I’ve got a secret for you: planning the perfect marriage proposal is all about timing. The timing of the sunset, the moment she sees a path lined with rose petals, or the minute her favorite acoustic song starts playing in the background.

No matter how you choose to propose, it’s helpful to work with vendors who have expertise in specific areas. They can help you think through every step of the proposal so the timing is just as flawless as the diamond in your pocket. 

1. Proposal Planner--The Heart Bandits specialize in planning romantic proposals that come from the heart. Whether you’re an outdoorsy couple, animal lovers, foodies, accomplished athletes, or classical musicians, we know how to help you plan the proposal that matches your interests. With us by your side, you don’t have to worry about the little details–we’ll take care of them.

2. Photographer–After you find a proposal planner, work together to find other vendors that can make your engagement special. Photography is one of the best ways to capture the magic of the moment! Browse the portfolios of several photographers in your area to see who has experience taking pictures in a similar setting to where you plan to propose.

3. Videographer–Want to replay the moment she says “yes” over and over again? A professional video that shows off the romance and giddiness you’re both feeling is a must–especially if she’s sentimental and loves to relive her favorite memories!

4. The Perfect Venue–One of the most important steps is finding the ideal venue for your proposal. You may want to propose in a public place, whether it’s along the beach or in the middle of Times Square. For other couples, you may have a private space in mind–such as your favorite art gallery or restaurant–to make the proposal intimate and special. The Heart Bandits can help you decide on a venue that will make both of you comfortable.

5. Entertainment–Does she have a favorite band or song? Even better, do you have a song that symbolizes your relationship? Hiring a live musician to play in the background as you propose can make the moment extra magical.

6. Extra Touches–Who can resist flowers, champagne and chocolate? If you know the secret to her heart, consider surprising her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers or a bottle of the first wine you had together.

7. Slim Ring Box–Keeping the engagement ring safe and out of sight is one of the most important parts of your surprise proposal. One of our personal favorites is a slim engagement ring box from Ring Stash–it helps you keep the secret while protecting the diamond!

Ready to start planning a customized proposal she won’t forget? Contact The Heart Bandits today!

Emily Barge

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