Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is a little over 3 weeks away. If you’re a guy’s guy then this day may scare you off a bit. But if you’re thinking of proposing marriage on Valentine’s Day then you need to start planning NOW. A lot of places book up fast for that day and if you want a super romantic proposal idea, then you need to think outside the usual little teddy bear they sell at every 7-Eleven. To help, here are some proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day that are super romantic that you can start planning now.

Write Her a Song

You don’t have to be a professional song writer to do this either because it’s the thought and effort that counts. I did this for Michele a few years back and there’s NO WAY you can sounds worse than me. 🙂 The fact that I put the effort into making something like that meant everything to her. Now imagine doing that for a proposal?

Get A Professional Poem

If you have trouble putting your feelings into words, then we have a great professional poet that can help create proposal poetry for you. She actually helped out with Gary’s romantic poetry proposal which we will be featuring soon. You can check out his marriage proposal video here:

Buy Her a Pet She Wants And Incorporate Proposal

If your partner loves pets, a great proposal idea would be to get her the pet she wants while incorporating your proposal into it. You would need to lead up into the proposal by adding elements that she loves though. But as the culmination when you present the pet, the pet could be wearing a cute outfit asking her to marry you. Your new family addition will be symbolic of how you see a future with your partner.

Valentine’s Day Vacation

One of the best ways to create a surprise and be super romantic is to whisk away your partner for a romantic vacation on Valentine’s Day. If you do this, you don’t have to have your actual proposal be as involved as you can propose at a scenic location when you’re just taking a walk and the whole weekend will be considered romantic. Some very romantic places to take trips to would be New York, Paris, Cabo San Lucas, Las Vegas, Napa, or Venice.

Proposing on Valentine’s Day is the epitome of doing something romantic. It’s difficult to have a solid plan on this day unless you start early or get some help. We are proposal experts and are the best in the world at planning marriage proposals so we can definitely help you. Contact us today to get started on creating your Valentine’s Proposal!


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