and Chris arrived at the beach and she was just in awe of the sand raking.



Chris pointed out this gorgeous cliff nearby and said he wanted to walk over there to take pictures.  Instead, about half way into the walk, he covered Amy’s eyes to take her to the real surprise.  The grand finale of this proposal was an elaborate sand sculpture designed like Las Vegas, where Chris and Amy met.  On the sculpture read, “Amy, Will You Marry Me?”  Chris proposed and Amy said yes.  We are so honored to have been a part of such a beautiful proposal.



If you want to blow your girlfriend away with her the perfect proposal contact The Heart Bandits today.  We will work with you to come up with a personalized proposal idea and then bring it to life.  Contact us today.



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