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Social media has revolutionized how we communicate with people around us, so it’s no surprise that a lot of couples are using it to announce their engagement or marriage.  But while it’s a great way to let people in on your new status as part of an engaged couple, it’s also very easy to use incorrectly.  Avoid offending your followers or IRL (in real life) friends with these simple pro-tips:

Tell your parents or closest family first

These are the people who are closest to you so, of course, they should be told about the new status in your relationship first.  And while social media does make communication easy, it’s better that the people who are important to the both of you gets to hear about your engagement the old-fashioned way, before everyone else does.  That means actually going to your parents’ houses in person to deliver the good news, or if the distance is too wide, a phone call would suffice.  Don’t let them hear about it from another person lest you’re prepared to handle issues with your parents!

Don’t invite your entire social network to the wedding

Unless you really do intend to invite everyone in your social network to your wedding, be very careful on how you phrase your announcement.  Avoid saying things like, “Wedding invites to be sent out very soon, everyone!” on a public post that can be seen by your friends and your friends’ friends, and, well you get the picture.  Your bank account would be very happy if you avoid inviting absolutely everyone to your wedding.

Get creative with how you phrase it

Now this is the fun part.  Snap a fun photo, and use your captions to show just how ecstatic you are.  You have a free rein on creativity when you are posting on your social media account, so don’t limit yourselves to boring announcements that merely state how you’re now an engaged person.  Be creative with how you phrase your words. Wordplay will always be a good idea, and makes the whole post feel more personal and happy both for you and the people who come across it.  Include hashtags if you’ve already thought of one, it would make tracking all your posts easier!

Acknowledge and appreciate well wishes

Your engagement post would most likely get more responses and likes than what you usually post.  It can be overwhelming, but don’t forget to take the time to acknowledge well-wishes.  Whether or not the well-wisher is being genuine in his or her congratulations, they still took the time to wish you well on this new chapter of your life.  Gratitude looks good on anyone, and can make any newly-engaged couple look even more radiant.

Posting about your engagement on social media is not without risks, but with these simple tips, you can enjoy the whole process more.   Unleash your creativity while staying true to your personality and you’ll be sure to have fun and garner great feedback from your social network!


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