How to propose underwater

We all love mermaids, and who doesn’t love the sea? Romantic marriage proposals have traditionally been above water at intimate restaurants or eye-catching sunsets, but what if they don’t have to be?

Go underwater in style with The Heart Bandits. For the adventurous couple or the couple who can’t resist the ocean, an underwater proposal can spark the rest of your lives! Check out our tips for proposing under the sea.

Plan it around her attire.

Determine the type of proposal you want. Are you envisioning something casual, laidback, and beachy? Proposing while you’re in your bathing suits or snorkeling gear may be the perfect option!

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant and daring, you may want to propose when you’re in nice clothes–especially if she’s spontaneous and loves the unexpected. If you plan a bunch of playful activities throughout the day, you may be able to get her excited enough to jump in the water with you — which could lead to The Notebook-quality photos if your photographer is discretely waiting in the water.

Ultimately, you know her personality and the type of clothing that makes her feel most comfortable. Plan your underwater proposal around what will make her feel safe, confident, and optimistic about the future!

Pick a creative photographer.

It’s helpful to work with photographers who are willing to be creative–and think out-of-the-box. Whether they use drones to get overhead footage, or rely on underwater cameras, there’s a sense of unpredictability that comes with photographing a proposal in the water. Your photographer should be willing and eager to run with anything that comes their way, even a high tide or snorkeling gear.

While proposing in the water can be a challenge, it can lead to stunning photography and unforgettable romance.

Pick your body of water.

Do you want to propose in the ocean, or would you rather swim with the dolphins in an aquarium? No matter what you decide, pick a body of water that’s clear, blue, and reflective. Not only will your photography be beautiful and rejuvenating, but you won’t have to worry about what’s swimming along your feet.

If you want to propose in an aquarium or public body of water, The Heart Bandits can help you work with vendors and owners so you aren’t breaking any rules.

Consider how you’ll pop the question.

If you’re underwater, you’re going to have to pop the question without using your voice. It sounds simple, but there are a lot of possibilities. Whether you take signs with you underwater, or write a message on the side of a boat, consider clever sayings that will impress her hook, line, and sinker!

To embrace your adventurous spirit and help her feel like a mermaid for a day, work with The Heart Bandits to plan a memorable proposal you’ll talk about for years to come.

Don’t forget to protect your engagement ring, especially if you’re taking it underwater, with a compact engagement ring box from Ring Stash!

Emily Barge

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