Proposing marriage can be an overwhelming task. You have to find the perfect engagement ring, choose the best date, select a prime location, and then figure out how you are going to do it. You already know that your girlfriend has been dreaming of the day you will propose for her entire life, which is enough pressure as it is. Then you realize that every time you turn on the television you see Kim Kardashian’s proposal, or a flash mob proposal, and then you think, how will I ever live up to her expectations? It may be a challenging feat, but if you follow the tips below you can have your own perfect marriage proposal.  Read my article on Huffington Post on the same subject here.


Make Sure They Are The Right Person

I can honestly say that about Marvin.  He is the one I cannot live without, the one I can’t imagine not being with every day.  Whoever you propose to has to fit that bill.

Ask Permission

This is a tradition that should always remain.  Asking her family for permission is a sign of respect and you should certainly do it.

Have a Ring

This may seem obvious but some guys don’t think you have to have the ring to propose.  I disagree.  Even if you don’t have a lot of money, buy something to symbolize the commitment.

Have a Proposal Plan

Don’t put the engagement ring in your pocket and just ask when the moment feels right.  Your girlfriend deserves a well thought out proposal plan. You can do it!  Hire The Heart Bandits-Marriage Proposal Planners to help you if you are finding yourself stumped on the perfect proposal idea.

The Heart Bandits are Proposal Planners, who specializes in Romantic Dates and Proposal Planning. They have been featured on Fox News, Houston Chronicle, Orange County Register, NBC Los Angeles, and KTLA news. Contact The Heart Bandits to have them plan your romantic date or marriage proposal.  


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