The Heart Bandits website is the one stop shop for all things proposals.  If you want engagement ring inspirations, romantic and unique engagement ideas, or if you want to learn about proposal etiquette, you have come to the right place.  Today we are going to feature 5 Engagement Ideas from our All Inclusive Proposal Packages.  We can arrange these for you in any city, just email us for info.

Chicago Musician Serenade Proposal

Imagine walking hand in hand with the woman you love through Millennium Park or Navy Pier.  Suddenly, a musician approaches your girlfriend and hands her a bouquet of her favorite flowers.  Then, he immediately starts serenading her with “your” song!  What a perfect Chicago proposal right? You can see the package here.

Las Vegas Break Dancing Proposal

You and your girlfriend are walking down the Las Vegas strip, when suddenly you run into a street performance.  There is a big crowd around the break-dancers and you pull your girlfriend to the front.  Unexpectedly, the break-dancer’s walk up to your girlfriend and hand her a rose.  They complete their dance performance and then they hold up a sign that says your girlfriend’s name and then another that says “Will You Marry Me?”  You could also be a part of the dance routine.  See the package here.

New York City Park Proposal

Take a walk through the iconic Central Park in NYC.  Your girlfriend is stunned when she sees a romantic picnic set up with chocolate covered strawberries, cider, and pictures of the two of you.  She will be thinking, “How did he set all this up when we live so far away?” See the package here.

Los Angeles Gondola Proposal

Proposing on a gondola is the perfect way to propose in a city that is never cold.  Take your girlfriend on a romantic gondola ride and as you pass under a bridge there is a big banner that says “Will You Marry Me?”  Of course, we will personalize the sign.  See the package here.

San Francisco Rooftop Proposal

San Francisco has an amazing skyline and beautiful bridges.  Take your girlfriend up to the top of a rooftop and propose overlooking it all.  We will have flowers set up and pictures of you both.  See the package here.

We are here to help you plan any proposal in any city.  Contact us today to get started.


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