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How To Propose In The Snow


Don’t let the cold snowy weather stop you from having an amazing proposal.  There are many really romantic ways to propose in the snow and The Heart Bandits are here to help.  Check out our ideas on how to propose in the snow!

Write it in the Snow

This is the most obvious proposal idea for the snow but it isn’t a bad one as long as it is done right.  I have seen some that look awful so make sure if you attempt to do this you make it look very nice.


Romantic Picnic

Being that snow is ridiculously cold, what better excuse than to snuggle up with each other and enjoy a romantic picnic?  Stumble upon this setup while out snowboarding and she will be in complete shock.


Create a Path of Lights

Something about lights in snow is so romantic.  Create a path of lights leading up to your proposal location and it will be super romantic.


Carriage Ride

Take a carriage ride through the snow and have your driver drop you off at a really romantic location for your proposal.  Sit down, have some hot chocolate, and then pop the question!


Snow Castle

Have a snow castle made for your girlfriend.  Tell her you want to go for a walk and then she will be blown away when she sees this snow castle.  Make sure to add some personal touches so she knows the castle is for her.


If you are looking for the perfect proposal idea The Heart Bandits can help you.  We are the #1 Proposal Planners in the world and we know just the questions to ask you to be able to create a one of a kind proposal.  Once you have the proposal idea you love, we will plan it all from start to finish.  Contact The Heart Bandits today to get started.  See some of our work here.


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