Proposal Ideas - In Your Hometown

One thing that Michele and I always stress when I give proposal advice is that your wedding proposal idea should include something relevant to your relationship or your girlfriend. It can’t just be a cookie cutter proposal at a generic restaurant. It should include elements that are personalized to you guys. For today’s blog, I am going to give you some ideas for proposals that you can implement in your hometown if you’re stuck as to what to do.

The Place You Met

This is always going to be a big one. The place you met is great because it symbolizes that your relationship has come full circle and you’re taking the next step where you met. If you met in high school, try taking her back there and have something arranged in the football field. If you met at a local park, surprise her with a picnic setup on the exact spot you met her at.

Your First Date/First Kiss Location

This one is also a classic. This is the place where you two first showed interested in each other and started your journey together. This kind of place only works if you and your partner are still into that activity that you did or you can somehow incorporate it in a touching way. If your first date was a Super Bowl party at a Frat House, that is not a good idea. If your first date including taking her to a specific beach, then that’s more like it.

At Her Work

This one can be a little tricky if she works at a place that has a lot of security. You don’t want to just try to barge in there and be escorted out. One way of proposing at her work is to simply call her and ask her to come outside for a bit. When she does you can have a limo ready and/or an elegant and romantic setup for her asking her to marry you. Something like this would be a great surprise.

At A Romantic Scenic Outlook

Every town has a place that has nice views. Places to try to look for are parks, hills, beaches, or lakes and river fronts. These places are excellent for setting up a picnic or proposal setup to surprise your partner.

Sometimes figuring out a proposal idea in your hometown can be difficult. Even once you do decide on an idea, you may need extra help to make sure it all goes to plan and have props setup beforehand. For these reasons it’s best to hire a The Heart Bandits Wedding Proposal Planners. The Heart Bandits are the best in the world at creating personalized proposal ideas and helping bring them to life. Contact us today to get started.


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