What woman doesn’t like the movie Pretty Woman? It is super romantic and it ends like a fairytale.  But I don’t know of anyone that loves the movie more than Franne, and our client Richard knew it.  He contacted us for our world renowned Marriage Proposal Planning Services and asked us to create a proposal inspired by the movie Pretty Woman, and that is exactly what we did.


Franne was delivered a note that said “You’re not going to a work function.  I have a special surprise setup for you.  Get dressed and there will be a limo here to pick you up at 2:30pm. PS: If I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.”  Any fan of Pretty Woman knows that Julia Roberts whispered that PS to Richard Gere.  The limo took Franne to Hotel San Carlos where she was escorted to a rooftop area and surprised with musicians, chocolates, and another note with a PS that said  “This is going to be better than Pirates of Penzance.”  This is another great quote from the movie.  The table where she awaited her next surprise at was decorated with beautiful flowers, a playbill, and binoculars to symbolize the opera moment in the movie.





Suddenly, she heard honking and looked down to see Richard with his head hanging out of the sunroof of a limo just like the movie.  He screamed her name and then he climbed up the fire escape to rescue Franne.






He proposed, she said yes, and they lived happily ever after.  If you want us to create a fairytale proposal for your girlfriend, call The Heart Bandits today.  We will come up with the proposal idea and execute it for you!  Contact us today.

Photography: Allison Bess Photography

Venue: Hotel San Carlos

Flowers: Avant-Garde Studio

Music: Sweetwater Strings



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