Fusión Photography Mexíco

Fusión Photography Mexíco

Planning to propose in a destination location but aren’t sure where to go? For today’s blog, we at The Heart Bandits have complied some ultra-romantic destination getaways to choose from to fit everyone’s taste for a good vacation. Hop on board as we tour the globe!


Known most famously as the “City of Love”, you have many gorgeous venues with a variety of different scenery to pick from during your stay. Propose at one of the most iconic locations in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower amidst lovers and tourists alike. If you want a more intimate proposal, take your partner for a drive into the countryside and propose at a local vineyard.

Caribbean Islands

With a handful of stunning islands to choose from in the Caribbean, this choice is a no-brainer for the couple that is looking to ditch their everyday norms and enjoy some sun and sand! Surrounded with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, who wouldn’t say “Yes!”


Head down under for your marriage proposal in one of the most beautiful continents with some of the friendliest people that you may ever meet with our last destination. Australia boasts rugged outbacks and unique urban life unmatched by any other destination anywhere else in the world. A perfect location for the outdoor-loving, adventurous couple that is ready for new experiences.

Whether you plan on proposing here in the United States or in a destination location like the ones we have shared with you today, The Heart Bandits can help you plan your perfect proposal anywhere in the world! Contact our specialists today to start you on your marriage proposal journey. If you are looking for an alternative to your bulky engagement ring box, check out www.ringstash.com for the ultimate solution!

Beth Beeson

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