Learn how to Facebook Live your own marriage proposal

Are you a techie, or do you just love sharing special moments with your friends on social media? As technology advances, there are creative ways you can incorporate social media into your marriage proposal!

Facebook Live is an exciting new tool that allows your friends and family to experience your proposal the second it’s happening. The Heart Bandits has experience planning creative marriage proposals, and we can help you add Facebook Live to your engagement–without ruining the surprise. Start with these tips!

Ask Someone for Help

Depending on how you want to propose, asking for friendly (or professional) help can make all the difference. If you’re proposing over a romantic dinner, talk to the wait staff beforehand and see if someone is willing to Facebook Live from across the restaurant. Not only will they be part of your romantic moment, but it’ll be great promotion for their restaurant.

You can also consider planning your engagement around a professional photo shoot. Your photographer most likely has assistants who can help record your engagement on Facebook Live, and your girlfriend will be too busy smiling at the camera and swooning over you as you get down on one knee to notice the live stream!

Share the Love with Friends and Family

No matter who you ask to help stream your proposal, make sure to give your friends and family a heads up. If you know the exact time you hope to propose, they can tune in specifically to watch your proposal in real time.

Facebook Live is perfect for the couple who wants an intimate proposal without a large crowd–but might enjoy a virtual crowd who can share heart emojis, comment with well wishes, and see the moment unfold just as you do! The beauty of social media is that long-distance relatives can also feel connected to your special day.

Watch It Back

Do you want to be able to re-live the magic of your proposal for years to come? By recording it on Facebook Live, you’ll be able to keep the memory alive for both you and your followers. And who knows? Depending on how creative you get with your engagement, Facebook Live could even help you go viral.

To get started planning a romantic marriage proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today! We’ll make sure every detail goes off without a hitch. We also love these compact engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash–they’ll keep your ring safe and hidden so your followers are just as surprised as your future wife when you pull it out of your pocket!

Emily Barge

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