Today we are featuring one of our favorite All Inclusive Proposal Packages. This proposal idea package is perfect for the couple that like impromptu romance and a nice surprise. The package that I am talking about is the A Cappella proposal and it is available in New York City and San Francisco.

A Cappella proposal idea

Imagine you are taking your girlfriend to a historic or popular destination in New York such as Bryant Park. It is a nice day and you are enjoying spending quality time with your partner. A short time after you arrive, you are then approached a group of 8 strangers. They all of a sudden start singing an A Cappella song that has meaning to you and your girlfriend. Your girlfriend is in shock because she was not expecting this and it is very nice and sweet. At the end of the song you drop to one knee and propose to her. Once she says yes, the group will then sing a celebratory song for you two to cap off the perfect day and your very memorable proposal story.

This package is very cute and leaves a lasting impression. Upgrades include custom song arrangements by the group, a rose presentation from each member the group to your girlfriend, a personalized poem, photographer, videographer, and a t-shirt reveal. Image if at the end of the first song, all the group members reveal t-shirts that ask your girlfriend to marry you. That is an absolute cute touch that your girlfriend will love. Visit our New York A Cappella Proposal Idea or San Francisco A Cappella Proposal Idea to book. If you are interested in a custom proposal idea, then contact us today for ideas and planning. We are the world’s best marriage proposal planners and we can help make your proposal everything you dreamed!


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