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How to Propose While Hiding an Engagement Ring


Marriage Proposal Ideas Hiding Engagement Ring

Take it from me, if you’re going to propose marriage and have the engagement ring already, one of the most stressful things you will have on your plate is taking care of the ring itself. Once you have the perfect marriage proposal idea you will be a nervous wreck trying to figure out the best way to hide the ring up until it’s on her finger. In all my years proposal planning, I want to offer a few tips for how to properly hide an engagement ring on your proposal day.

In Engagement Ring Box on You

This one may seem obvious but the biggest problem with these boxes is that they’re really large. Engagement ring boxes look gorgeous when you’re actually on bended knee presenting the ring but if you’re trying to remain inconspicuous, it’s hard to do with with a huge box on your pocket. To go about this, you can try wearing loose clothing on the day of. If it’s the summer time, you can even try putting it in your back pocket and I’ve even seen one guy put it in his sock. Whatever works for you.

In Engagement Ring Box Handed to You or Placed Somewhere

If you’re going to keep the ring in it’s box, another option you have is to someone you trust at the proposal handing it to you. I did this for a proposal at a skating rink for a guy that knew he couldn’t hide the box. Right at the moment he was going to propose on the rink I subtly walked by and handed him the box. Depending on your proposal idea, you may also have it placed somewhere beforehand so your girlfriend will discover it there as your propose. Again, this depends on your engagement idea and you will have to ensure it’s safe.

Without The Box in Your Pocket

This is how I carried the ring when I proposed to Michele. It’s not the most striking when you’re on bended knee, but that’s what makes the rest of the proposal more important. If you know that you can’t hide the box on you, then carrying the ring in your pocket is good. If you’re wearing jeans, then that little small pocket on your right front is perfect for concealing the ring.

Hidden in An Ornament

This one takes more thought and is also heavily dependent on your marriage proposal idea. You can do something like pretend to give her a nice book and the book itself can be hollowed out and have the ring inside. By doing something like this, you can carry around the book without fearing that she will suspect you will be proposing.

The details for proposing can be very foreign to some guys. That’s why it is important to have a proposal expert like The Heart Bandits to help you along the way. We’ve helped hundreds of guys and girls take the next step and have been there to answer all their questions and provide tips such as this. If you’re thinking about proposing marriage soon we can help. We know the best ways to propose and can help you personalize your proposal to make it perfect for you and her. Contact us today to get started on making your dream wedding proposal concept reality.


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Marvin has always had a love for all things technical, exciting, and fun. With advanced degrees in Engineering from MIT and Penn State University, he has a knack for incorporating ways to make proposals unique, pretty awesome, and always personalized to the couple. He has an analytical mind that thinks through every proposal to ensure that no detail is forgotten and the proposal goes off without a hitch. He loves being a part of one of the biggest days in people’s lives. Marvin loves Crossfit, goofing around with his guitar, watching sports, and spending time with Michele.


  1. Abraham Mendoza /Reply

    If you are traveling, put the ring in a sock! That’s what I did going through security at the airport. No questions asked.

  2. Joel /Reply

    Hiding the ring is indeed the trickiest part of proposing. I read one blog saying to bury the ring and have the dog dig it out and I can’t help but shiver at the thought of such reckless handling of the ring. I really don’t advise on doing such things. Here’s some proposal statistics that actually might help.

    1. Marvin /Reply

      Thanks for comment Joel. Yes we DEFINITELY would NOT advise that someone use a pet in that active a role in a proposal because there’s too many things that can go wrong. You definitely need to do it in a way that you remain in control

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