Even though I went to the rival college of Cal State Long Beach, I still have to give this proposal props. As a Wedding Proposal Coordinator at The Heart Bandits, I probably wouldn’t have put that creepy bag on her head, I would have opted for a blindfold, but I still love this marriage proposal story. Watch the video below and then read on to find out why we love this proposal and why we think it is such a fun way to propose.

Surprise Factor

When clients hire us as Proposal Planners one thing they almost always mention is that they want the proposal to be a total surprise. Generally, females love a good surprise proposal too so this one is perfect. She thought she was just going out to dinner and look what happened!


There is nothing better than a personalized proposal. Now, normally I am not a fan of dance routine proposals, but in this case they met while performing as competitive dancers so it makes perfect sense.


When deciding where to propose, the first thing to consider is a place that has some meaning to you. In this case, Charles made an excellent decision to propose in front of the pyramid where they first started practicing and still do to this day.

Creating a proposal that is as memorable and beautiful as this one is very hard to pull off without help. Hire The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners and give your girlfriend and your love story everything that it deserves. The Heart Bandits are Proposal Experts and creating wedding proposals that are perfect is what we specialize in. If you want to create a proposal that you girlfriend will brag about over and over again, contact The Heart Bandits today! We will provide you with the best marriage proposal ideas and proposal advice around.


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