This may come as a surprise to most people, but there is actually a tradition that started in the British Isles long ago that says that on leap years (as in this year 2012), women could propose marriage to men. In some areas, it was restricted to allowing women to propose only on Leap Day (February 29th). There was actually a law passed in 1288 in Scotland, that allowed women to propose to men on a leap year and if the man declined, then that man had to pay a fine that could range from a kiss to a silk dress or a pair of gloves. Pretty interesting I know. Some say that the tradition started when St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick about women having to wait so long for a man’s proposal.

So it honor of this leap year tradition, we thought it’d be great to give any women out there some things to think about if they’re contemplating proposing to their guy.

Make Sure He Would Be Open to It

In our society, it has become custom for the man to ask the woman. Whether you agree with it or not, if you want to propose to your man, you must be sure that he would be cool with it. Some guys won’t because of the custom. You know him best so you should be able to gauge if he’ll be comfortable with you proposing. If you’re not sure, then try bringing up a casual conversion with him about women proposing to men and how he feels about it. If he’s weirded out by it or uncomfortable with it, it could make for an awkward proposal if you go through with it.

Are You Doing this Because You’re Rushing It?

You should ask yourself why you are willing to propose. If it’s because you just want to be to be engaged because it’s been a certain amount of time then that may not be a good reason. If it’s because you truly love him and he loves you and this is just the next natural progression in your relationship, then it might be. You have to be sure that it’s for the right reasons and your intentions are good.

Will You Be OK With Not Being Proposed to Yourself?

Since you will be proposing, you will now not be surprised by his proposal and you will have to do the work in figuring out how to propose. Will you be ok answering everyone’s first question about how he proposed to you? Also, men typically give women an engagement ring. So if you’re going to be the one asking, will you pick out an engagement ring yourself, will you give him a keepsake instead, will you two go shopping for a ring together afterwards? These are just some things to think about before you go forward.

Do It in a Way that He Would Like

We say all the time on this blog how men experience romance differently than woman. If you decide to go forward, the way that you have dreamed of your proposal will be completely different than something he would like. Men don’t typically crave having flowers, candlelit dinners, or being given long love notes. We think differently than that and you should account for his tastes when going for the proposal. If he is more active, then asking him while doing an outdoor activity will probably be better off than a bouquet of a dozen roses waiting for him at home.

If you feel like you definitely want to go this route and would like some help proposing to your man, then contact Marriage Proposal Planners at The Heart Bandits. We are experts in the field of marriage proposals, no matter who is proposing to whom. We will help you with any questions you may have, proper proposal etiquette, and will be there when you propose to make sure that your plan goes as you want it.


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  • Christine

    As it is a leap year I am considering proposing to my male partner. Can you give me some ideas please?