I am so excited to share today’s proposal with you.  I live in Los Angeles so snow is something I hardly see.  So you can imagine how giddy I was when I got to create a Winter Wonderland marriage proposal!  Grace told me the beautiful story about how her and her girlfriend Hsiao-Chi met on a ski trip in 2009.  That is how the concept for this snowy proposal was created.  We found a private room with an amazing view of the city and we brought winter right to it.  We had a banner that said “Vermont 2009” to bring her back to where it all started.  Fake snow and pine cones as well as tree bark vases holding gorgeous wintery flowers decorated the space.  Photos of Grace and Hsiao-Chi adorned the table as a guitarist played their special song.  And the centerpiece of the room was vintage hand painted skis with their names on it.  So much thought and detail went in to this proposal idea and it was a success.



After dinner, we had a waiter escort Hsiao-Chi up to the room where Grace anxiously awaited.  When Hsiao-Chi walked in the room she was completely blown away.  Grace proposed to her beautiful girlfriend and she said yes.  The two celebrated with champagne and dessert and it was a night that none of us will forget.

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Proposal Planning by The Heart Bandits

Flowers by Plumweed
Venue by Grand Hyatt
Photography by 555 Photography


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