Today The Heart Bandits-Proposal Planners are going to share this amazing New York proposal that we planned.  Lawrence came to us needing some help coordinating his marriage proposal.  You see, Lawrence lives in Australia and his girlfriend lives in Buffalo so it was really difficult for him to set up everything himself.  He also wanted a great proposal idea that would really melt his girlfriend’s heart. The way that we come up with unique proposal ideas is by interviewing our client and finding out details about him, his girlfriend, and their relationship.  What we uncovered about Lawrence is that he likes to draw and he used to draw cute little stick figures for his girlfriend when they were dating.  That became our proposal concept.  Lawrence drew out his love story with stick figures and then we had them printed on signs.  We rented out an art gallery and we had Lawrence tell his girlfriend that after dinner, they would be going to an art gallery to see an exhibit.  His girlfriend was completely shocked when she walked in and found that there was no one in the gallery.  She walked upstairs and the musicians we hired were playing “Turning Pages” by Sleeping at last which is her favorite song.  She saw a beautiful purple floral arrangement and 6 easels marked 1 through 6.  Lawrence had her uncover each easel one by one to uncover his artwork and messages.   He then proposed and she said yes.  If you are wondering how to propose, this should give you some great inspiration.  Check out these photos and leave your comments.












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Art Gallery and photos: ZGM Fine Art Gallery

Music: Kristen Puglisi

Flowers: Flowers Buffalo


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