We at The Heart Bandits-Proposal Planners love surprise marriage proposals. That’s why we absolutely LOVE this marriage proposal by a news anchor’s boyfriend during a live telecast.

News anchor Jennifer Hudspeth of South Dakota thought she was reporting the news like a regular day. Little did she know that her co-anchor Tom (and the rest of the crew on set) were in on the proposal. Jennifer thought that she was introducing a story about a couple’s love story from a small town. She had no idea that it was actually a segment that was leading into a live telecast of her boyfriend Nate professing his love to her. He was actually standing behind the curtain the whole time and popped out to officially propose to her on one knee. Jennifer was ecstatic and of course said yes. Here are a few of the things we love about this proposal:

  1. Nate managed to create a complete surprise for Jennifer. She had no idea that she was going to be propose to at any time and judging from her reaction, she loved it!
  2. It was captured on video. One thing we always recommend is capturing your moment with a picture or video. The fact that Jennifer works at a News Station means that the whole proposal was captured and they could always look back at the moment they got engaged.
  3. Nate took the time to actually get down on one knee with the ring and propose. There are a lot of proposals these days that are elaborate. But when it comes down to it, the biggest moment is when the guy is on bended knee. Nate did not get lost in the fanfare of the bells and whistles of the proposal (which were awesome). He remembered what he was there for and made it special.

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