How to be romantic Love Notes

For this week’s post on how to be romantic, my inspiration came from right at home and it was something that Michele did. It was a very sweet and romantic gesture. She is actually in Washington for the week which is very lame because we do everything together but she left a surprise for me. Normally, everyday I make scrambled eggs for us in our attempt to eat Paleo. So this Monday she left early and as I was getting ready to make breakfast, I opened the eggs carton and to my surprise found a note from Michele saying how much she’ll miss me. It was very cute and nice and it gave me the idea to give you guys other ideas where you might want to hide love notes for your sweetie.

In Clothes Pockets

I’ve done this one for Michele before and it’s perfect because neither of you know when your partner will find it. It could be there for years even but when they do find it, it’s a very sweet and gentle surprise as they’re looking in their pockets and find a love note from you.

On or As Food

If you’re serving your partner a food dish, try doing something simple and fun. You can deliver a simple love message by shaping your food dish into a heart. If you’re making something that allows you to write a message, write a quick love note.

On the Shower Mirror

This may be a popular one but I had to include it because I’m sure that there’s still people that don’t know about it. When your partner is showering and it’s steamy, you can leave messages on the mirror so that they find it once they get out.

Screen Saver

If you’re noticing something about all these love note locations, is that they’re all simple. This one is very simple as well. When your partner is not looking, make a quick love message on your computer’s screen saver. You won’t know when they will see it but you get brownie points down the road when they do.

On Your Pet’s Collar

We have a cat that has a collar with a tie (don’t ask). But a couple of times I’ve attached a love note to Michele on that collar. It’s super cute and works well because your partner is essentially being delivered a love note by a messenger.

Some people tend to have trouble with romantic gestures because they’re either too busy, have done all the ideas they can think of, or were just not able to come up with good ideas in the first place. But there is help out there for you romance seekers. The Heart Bandits are Romance Experts and are here to help you bring that spark into your relationship with everything you need in romance advice and romantic dates and planning. If you would like more romantic date ideas or gestures, then contact us today.


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