Today we are featuring a very nice New York City proposal that we loved helping out with. As Ralph put it, he wanted to have his proposal simple, romantic, and memorable. That is exactly what we helped Ralph create one perfect evening in December.

On December 4th Ralph took his girlfriend Melissa on a seemingly normal walk in Central Park. It was a nice walk and he took her to Ladies Pavilion where she thought it was just to sight-see. As they were walking to the Pavilion they noticed that a guitarist was playing music right near by. Little did Melissa know but this guitarist was there to help them get engaged.

As they were walked by into the Pavilion, the guitarist began playing “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, as if he were a performer standing there playing songs to himself outloud. Ralph took Melissa inside the Pavilion as the song “Marry You” was coming to an end. The guitarist then started playing “This I Promise You” by NSYNC outside and slowly walked towards Ralph and Melissa. At this point, the guitarist entered into the pavilion and serenaded the couple with the remaining song. Melissa started figuring out something was up but before she could react, Ralph was on one knee proposing marriage to her. She said yes of course!

Congratulations to Ralph and Melissa! It was a great proposal and very romantic. Thanks to the guitarist Aaron Short and the photographer Cheryl Fleming. The images below are courtesy of Cheryl Fleming.


If you want to have an amazing proposal idea like this, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We will help you come up with a custom proposal concept and then do the marriage proposal planning all for you.  See many examples of past proposals here.


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