John hired The Heart Bandits because he needed a great proposal idea.  Raelene is the love of his life and he just wanted to really make her proposal dreams come true.  After interviewing him to find out details about Raelene and his relationship, here are some key facts we learned.  Raelene loves vintage clothes, music, daisies, and wine.  We put all of that together to create the most romantic surprise proposal ever!


John started off the day by handing Raelene a gift.  The gift was a vintage dress that he just knew she would love.  After she put that on, she was surprised by a limo that arrived to take her on her dream date. The limo took them to a winery where they were escorted on a private winery tour.  Along the route of the tour, Raelene saw lyrics to her favorite song  in beautiful rustic frames.  What was John up to?


Next, John and Raelene enjoyed a private picnic on the grounds of the winery.  She probably thought that he was going to propose right there but John had bigger plans in store.  After the picnic, Raelene thought they were resuming their tour and going into the barrel room next.  Little did she know, we had hired a string trio to play her favorite song and completely transformed the place to turn it into a proposal paradise.


They stepped into the room and were immediately greeted with an aisle made of her favorite flowers, candles, and lanterns.  The trio played “Real Love” as Raelene tried to take it all in. At the end of the aisle was an easel with a covered frame.  She untied the bow and was shocked by what she saw, a painting of the exact moment she was in.  The painting showed Raelene in the exact dress she was wearing, in the same barrel room, with John proposing.  It took her breath away.  She quickly turned to John only to find him already on bended knee.  This was truly a one of a kind proposal and we felt privileged to be a part of it.  Congratulations John and Raelene.  The Heart Bandits wish you the best of luck in your future!  


If you want a unique proposal custom made for your partner, contact us today.  We know exactly the right questions to ask in order to create the perfect proposal for your girlfriend.  Then, we will bring it to life with our elite Proposal Planning so you don’t have to feel stressed.

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Florals: Tenley Erin Young Floral & Event Design

Photography: Baron Spafford 


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