Michele and Marvin’s kitty D’Angelo

One thing you may not know about Marvin and I is that we are the proud owners of a dashing orange tabby named D’Angelo.  If you and your partner own a pet, then you already have something in common that you can build a date on, your love of pets.  Because Marvin and I are both romance lovers and pet lovers, we decided to blog about Romantic Date Ideas for pet owners.  Below are 4 Romantic Date Ideas for Pet Owners:

Pet Photography Exhibit

Since you both love animals, look for a pet photography or animal art exhibit.  It will be something interesting for you to do together and will make for some good conversation.

Volunteer at a Shelter

Give back to animals on this feel good date.  Nothing brings people closer together than doing something selfless.

Pet Show

Attend a pet show and see many different kinds of animals with each other.  While you are there, you could pick up a gift for your animal as well!

Photo Shoot

Pet’s love being photographed, just look at D’Angelo’s pose above!  Arrange for a family photo shoot and include your pet for a fun date.

Some people have trouble with coming up with romantic date ideas because they’re either too busy, have done all the ideas they can think of, or were just not able to come up with good ideas in the first place. But there is help out there for you romance seekers. We are romance experts and are here to help you bring that spark into your relationship with everything you need from romance advice, romantic dates, and planning. If you would like more romantic date ideas or gestures, then contact us today.


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