I’ve been living in Los Angeles for a majority of my life. I feel that I know this town really well and I can tell you the best places to go for good eats, fun, and nightlife. Just a couple of weekends ago I wanted to take Michele out on a date but I couldn’t decide where. Then it occurred to that I have a gold mine right in my town. I took her to the Warner Bros VIP tour where we got to check out a lot of TV and movie sets including the Central Perk set from Friends. For this week’s romance tip, if you’re thinking of how to create a romantic date yourself, then one great way would be to take your partner on a tour of your own town. Here are the reasons why.

Discover Hidden Treasures

Whether you take a guided tour or print out a self-walking tour of your own town, chances are you will discover facts and history that you never knew of. You can find out things that will be very fun and you will discover places that you would want to make a note of to come back and check out with your sweetie.

Not Much Planning Needed

Most major cities have these tours. We live in West LA and we constantly see those double-decker buses that take people on tours of movie stars’ homes (which reminds me to use that for another date with Michele J ). These tours are super easy to book and all you have to do is sit down and enjoy the ride. No meticulous detailed oriented planning needed, you just let the tour guide do all the work.

Quality Time with Your Partner

Since it’s a tour, you get the chance to spend good quality time with your loved one. Whenever you’re in a situation where you’re both experience something new, that is definite quality time. Also, if you do small things like hold hands, kiss, and tell them you love them throughout then that will make the entire date more romantic.

Fun Time

These tours are really fun. The tour that Michele and I went on we got to see really cool stuff and have a blast. Tour guides are usually pretty down to earth so you can ask questions and really get the inside-scoop of what your touring.

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