This week The Heart Bandits – Proposal Planners want to feature a unique marriage proposal that comes to us from China.  This is like a marriage proposal you see in movies.  This particular man is not known for being an extrovert or good with words.  But he was smart enough to know that for this special event, he would have to come up with a creative and romantic marriage proposal idea.  That is just what he did.  With the help of the folks at the local dolphin show, he was able to pull off the best marriage proposal idea.

The girl in this proposal went to the dolphin show expecting just a normal show.  During the show she was actually called up to participate.  It was then that she saw her boyfriend riding up to her in the pool on a dolphin!  Who would expect that? He then got out of the pool and an assistant handed him the biggest bunch of flowers our eyes have ever seen and he dropped to his knee to propose.  The girl was in tears when she said yes.  Who wouldn’t be?

In the interview below she says, “She is happy to have such an unforgettable proposal.”  That is what we at The Heart Bandits strive to give all women.  Every single woman wants a marriage proposal that no one else has.  They want it to be memorable and they want it to be special.  But special and memorable mean different things to different people and that is why it is a good idea to hire an Engagement Proposal Planner. A Proposal Planner will interview you and work with you to determine the best and most unique marriage proposal idea that is personalized to your girlfriend. From there, we will coordinate the entire event so all you have to do is show up and say, “Will you marry me?”

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