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Romantic Idea – Go To An Open House


Every Wednesday we provide you with a romantic idea tip and today is no different.  Our romantic date idea is to take your sweetie out for a day of open houses!  Unless you are actually in the market for a new home you might think this is a strange date idea.  However, going to an open house can be a great date idea for the following reasons:

Of course there are always exceptions, but most of us aren’t going to live in a multimillion dollar home. So when you plan your open house date, make sure you include homes that are completely out of your league so that you can experience it together.

Food & Entertainment

Who can pass up food?  A lot of open houses will have food and beverages for the open house. Some will even have entertainment. I mean seriously, what can be better?


You can discover a lot about your partner by attending an open house with them.  You can get to know their taste and their financial sensibility.


Most importantly, it gives you a chance to talk or dream about your future together.  When you look at homes there are bound to be some conversations about “us” or possibly even a family.

We at The Heart Bandits are romance experts and are here to help you bring that spark into your relationship with everything you need in romance advice and romantic dates and planning.   If you would like more romantic date or proposal ideas, then contact us today.


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