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Almost every city in the country has a beautiful public park.  They are green spaces that are usually full of trees, grass, and possibly a lake or other water feature. When you think about it, these public parks are a great place to propose!  Why not? They are beautiful, clean, and your partner probably wouldn’t think anything of you taking them there for an afternoon or evening stroll.  Yet if you stop to think about how to propose in a public park, there can be many pitfalls you’re not thinking about.  You should think about these things especially if you’re planning something exceptionally romantic.  Below are some pointers to keep in mind when you’ve decided on proposing in a public park:

Park Jurisdiction

As a proposal planner, it’s important to always remember that every piece of land in the country is owned by someone.  That someone can be a private resident, the city, state, or the federal government.  When you have found a park that you want to propose at, the first step is to figure out who has jurisdiction there.  A simple Google search will usually do the trick.  Try also looking at that city’s Parks and Recreation Department as well.  You need to make sure that what you’re planning is allowed at that location.

Permit for Your Proposal?

Once you know who has jurisdiction, you should find out whether you need to file a permit for your proposal plans.  If so then you’ll probably need to pay a fee or retainer. Try to speak with someone that works in the Parks department and let them know your exact idea.  For example, if you were planning a Central Park proposal idea, you’ll know that you can do picnics there without a problem but if you decided to add a chair or table, then you’ll definitely need a permit.

Remember that if you need a permit, you should always start this process early.  To obtain the permit, most permit offices require several days to weeks lead time to approve and send.  These days are usually business days so keep that in mind!

Think of the Children!

Yes you must think of the children!  But in the sense that you don’t want them ruining your proposal.  Yes children are lovely and beautiful but not exactly conducive to creating a romantic environment.  Once you have chosen a park, you need to decide on a date and time that it will happen.  Make sure the location you choose is not full of dogs or screaming children.  The last thing that you want is to have your proposal setup interrupted screaming children or a runaway dog.  It might be a good idea to scout the exact spot exactly one week before your proposal date at the same time so that you can see what the crowd will be like 1 week later and adjust accordingly.

Stay Out of the Kitchen

In addition to the children playing or playgrounds near by, it’s always best to steer clear of another area.  Unless you’re planning on cooking yourself, its best to avoid areas with picnic benches and public grills.  You want to bypass the ants and other critters that are naturally attracted to these spots.  Also the smells might be too distracting too.  You  don’t want to be getting on bended knee while a few yards away someone is cooking up onions for some hot dogs.

park proposal with bridge

Pick the Perfect Location

Now that you know what places to avoid, then what should you actually look for?  Most people looking to pop the question seem to always want the same thing.  That is a beautiful location with a view that is secluded.  But guess what? If it’s a beautiful location with a view, that means that EVERYONE else will want to be there too!  Unfortunately, views and seclusion don’t go hand-in-hand.

You have to determine if the view or the seclusion is more important to you. If the view  is the most important part then consider proposing at an off-hour.  If seclusion is more important, then look around at the park for a small clearing that may not have the clearest view but still may have a slight view.

Check the Calendar

This one is easy to forget about but it’s very very important! You need to look at the park’s calendar and ensure that other events are not taking place on the same day as your proposal.  If there is then they may detract from your proposal plans.  That would be “No Bueno!”. Check the local city calendar and the newspaper for events on the day that you’re thinking of. Also, it’s generally a bad idea to propose in a park on a public holiday as public parks tend to get crowded.

Proposal Ideas for a Park

Now that you have finally chosen the perfect park and location while avoiding kids and barbecue pits, what will your actual proposal idea be? Below are proposal ideas for a public park to consider.

personalized picnic proposal

1. Personalized Picnic

A picnic is something that you can pull off rather easily and probably without a permit.  The biggest thing that you would have to do is to make it personalized to your relationship to make it special.  How about instead of just a blanket and pillows, you add picture frames and a memento from your relationship?  If you two took a special trip together maybe the flight tickets and a sweet note could work.

musical serenade proposal

2. Musical Serenade

A musician awaiting your arrival is a great way to surprise your partner! This is especially true if it’s at a location with a nice view (with no crowds though).  Have the musician waiting to play your special song and after the song she is handed her favorite flowers.  You get extra points if you slow dance with your partner during the song.

3. Photo Shoot

If your partner loves taking photos and wants those perfect Instagram pics, this is the perfect proposal idea!  Tell her that you have scheduled a photo shoot at a beautiful park.  This way, she’ll get totally “glammed” up and will have the perfect look for the photos.  You propose right in the middle of the shoot with beautiful background scenery!

elaborate floral proposal

4. Elaborate Floral Display

This would be the hardest to pull off but it would  be the most memorable.  This one would most definitely require a permit and a florist to do the setup.  You take a stroll with your partner and then “stumble” a beautiful display.  It includes her favorite flowers that can be in an aisle, pedestals, arrangements, or even a gorgeous altar.  This display will blow her mind and will make for amazing photos!

How Can The Heart Bandits Help?

If you want to make sure you give your partner the best proposal at a park then it’s best to get some help! There are lots of ways you can blow it so make sure you hire a Proposal Planner to help you plan your public park proposal.  Here’s how The Heart Bandits can help.

  • Finding the perfect park and working with permits department
  • Getting any kind of insurance or permits paperwork in order for you.
  • Helping create the perfect proposal idea that ties in your relationship and is something that your partner will love.
  • Finding all the perfect vendors that will make this idea come to life.  That can be a florist, musician, actors, or photographer.   We have a network of trusted vendors that will allow you to be at ease knowing that it’s being handled by professionals.

If you are ready to get started planning your proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today! We will work with you to create an amazing wedding proposal.  We can help you create something original and romantic.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Christina Clawson