When it comes to the thorny issue of planning and executing the perfect wedding proposal, some ‘dos and don’ts are pretty obvious right off the bat.  Definitely do make sure you’ve got at least a few key basics (appropriate location, suitable mood, the ring) down in advance, for example.  Definitely don’t do it via an emoji-laden text message at 4am.  That sort of thing.

A few of the finer details, though, are definitely worthy of rather more detailed consideration.  Putting some real thought into the kind of setting and style your partner will actually appreciate sounds like a no-brainer – and, frankly, it should be – but even with the best intentions, it’s all too easy to drop the ball if you don’t do the groundwork to ensure you’re fully on top of your proposal game.

There’s a lot to think about: location, timing, weather conditions…heck, even the ethical pedigree of the ring you plan to whip out could be a deal-breaker for some.  Thankfully, this new Ingle & Rhode infographic, based on data drawn from a survey of 1000 UK spouses-to-be, should help navigate the pitfalls that so many before you have needlessly hurled themselves into.

Ready to get started planning your marriage proposal?  Contact The Heart Bandits today.  We have planned more than 2,000 proposals and we can certainly work with you to create the best possible proposal for your situation and your budget.  Don’t forget to think about how you will hide the engagement ring on the day of.  The boxes that come for free with the ring are HUGE and impossible to hide on your person.  Check out the easy to hide engagement ring box at www.ringstash.com.


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