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Proposal Ideas for the Indoor Lover


Everyone has heard of the outdoor lover and there have been many proposal ideas by The Heart Bandits given for these types of people. But have you ever heard of proposal ideas for the indoor lover?

Indoor proposal idea

Romantic indoor proposal idea. Photos courtesy Chloe Moore Photography

In my opinion these type of people don’t get much notice but I think everyone has a little bit of this quality in them. If your girlfriend is this type of person, then today’s blog is just for you. Here are some proposal ideas for the indoor lover.

Transform Your Apartment

This idea is the safest if your partner is a homebody that doesn’t like to go out much. Before she comes home, don’t give away anything making her think it’s a normal day. Once she steps in, she will be wowed by the fact your place is transformed into a romantic paradise. We even have a proposal package that does this for you.

Theater Performance

This is the perfect way to combine going out while doing something that is not outside. This is especially good for cities that have bad weather. The idea is that you have a theater where you either create a performance or put on a movie trailer. There is a lot involved in making this happen but the reaction will be well worth it.

Private Studio

If you don’t want to stay in your apartment for a proposal, then this is the perfect alternative. A private studio will give you a romantic atmosphere and it will let you pull off a surprise much easier.

Room with View

Rooms with views are a great place for romantic evenings. Take her somewhere that has a beautiful view of the city or landscape and have something personalized waiting in the room. Once you step in, your partner will be in awe of the trouble you went through to make her feel special.

Fashion Store

This only works if your partner is really trendy and into fashion. Pretend that you are taking her out shopping and then have a musician come in and serenade her as you propose.

You can see some excellent examples of indoor marriage proposals here. Of course if you want your own customized proposal, then contact The Heart Bandits. We are the world’s premier marriage proposal planning company and can help you make any proposal concept come true. Make your engagement story last a lifetime by contacting us today!


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