At MIT, the January time frame was given to us as a vacation but the school still offered classes to students in various topics. These classes lasted from a day to a few weeks. One of the most popular classes that they have is Charm School. To commemorate the Charm School at MIT, I figured I would help those people that want to propose marriage and want to do it with charm. Below are some tips from your Marriage Proposal Planners at The Heart Bandits for doing exactly that.


Include Sentimental Items

When you include cute things in your proposal that are sentimental to your relationship, then that is very charming. The fact that you took the time to be thoughtful and add it in says a lot. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top either. Say for example if your girlfriend loves those little “Love Is…” cartoons. If you include a lot of those into your proposal then that will go a long ways and will make your proposal very memorable… not to mention charming.

Propose at a Romantic But Fun Location

Proposals are usually romantic and the location that you choose for it plays a large role. If you choose a location that is both romantic and fun, then that will equal a charming place. If your partner is fun loving and playful, then you can choose a place that is romantic and maybe has a swing or a slide so you two can use after she says yes. Again, this shows that you’re thinking ahead.

Involve Children or Cute Pets

One surefire way to make a proposal charming is to involve children or pets, just be extra careful if you’re involving pets because you never know what they’re going to do. If you’re involving children, it makes the proposal adorable and very charming. Say your girlfriend is a school teacher. One great way to propose in a charming way is to have her students hold up signs asking her to marry you when she’s not looking and then surprise her.

Make Your Partner Smile

When you think about what is charming, then the answer really lies in what makes your partner smile. If you know your partner well, then there are things that will just make her smile and warm her heart. I’m not talking about laughing, but just something genuine and good-natured. If you incorporate something that does that into your proposal then it will be perfect.

If you want your very own charming proposal ideas from The Heart Bandits, then you can be sure that your proposal will be memorable, thoughtful, and unique. We are engagement experts and can help you with anything marriage proposal related. Contact us today to get started on creating a charming proposal.


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