Though I fully embrace my role as one of The Heart Bandits these days helping countless guys and girls with proposal ideas, proposal planning, and engagement advice, this was not my original profession. I’m a graduate from MIT and Penn State with an engineering degree so you KNOW that I really love any technology-based proposal ideas.

That is why for today’s blog I thought that I would bring out the engineer in me and suggest some proposal ideas for those of you that have partners that are really into technology and awesome gadgets.

Smart Phone GPS Scavenger Hunt

The traditional way of using notes and clues can get a major upgrade for the techie lover. With the new iPhone 5, there are endless options that you can do to incorporate a scavenger hunt. Some things you may want to incorporate are tracking your partner’s whereabouts at all times and sending clues or having a text-based popup appear on her phone when she solves clues.

Tablet Flash Mob

Michele and I recently got an iPad and I think it’s the greatest thing ever. It gave me the idea that you can easily use this device in a marriage proposal because of the control you have over it. It can easily be placed in front of faces for people helping in a flash mob to help deliver a message.

Coordinated LED Light Show

Similar to the tablet, LED’s have lots of control that you can build in. They can easily change colors and are small enough that they can be piled up to make a message. Ever see a Christmas light show deliver a message?…. Talk to us and we can help you.

Audio Spotlight

Let me drop some knowledge on you without getting into the math. There is an audio technology that has come out in the last decade or so that emits a sound wave similar to that of lasers. The end result is you get a very direction beam of sound that the person it’s pointed to can hear but not person next to him. Using this in a marriage proposal can be very unique because it will allow you to deliver an audio message to your girlfriend without anyone else hearing. Pretty cool huh?


Water Jet Packs

In the picture above, a bride made a grand entrance with a water jet pack to her wedding. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you did the same thing but for a marriage proposal? That would definitely make an entrance that nobody would ever forget!

Ideas like these would lead to amazing proposal stories, but they can be difficult to pull off by yourself. Fortunately, this is part of what makes The Heart Bandits so great. Michele provides the more sweet and romantic side to things and I provide the more adventurous and techie side to things. Together you get a blend of awesomeness that you can’t get anywhere else.

We are expert proposal planners that can help anyone in need of ideas, planning, or feedback. Contact us today to get started on making your dream proposal a reality.


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