Coffee inspired proposals

There’s nothing more romantic than strolling hand and hand through the city as you enjoy the most delicious roast of coffee from your favorite coffeeshop. It not only starts your day on the right foot, but it keeps you warm and energized–just like your love!

For the true coffee-lovers, incorporating your favorite beverage into your proposal is a romantic way to celebrate something the two of you enjoy. If you’re looking for creative proposal ideas that are inspired by coffee, check out some of our favorite ideas!

A Rooftop Coffee Bar

If she loves coffee or you had your first date at a coffee shop, why not incorporate it into your proposal? For a romantic gesture she’ll always remember, The Heart Bandits can help you find a local venue with a breathtaking rooftop and gorgeous views of the city skyline. Get extra creative and include a luxurious coffee bar on the rooftop where she’ll find rose petals, photos of the two of you, romantic candles, and a barista who will brew her the drink of her dreams as you get down on one knee.

Coffee can add some warmth and coziness to an early morning proposal, but it’s also the perfect after-dinner pick-me-up if you want to end your night with a romantic marriage proposal and an unforgettable rooftop coffee bar!

Live Musician

Acoustic coffeehouse music is the perfect ingredient for an intimate proposal. Whether you rent out a corner of the outdoor patio at your favorite coffeehouse or are enjoying a candlelit dinner with sips of steaming coffee, consider hiring a live musician to make your proposal even more magical.

As they gently strum the guitar and set the scene, you’ll have the perfect ambiance to pop the question and ask her to spend her life with you!

Coffee inspired proposal ideas

Coffee-Themed Dinner

Are you a coffee-lover and a foodie? If you have a favorite restaurant or know a chef who specializes in exotic, gourmet food, work with them and see if they can create a specialized menu the night of your proposal. You might want to start the dinner with coffee martinis and a fresh salad with coffee balsamic vinaigrette. As you move on to a coffee-encrusted beef tenderloin, coffee-dusted chocolate truffles, and romantic tiramisu, she’ll enjoy an elegant dinner full of her favorite flavors.

When the moment is right, ask her to marry you–and celebrate with rich caramel lattes after she says “yes!”

The Heart Bandits has experience planning personalized marriage proposals that capture the things that matter most to you. Contact us today to start planning your coffee-inspired proposal!

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Emily Barge

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