Doug’s goal when he contacted The Heart Bandits was to give AnhDao “the proposal of proposals.” He wanted to show her how much he loved her by making a grand marriage proposal but making sure that it was still personalized and heartfelt. He had many ideas but wanted to put a team together to make sure the proposal was perfectly executed. We were so excited when Doug hired us to help him turn his ideas into a finalized concept and make it a reality!  Here is how Doug proposed:

Since Doug has experience in magic (and even performs at the world’s famous Magic Castle), we knew we had to incorporate that into the proposal.  During what seemed to be a normal lunch on the patio, our actor began setting up a “Photo Booth.”  Once it was ready, he asked Doug if he would be willing to try it out.  Doug jumped at the chance and once inside, something went haywire, a big puff of smoke was let off, and Doug vanished.  In his place was a card asking AnhDao to go outside for a surprise.  There, a limo was waiting and that limo took her to the Rose Bowl!



At the Rose Bowl, two girls greeted AnhDao and took her into the middle of the parking lot.  Suddenly, the song “Happy” came on and a Flash Mob began right in front of her.  Then, to her surprise, dancers dressed as a Minion and Kung Fu Panda came out and joined the mob.  Kung Fu Panda was the movie she and Doug saw on their first date.



After the dance, the limo whisked her away.  She was taken to a helipad and got on a helicopter where she was flown around the city.  She landed on a rooftop overlooking the entire city where Doug was waiting to propose.  He did, and she of course said yes.  We are so excited to have been a part of such a magical proposal.  It was even featured in the Huffington Post!

If you are ready to get started planning your over-the-top or intimate marriage proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We’ve helped thousands of men plan amazing proposals and we can’t wait to help you next.  Contact us today!

Proposal Planning: The Heart BanditsRestaurant: The Morrison

Choreography: Sam Allen

Photographer: Candid Proposal


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