To some people it may seem sad, to others kind of funny, but to me I see it as an opportunity. What I’m talking about is the story of how we started and why I decided to become a marriage proposal planner at The Heart Bandits. The story usually starts with how I proposed marriage to Michele and she didn’t really like it.

Engagement proposal day

My Engagement day to Michele

She Said Yes…. But

I was the happiest guy in the world when she said yes, but I soon came to realize that I didn’t have a good proposal. I took Michele to what I thought would be a romantic evening by taking her on a sunset cruise in Marina Del Rey. The problem is that she isn’t big into boats. It was a nice night but it wasn’t as impactful as it could have been and it didn’t have anything relevant to our relationship.

Lack of Proposal Resources

When I had been strategizing my proposal plan, I had done a ton of research into marriage proposals but all the information out there wasn’t very helpful in getting me to a point where I created something relevant to my relationship. There weren’t really any resources for guys in my position. What I thought were creative proposal ideas were really just boring and unimaginative ideas that had been done before (hence me choosing the boat idea).

Support Team Resource

After our proposal, Michele came to me and said that she really thought it would have been great if there were a company that provided photography of guys proposing. I thought that this was a really good idea. The more we got to talking the more we realized that this company could help guys in all aspects of wedding proposal planning.

We decided to create The Heart Bandits and my reasoning for being a proposal planner was that other guys in my same situation could truly benefit. I had NO idea what made a good proposal when I proposed. If I had been able to have a proposal planning team help me I would have been set. I thought that maybe I could help those guys that have nothing but good intentions but somehow think that JumboTrons proposals are good.

All Questions & Concerns Answered

The biggest reason I became a proposal planner though is that I could help guys with any questions or concerns they have about their proposal because I was in their shoes. A lot of guys get nervous before their proposal and they often call me beforehand and ask what they should say for their proposal speech.

I enjoy giving them words of encouragement because I get to help calm them down and help them see that their engagement will be amazing. I help them see that they should enjoy their moment and not stress about the details, especially since we are taking care of them. They have no reason to be nervous at all. For this reason, I became a proposal planner and I love this job. 🙂

If you would like Michele and I to be on your team and help you with proposal ideas and planning, then you will have an awesome proposal. We have done hundreds of proposals and will help you create a marriage proposal story that is unique and amazing. You can click here to see some examples of our work. Contact us today to get started on creating a dream proposal!


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