Being in the The Heart Bandits Proposal Planning industry, I get to see a lot amazing proposal stories in addition to receiving lots of inquiries that are very unique. One proposal that just caught my attention was the one above where a guy proposes to his girlfriend dressed as Spiderman while fending off some thugs that tried to steal her stuffed animal. The proposal is very unique and fun so it’s an excellent segment into today’s blog about things to keep in mind when using stuntmen in a proposal. I love stuff like this so I’m excited to write this J.

Intriguing Plot

One thing about using stuntmen is that when they are used, the scenario is like a mini-plot line. In the example above, the plot was created where thugs came in and Spiderman was the hero. To use stuntmen properly, a good storyline with a mini-plot should be used to tie it all together. Do NOT just set a random guy on fire and then propose to your girl, that has no meaning.

Make Sure Your Partner Will Like It

Using stuntmen tends to attract a lot of attention. If your partner doesn’t like being the center of attention, then this will not be a good thing. If however your partner doesn’t mind it and he/she likes action movies and superheroes, then there’s a good chance of it going well and your partner liking it.

Don’t Put Your Partner In Harm’s Way

Even more important than the above points, if you’re going to use stuntmen, please make sure that your partner isn’t put in danger and doesn’t freak out and try to attack the stuntmen. One way to make sure of this is to have your stuntmen (like your “thugs” or “ninjas”) act over-the-top and say things that are obviously fake. If they wear silly costumes that’s another way to make it obvious and to give the proposal a more fun vibe.

Hire a Proposal Planner

Planning a proposal with stuntmen performing crazy things is VERY difficult. The only way to ensure it will go right is to use a proposal planner. We’ve worked with stuntmen before and we can easily tell you that there’s a lot involved. The last thing you want to happen is find out last minute you need a permit for your proposal and be left walking out of your venue in your AquaMan outfit empty-handed.

Videotape the Proposal

With so much action involved with stuntmen it is such a good opportunity for an amazing video. Make sure that you have a videographer in place to capture it all at good angles.

Using stuntmen in a proposal can make for a very exciting and memorial moment for you and your partner. You just need to make sure you’re partner will like it and you have all the details and logistics handled properly. To make it go perfect, hire a proposal planner to help you ensure it will go as planed. We are proposal experts that will help you with proposal ideas, planning, and execution. Contact us today to receive all the proposal help you would ever need.


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