Last month, we had the opportunity to meet Sameer. Sameer was at the point in his relationship where he was ready to pop the question to his girlfriend. He had an idea for a proposal in mind and we were just the people that could help because we are experts at implementing complete surprise romantic proposals.

The idea was this, he told his girlfriend to get dressed up because he was taking her to a nice restaurant for dinner. He told her that he had to make a quick pit stop along the way. The stop was in beautiful Malibu beach at sunset. As they walked onto the beach, a violinist approached them and started playing one of their favorite songs from a Bollywood movie. They kept walking to find a gorgeous picnic setup with her favorite colors of gold, teal, and pink. On the table were framed pictures of them, pillows, cider, and chocolate-covered strawberries. As the sun was setting, Sameer got down on one knee and proposed to her. The nearby bystanders watched the whole thing and couldn’t help but be happy for them. Congrats to the happy couple! Below are some wedding proposal pictures of his in Malibu. The photos are courtesy of Chloe Moore Photography.

The Heart Bandits are proposal experts that can make whatever proposal idea you have come to life. We specialize in removing the stress that comes with planning something that simply cannot go wrong. If you don’t have an idea, we can help with that too.  We offer everything from customized proposal ideas all the way down to the proposal planning of your engagement. Contact us today to get started on your dream proposal.


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